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Header set in Kannada MN Bold 24/28.8 Pt.

Sub-Header set in Kannada MN Bold 18/18.8 Pt. Body set in Kannada MN Reg 16/16 Pt.

Designed by Destroy. / Myrddin Wooding.

Vinyl I Was Asked To Bring In & Critique Trick Baby - Sarantis

What period is the design from?

-Trick Baby was released by Sarantis on 8th April 2012, i can’t find the artist who produced the work but it is a contemporary piece of artwork making use of Photoshop, a three colour palette, sans-serif, block, drop shadowed type over a fim still from a ‘Blaxploitation’ film.

Who designed it? -I couldn’t find information on who the artist was. Font design is by Christopher Henson. What message is being given out?

-’Where theres a trick theres a way’ Considering there is a still from a ‘Blaxploitation’ film, i interpret the message to be that of an under dog trying to produce work and battling against some form of authority.

What type face is being used?

-The typefaced used is called ‘Bad Mother Fucka’ by Christopher Henson.

When is the typeface from? -December 24th, 2004.

How does the type relate to the imagery?

-The type is named ‘Bad Mother Fucka’ taken from one of Samuel L. Jackson’s lines in Pulp Fiction, it is reminiscent of ‘Blaxploitation’ & funk music.

Record Cover Project

The brief is to produce a 12� vinyl record sleeve front, spine and back for a fictional artist. We have been tasked with producing the design for the record company which released the album, the artist’s name & album name. We have been assigned two genres of music that our fictional artist uses to produce the aesthetic for their artwork from. The two genres i have been given are:

-Salsa When i first think of Salsa music i think of: South-America, Spain, passion, sexuality, lust, hot climates, alcohol, dancing, marracas, extravagant & lurid outfits, strictly come dancing, dresses, cliche’d faded icons posing for photographs.

-Opera When i first think of Opera music i think of: Italy, libretto, culture, class, aristocracy, drama, theatre, faust, Tommy, fat tennors, deception, roses, masks, Rock Opera.

I thought it a good idea to look at the aesthetic of other existing Salsa vinyl covers. I created this mood board of covers to look at similar and differing graphical elements to see if there is a consistency in the design from which i can play upon.

In exactly the same way that i collected a selection of images for Salsa vinyls, i assembled the same for Opera vinyl sleeves. This collection of images was so i could look for the specific aesthetic of Opera music vinyl covers and see if there were any differences or similarities between these and the Salsa vinyls from which to produce a mixed aesthetic from.

Analysis of Salsa Vinyl

An overview of the similarities in the design of most the Salsa vinyls i looked at. Salsa vinyl covers tend to be vivid, bright and colourful, pastelly palette in some instances. Almost always photographic. The imagery is representative of the geographical origins of the hispanic cultures who created salsa. Layout of type and image can vary alot between vinyls. Type above, below and on the sides of imagery.

Typeface varies, usually culturally representative, always big.

The message conveyed is that of ‘cheeky’ fun, often the imagery is sexual and fun, sometimes it is humourous. The artist is usually placed centred on the vinyl cover and the image is large.

Analysis of Opera Vinyl

An overview of the similarities in the design of most the Opera vinyls i looked at. The imagery usually includes the main character of the opera, and occasionally others. Sometimes an important scene is depicted. Colour palette is reserved and complimentary of the mood of the Opera. Imagery usually large & centred with type playing a secondary role.

Imagery photographic but also alot of the artwork is painted, classical, cultured.

Traditional type/imagery layout, type either set at top or top-left of image. Usually painterly, serified. Opera vinyls usually convey a cultured, classical feel. This obviously compliments the nature of Opera music and the people that see it.

Salsa/Opera Aesthetic Similarities/Differences Similarities


-Image is centred and -Salsa is prodominantly large in almost all covers photographic imagery, with few exceptions. Opera is photographic but painted in a lot of instances also. -The image is usually of the subject of the art -Salsa vinyls tend to have in the given medium. In broader colour palettes Salsa vinyl art the musreflective of the culturcisians are the figures al heritage, climate etc. seen, in Opera vinyl art of the creators.Opera it is almost always the most prominent charac- tends to be reserved in colour palette to be ter from the libretto of more direct in commuthe Opera. nicating the mood to the audience, tragedy, ro-Type is always second- mance etc. ary in terms of size and therefore importance -Type & image layout than image in the cross is more playful and varsection i chose. But it ied in Salsa vinyl covers. also always compliments Type is arranged above, the imagery. to the sides, below and within the imagery. Opera is more traditional, setting type above and top-left of imagery.

Ideas For Artist Name

My artist produces a fusion of Salsa and Opera, as to designing a name i will look for possible combinations descriptive of the aesthetic of salsa, being playful and energised, communicated alongside the classical, cultured, reserved artistic language of Opera.


-Opera d’arte - Translates as piece of art. -Libretto is the name of the text the Opera is based upon. -Pavarotti, Nabucco, Don Carlos, Carmen, Tommy, Culture, Madama Butterfly, Class, Royal, Otello. -The type for the artist name could potentially be aligned above the image.


-Hot-climate, Hispanic culture, High-energy, Passion, Lust, Humour, Movement. -Latin-American dance music, Afro-Caribbean rhythms, Cuban big-band dance melodies, and elements of jazz and rock. -Super Salsa Singers, Los Titantes, Banda La Bocana, En La Calle, Harlow.

Possible Names

-Libretto La Cruz, Banda La Butterfly, Don

San Juan, Royal Salsa, Cultur La Cuba.

Record Label I’d like my record label to be representative of both Opera and Salsa but if it sways more towards either genre thats alright.

Imagery to use/look into: -Opera Masks -Libretto Scrolls -Maracas -Salsa Dancers

Names to consider:

-Similar to artist name. -Could use geographical names for places that create Opera/Salsa music, e.g. Puerto Rico, Italy etc.

Record Cover Process Book  
Record Cover Process Book  

Process book for a recent Record Covers Project at Camberwell.