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Providing first class training in therapies for professionals and the general public.

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WHY CHOOSE MY RETREAT TECHNIQUE? Julia Murray has a Post-Graduate Certificate of Education and 25 years experience in her former profession of GCSE and A Level Dance teacher. She was highly respected in her field, being an examiner for 12 years as well as delivering teacher training around the country. Part of her remit as a trainer was to develop courses and materials that are still being used by teachers nationally. She started My Retreat in 2014 as a completely new venture, following her lifelong passion. What she found when researching and attending a variety of training courses was a discrepancy in standards of provision. Content, delivery and relevance were not standardized, and sometimes disappointing. After becoming qualified in a range of therapies, she often found she still had much research to do regarding theoretical knowledge, practicalities for delivery or ways to make the therapies more exclusive and luxurious. It was certainly worth the effort, as My Retreat has built a reputation for it’s 5-star attention to detail and quality of treatment, and Julia was awarded the title of

Practitioner of the Year 2017 by Face the World. In establishing My Retreat Technique her desire is to address some of those issues she has encountered. She is using her skills and experience as a teacher/trainer to provide first class training. This is shown in her popular weekly vlogs where she instructs, informs and inspires better self-care and pampering. Frequent in-house workshops are scheduled, allowing clients to learn practical skills in self-care and to use on friends and family. She is passionate about providing the non-professional with a progression route where they can discover a range of therapies, develop their skills and go on to qualify as a professional and deliver those therapies in their own businesses. She is working hard to also devise a range of innovative professional courses and programmes to bring to the field of therapy training and to ensure that as a professional you are receiving the very best training possible.

My Retreat Technique provides high quality training that focuses on knowledge, innovative therapies and practices, attention to detail for the client and inspirational ideas for you the enthusiast, would-be therapist or professional. 2

“Julia provides a professional and highly knowledgeable service at My Retr eat. She is a genuinely inspiring woman, who through her endeavours has provided employm ent opportunities to others, but has also just encour aged other likeminded people to pursue their life passions! She has empathy , sincer ity, passion, commitment and drive to provide excellence .”


Relaxed and friendly atmosphere Feel comfortable and at ease.


Small groups and 1-1 training Enjoy individual attention with plenty of opportunity to ask questions.


Progression route Take introductory courses, and move onto professional courses where you will be awarded a certificate of attendance that can be upgraded (at no extra cost) once you have achieved your A&P and become a professional.


Practical Sessions In the professional courses you will have the opportunity to practice on a model, before performing the treatment on another student, and receiving it too. We also encourage you to book the therapy prior to your course to experience it fully.


First class training We endeavor to provide you with all the information, skills and knowledge you need on the day and beyond.


Assessment In order to qualify in the professional courses we believe it is imperative that you complete an assessment where you demonstrate the therapy. This can be done at the end of the training day, although we strongly advise you have some practice time and return to be assessed at a later date.


Ongoing support and advice We are always here for you.


Consultancy service Developed to support those starting, or struggling to succeed, in the industry. Includes marketing support, pricing strategies, branding etc. Ask for details.


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CURRICULUM Courses for Novices § Introduction to Back Massage

Group Workshops

§ Introduction to Hand Massage

We also offer a range of sessions covering a wide variety of topics such as:

§ Introduction to Head Massage


Relaxation and Sleeping

§ Introduction to Foot Massage



§ Introduction to Aromatherapy



These half-day courses give an insight into basic techniques and teach you a simple routine/practices that you can use on friends and family.


Essential Oils

They are suitable for complete beginners and offer you the opportunity to do something just because you enjoy it or to see if you’d like to take it further. 3 hours | £75

Facials for Events & Workshops This is a special 2-hour course designed by Julia for those in the social retail industry who may want a little more confidence when demonstrating facial products.


2 hours | £45

Prices vary. See events listings for details.

