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Spring Brochure 2017

Spring Awakening March Special Offer  

Spring Clean April Special Offer  

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Spring Break


Our Spring Awakening multi-therapy will revive you and your skin, so you look and feel as fresh as a daisy! The focus is on pink grapefruit, lemon balm and ginger known for their energising and uplifting qualities. We begin with a divine upper body wrap that uses a refreshing grapefruit contouring gel on the back, arms and stomach (if desired). This advanced formula gel fights cellulite in three ways: it limits the imbalance between adiposities and pre-adiposities (dips and bumps); it promotes fat breakdown and it reinforces the dermal layer (keeps it all tight) – and, of course, smells gorgeous! While all that gets to work you will be treated to a refreshing facial that is like a splash of water and deep nourishment at the same time. A water-based cleanse is followed by a gentle exfoliation before a rehydrating mask is applied. Reflex points in the face and neck are stimulated in a massage, and finally a nutritious moisturiser is smoothed on. Your skin will feel totally quenched and look so fresh! Finally you will enjoy a deep drainage massage with a blend of citrus essential oils designed to lift the spirits. Techniques are used to kick start the body’s recovery systems and to stimulate lymphatic drainage. You will feel ready to face the season and raring to go!

Upper Body & Facial | 60 minutes | £35 (would be £45) Full Body Upgrade | 90 minutes | £55 (would be £69)

With a FREE mini Go Figure gel

In April we turn the focus on a spring clean with deep cleanses of the face and upper body using squeaky-clean washes, clay masks and detoxifying muds. Aromas of rosemary, juniper and lemon enhance the fresh feeling of this gorgeous multi-therapy. Say goodbye to excess water, impurities and dull skin. This treatment starts with body-brushing to encourage lymphatic flow. Hot towels open the pores before a cleanser is used to purify and the skin. The upper body (back, arms and chest) is then smoothed in a warm vitamin and mineral rich mud which helps nourish & detoxify the skin. This includes red algae and seaweed to stimulate the metabolism and promote fat burning and a rich Mediterranean essential oil blend of rosemary, juniper and grapefruit, plus super-food ingredients of oat and aloe vera to leave your skin in tip-top condition. Once cocooned in a cosy wrap, the rebalancing process is then enhanced by our Sparkling Clean facial. Foaming cleanser and a scrub form the basis of this fantastic facial. A clay mask also helps draw out any impurities, power-packed with botanicals of oats, honey, fruit and fruit juices – this will put energy into your skin! Finally we finish by applying lashings of hydrating moisturiser on the upper body in a relaxing massage.

Upper Body & Facial | 75 minutes | £45 (would be £55) Sparkling Clean Facial | 35 minutes | £25 With a FREE mini Breakfast Smoothie face scrub/mask

The Spring Break multi-therapy is top-to-toe exfoliation and nourishment for the skin with ingredients that conjure the upcoming summer such as olive oil, fig and pomegranate. It is intended to help you relax whilst preparing your skin for the sunshine: enjoy some “me-time in May-time”! Your therapy begins with body brushing before moving onto an aromatic sugar buff, leaving the skin feeling super-soft. Dead skin cells are sloughed away, circulation is improved and cell renewal promoted - all essential preparations for baring the skin. Heated towels soothe the skin followed by a gorgeous body balm, which is also a great after-sun. Feet are also given a Mediterranean scrub to smooth away hard skin before a smothering them in a thick cream mask and wrapping in hot towels to aid the absorption process. This treatment will leave your feet feeling incredibly soft but invigorated. The face is treated to an exfoliation and nourishing massage treatment with peach kernel and watermelon seed oil which enlivens the complexion, relaxes facial muscles, reduces wrinkles and leaves skin feeling smoother and more vibrant.  

A perfect treat for any time but a must before a break in the sun!

Top to Toe | 70 minutes | £39 (would be £49) Toes Filed & Polished | 10 minutes | £9 (additional)

With a FREE mini Peace Be Still Face & Body Balm

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Spring brochure 2017