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Pulsecam can help you to increase your life energy, find joy in your life and feel really great! Pulsecam is a medically approved device. It provides low-frequency muscle and nerve stimulation in many parts of the body, so affecting overall condition. When your energy is in balance, you’ll find it influences your pain, your sleep and various emotional and physical states. The body’s ability to heal itself increases significantly and gives you the chance of a wonderful life! Open your mind and let Pulsecam show you the way. Pulsecam is multifunctional and can work on the entire body. Pulsecam treatment combines techniques from massage, acupressure, acupuncture, heat therapy, infrared radiation and low-frequency nerve stimulation. With this multifunction, Pulsecam treatment can influence the body’s ability to heal itself. Pulsecam is a medically approved device and is well known in a number of countries. We sincerely hope PulseCam wi1l contribute greatly to making your life more healthy and energetic.


What is low frequency electrical wave therapy? Low frequency electrical wave therapy is used to normalize blood circulation, treat acute or chronic pain, treat fatigue, and stimulate muscles. Through various modes of electrical waves, pain reduction is optimized. Electrical waves facilitate the flows in the body; flow of blood, water and energy. They also clean the blood from toxins.

Low frequency electrical waves as a treatment method Low frequency electrical wave therapy is a globally used treatment method, used both by pain clinics and rehabilitation centers. Electrical wave therapy helps repair damaged nervous systems, stiff joints, rigid muscles, and damaged cells after injuries or surgery. It also stimulates the bone marrow and the cerebellum, which reduces tremor in persons suffering from diseases with such symptoms. Pain and edema is reduced though this therapy, enabling persons to lead an active life.

The effects of low frequency electrical wave therapy on the body -Increases oxygen levels in cells, which enables cells to absorb more nutrition. -Increases the flow of blood in the capillaries, which raises the temperature of the inner organs. -Raises the temperature in the peripheral nerves, which has a pain reducing effect. Body electricity is transmitted more effectively. -Limits or prohibits the growth of bacteria. -Increases the flow of fluids in the body, which reduces edema. -Increases neurotransmitters, which reduced pain by transmitting (beta)endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, etc. -Stimulates the nervous and muscular systems, which strengthens muscles and makes joint movements smooth. -Repairs damaged cells and facilitates cell renewal.

Persons who will benefit from low frequency electrical wave therapy -Persons who have problems with the central nervous system -Persons in rehabilitation after paralysis -Persons suffering from acute and chronic pain. -Persons with stiff joints -Persons recovering from injury or surgery -Persons with rigid muscles -Persons suffering from diseases that induces tremor


Medical conditions that can be treated with low frequency electrical wave therapy -Muscle and bone related disorders: Rheumatism, degenerative arthritis, chronic muscle spasm, muscle pain, damaged ligaments or tendons, bruising, fractures. -Nerve related disorders: Face paralysis, migraine, trifacial neuralgia, spinal injuries -Circulatory disorders: Buerger's disease, arteriosclerosis, diabetic sores -Skin disorders: Shingles, neurodematitis, burns, frostbite -Internal diseases: Chronic nephritis, diabetes, obesity, chronic gastritis, ulcer, constipation, asthma, chronic infection. -Others: Pains after surgery, chronic abdominal pains, menstrual pains.

Persons who should not use low frequency electrical wave therapy -Persons with pace-maker or any other medical device inside the body -Persons who have had organ transplantations

Possible initial effects of Pulsecam treatment (signs of detoxing of the body) -Local pains become worse -Nausea (in case of high blood pressure, problems with kidney or stomach) -Stomach gas, abdominal pains, diarrhea, or constipation (in case of small or large intestine) -Appearance of a rash or itching (in case of low body temperature) -Appearance of blister (in case of diabetes or high cholesterol) -Bruising (in persons with a history of accidents) -Sleepiness (in case of problems with energy and circulation) -Increase of vaginal secretion in women (in case of problems with the uterus) -Stiffness of the neck and fever (in case of diabetes and high blood pressure) -Edema and fever (in case of problems with kidney and bladder) -Bleeding from the rectum (in case of hemorrhoids or other problem with the rectum)

Symptoms of improvement after the possible initial symptoms -Cold hands and feet become warm -Cold abdomen becomes warm -Chest pressure disappears -Lightness in the body after sleep -Frequent cramps disappear -Fatigue disappears -Head feels lighter -Regular bowel movement -Swelling (edema) decreases -Urine production increases -Body feels softer and pain free -Skin color becomes clear -The stomach feels comfortable



Multi channel low frequency therapy

• Increases metabolism and purifies the blood. • Increases blood circulation and activates the blood cells. • Can help to bring blood pressure under control. • Helps reduce swelling. • Eases pain. • Stimulates muscles and nerves. • Helps with tissue repair. • Helps with digestion and body waste. • Helps to increase body temperature.