Coming soon § Anatomy and Physiology Level 3 § Swedish Full Body Massage § Holistic Full Body Massage Courses for Professionals & Aspiring Professionals § Thai Foot Massage § Tibetan Arm & Hand Massage § Indian Head Massage § Eastern Acupressure Facial Massage § Moroccan Sacred Candlelit Back Massage*

§ Holistic Facials § Generic Hand & Foot Massage § Unique Retreat Therapies

These are professional courses that can also be taken by nonprofessionals and converted at a later date if desired. The morning will cover the theory, routine and qualification. In the afternoon we will add My Retreat Technique: theoretical depth, additional movements and techniques, extra luxury touches, and other ideas to help make the therapies special for your clients. 7 CPD points, includes relevant mini products plus CD of music. Full Day Professionals | £175

(Includes assessment on the day or at a later time if you prefer)

Full Day Non-Professionals | £155 * £20 supplement for Moroccan Back Massage for products & equipment

Face the World® Signature Facial An award-winning facial with products, fragrances and music, which have been developed specifically to each represent a different country. Join us for the Journey… 16 CPD Points, includes £200 set of products plus CD of music. Full Day Professionals Only | £300 ALL PROFESSIONAL COURSES ARE ACCREDITED BY THE GUILD OF BEAUTY THERAPISTS



Thai Foot Massage

Tibetan Arm & Hand Massage

Indian Head Massage

This course will teach you some wonderfully relaxing and healing massage techniques. It incorporates elements of Shiatsu, Reflexology, Chinese massage and Yoga.

On this course you will learn massage methods including rubbing, kneading, stroking and stimulation of acupressure points. It uses a holistic approach, balancing energy flow and lifeforce as well as providing physical benefits.

The first part of this course teaches you a ‘dry’ massage routine. This is the traditional champissage method. It is a very relaxing treatment in it’s own right and great to use at events.

We focus on a more straightforward routine in the morning and incorporate more intricate movements and a Thai massage stick in the afternoon session. We also discuss those finishing touches that help make therapies special. Benefits to your clients include: § Healthy blood circulation § Eases arthritic aches and pains § Aids mobility and flexibility of the joints § Detoxifies the feet and increases lymphatic drainage § Invigorates tired feet and legs


The music is also highly therapeutic. It incorporates Tibetan chimes, singing bowls and Tibetan monks chanting. The afternoon focuses on extra luxury touches, use of Tibetan bowls, tingsha and more. Benefits to your clients include: § Destresses § Opens energy channels § Mobility and flexibility in wrists/hands, great for repetitive strain § General feeling of well-being

The second part develops your skills and introduces you to some extra movements. In addition we will cover ways to make the service more luxurious for your client, by introducing oil blends, warm towels and so on. Benefits to your clients include: § Relieves aches and pains § Improves focus and concentration § Promotes a healthy scalp and hair § Induce a state of calm, peace and wellbeing

Eastern Acupressure Facial Massage

Moroccan Sacred Candlelit Back Massage

Face the World® Signature Facial

This unique facial massage incorporates a blend of highly effective techniques drawn from several oriental practices. It involves a sequence of deceptively simple massage movements and acupressure points.

Inspired by a traditional hammam you will learn an exfoliation and massage routine using black olive beldi soap and exfoliating kessa mitts with a beautiful rose otto oil, natural soy candle all ethically and fairtrade sourced from Morocco.

This exclusive course is for existing therapists who are already competent in either beauty facials or holistic massage (Level 3 or equivalent plus an A&P qualification).

The morning comprises the fundamental techniques and routine, whilst we look at ideas to include this in a facial, use of facial oils and more advanced techniques in the afternoon.

This truly is a unique treatment that will delight your clients.

Benefits to your clients include: § Reduction in appearance of wrinkles § Softer, firmer and less puffy skin § Calmness and relaxation § Easing headaches and other stressrelated symptoms § Frees up constrictions in the connective tissues § Aids circulation and lymphatic drainage

There is a supplement of £20 for this course as you will receive a full size set of products for up to 5 treatments so you are able to start straight away. Benefits to your clients include: § Healthy blood circulation § Eases arthritic aches and pains § Aids mobility and flexibility of the joints § Detoxifies the feet and increases lymphatic drainage § Invigorates tired feet and legs

This beautiful, award-winning, holistic treatment will add something completely unique to your portfolio - taking your clients on a blissful, multi-sensory, choreographed journey around the world - all within the same 1 hour experience. Benefits to your clients include: § Experiential treatment § Improved skin condition § Relaxation and uplifted spirits


MY RETREAT TECHNIQUE 52 Links Road, Cullercoats, NE30 3DX 0191 2897330

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Course brochure  

First class therapy training courses and workshops for the professional and enthusiast.