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Year 12 Information Processes and Technology Multimedia Marking Scheme


Exercise 1 – Database of Multimedia terms and definitions Exercise 2 - Text and Hypertext

(15 marks) (5 marks)

(a) Use html, PowerPoint or Microsoft Word to create a small sample of hypertext suitable for use in a multimedia presentation. (b) Explain the difference between text and hypertext. (c) Describe the uses of text and hypertext in a multimedia presentation.

Exercise 3 - Graphics and Animation (a) (b) (c) (d)

(10 marks)

Take a digital photograph of yourself and use a program such as Kai’s Goo Power to create a short warp animation/movie. Explain the differences between warping and morphing. Use programs such as Paint and GifCon to construct a simple cell based animation suitable for use in a multimedia presentation. Explain the difference between path based animation and cell based animation describing the advantages and disadvantage of each. Use diagrams to assist in your explanation if desired.

Exercise 4 – Sound

(10 marks)

(a) Record a voice-over that can be used in a radio commercial(approximately 10-15 seconds) (b) Record a sound/music track that can be used in your radio advertisement and then add the voice-over to the sound track. (Hint: use Sound Recorder) (c) Describe the steps you took to complete this exercise. Include a detailed discussion of the file size, quality, sample rate, bit rate and mono versus stereo.

Exercise 5 – Video

(10 marks)

(a) Create a small video sequence using Window movie maker that integrates 2 or 3 separate video clips. The final product should use transitions and include a sound clip. (b) Describe some of the problems that may be encountered when working with video files in multimedia and possible solutions to these problems.

Exercise 6 – Research task

(10 marks)

Describe the role and skills of the people who design multimedia systems including content providers, system designers and project managers, those skilled in the collection and editing of different media types, those skilled in the design and layout and those with technical skills with the information technology being used.

Exercise 7 – Critical evaluation

(10 marks)

Use the design principles detailed on p.235 of your text to critically evaluate two multimedia presentations from two different areas of the following areas: • education and training • leisure and entertainment • information • virtual reality and simulation • educational games

Exercise 8 – Multimedia Presentation

(30 marks)

(a) Design a storyboard for a multimedia presentation created by you. (b) Create a presentation which incorporates graphics, hypertext, animation and video on a subject of your choice. Note: the presentation may be either a web page or a PowerPoint presentation. For those that have already created a web page for your Major Project it MUST be a PowerPoint presentation. (c) Describe in detail the design features that you have incorporated into your multimedia presentation.


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