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Myriam Borg Lifestyle What makes the ​Myriam Borg lifestyle​ different to all other lifestyle designers out there is that Myriam believes in having it all! "WHY COMPROMISE" who says you gotta give up something to get something? The truth is we are only limited by our own beliefs. Me, ​Myriam Borg​, I wanted it all - I wanted to have a great family, to have a brilliant career and to live a life worth living which to me means travelling, sailing and chilling A LOT. To you having it all may mean different things so let's celebrate our choice to live amazing lives and let's go out there and actually live them. This videos are not flashy they are on my phone - I shot them while LIVING my life & having fun. I come from the thinking that I live life and if I can manage it - I will take that picture or shoot a short video - I don't do life for facebook or social media, to me posing on fb lips puckered is total BS! I know as a business woman it's required but like I say "do things on your terms always" so if the video seems a little homey... it's because it is:) enjoy!

Myriam Borg Lifestyle  

Myriam Borg Lifestyle What make...

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