management of the abdomen

• A warm abdomen and warm feet keep illness at bay. • Clear intestines lead to a clear mind. • Our overall health is determined by the health of our internal organs. • By realizing the principle of ‘head colder, feet warmer’, toxic matters inside our bodies are repelled and circulation is facilitated to fundamentally enhance the user’s health.

foot pad

• The feet can be referred to as our secondary heart. They have more than 7,200 autonomic nerves. The waves are sensed by these nerves, which then expand the blood vessels and increase blood flow. • The ergonomic design of this new product delivers faster relief for those suffering from discomort or from feeling cold. • The points under the back part of the feet are raised, in order to give a stronger effect on the rectum, anus and genitals and aid with detoxification.


abdomen pad

• The abdomen is the core of the body. • The source energy that drives the 12 meridians can be found here. • The yin and yang are balanced through governing the internal organs (head colder, feet warmer). • It clears the colon of obstacles and also clears the mind, which makes your body healthier. • Vibration waves can be delivered to the stomach, spleen and the meridian of the pancreas more effectively when the ceramic pad is applied upside down. Varying how the ceramic pad is applied, can offer more effective outcomes. • It is designed to relieve coldness felt in the lower abdomen, which many women suffer from and to enhance the improvement of individual body constitutions. • The abdomen is the pillar of our body and is closely related to our genital organs. Any problems or disorders with the kidneys, for example, can only be effectively treated by focusing on the waist area.

how to use the products


This is a quality product from Pulsecam in Scandinavia. Please read these instructions carefully before using the product in order to operate and maintain it. Keep them in a safe place for future reference. If you have any problems using this product, please refer to these instructions. Pulsecam will not be liable for any damages or injuries from accidents attributed to your failure to follow these instructions.

Precautions for use l.

Carefully read these instructions before use, to ensure that you use the product correctly.


Make sure that the operating voltage is compatible.


Always use a standard power cord.


Never turn on the main power supply with any of the electrodes attached to the body. Turn on the power first and then attach the electrodes later.

1 . product functions product functions


main body

l. Maximum efficiency due to well developed programs. 2. Possibility to upgrade with different types of additional programs. 3. Innovative combination allows optimal comfort for the user during operation. 4. Two or more users can enjoy the single medical device at the same time. 5. A variety of functions for all family members, regardless of age and gender. 6. Improved functions for the feet only. 7. Therapy-specific sections offer more efficient treatment. 8. Elegant, lightweight design.

Massage Low-frequency Acupressure Acupuncture


Health wave

Far-infrared radiation Thermotherapy






A user-friendly interface has been combined with a device, designed for the best possible funcionality.



User-friendly Shape

V-shaped design intended to help users assume a comfortable position for their knees and feet.

abdomen pad

l. The larger size Pad helps all user´s regardless of body size, to acheive effective treatment on the sides of the body. 2. The ergonomic design enables women to reach difficult areas of the body such as, the lower abdomen and sides of the stomach. 3. The precise placement of the electrode to specific treatment areas allows for accurate and detailed therapy. 4. The titanium on the electrode abdomen pad increases the efficiency of far infrared effect and helps to eliminate odour.

foot pad

l. The separate foot pad is a more practical attachment to the main body. 2. The heat intensity is clearly visible on the LED lamp. 3. The chiropratic effects of the treatment are maximized by the design of the comfortable foot plate. 4. The standing position maximizes the delivery of waves to create an excellent acupuncture treatment. 5. The auto-correct effect allows the foot pad to fit each foot precisely, regardless of shoe size. 6. More effective treatment with 3 intensity levels. 7. Slim and elegant design. The separate foot pad can be easily sent away for after-sales service, if needed.


2. product information

Main Body and Foothold

Product name

Combination stimulator for medical use



Protection format

Class 2, BF type of equipment

Rated voltage

AC100V~240V(Free Voltage)/50~60Hz

Electricity consumptian


Output wave

Square wave

Frequency used

2.5 ~150Hz(Auto-Control)

Maximum current


Conductive silicon pad temperature

Maximum temperate set under 42 Celsius


1-90 minutes (one minute unit)

Size of the main body

430 x 440 x 890

Size of the footing

415 x 330 x 60


16.94 kg (including packaging)

Manufacturing company

TRYCAM TECHNOLOGIE Co. Ltd 2 floor, 22 Jungbo - l Gil, SangrOk - gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Permit for production


Permit for item


Abdomen Pad

Circle Pad

Square Pad

Abdomen Belt

Square Pad Belt

Circle Pad Band

Remote Control

Shoulder Belt

Pad Wire

Power Cord

Foothold Cord TRYCAM User´s manual



Knee Pad

Abdomen Pad (Young Adult)


Diamond Pad


3 . display and front A. Display panel A/S display Program 6 display Temperature 7 8 indiction



Time display Option mode display

10 1 Abdomen 2 Pad 3 intensity Foothold 11 control intensity Square Pad display control intensity AUTO/ display control MANUAL display mode display



4 5 Knee Pad/ Pulsegra intensity control display

Circle/ Diamond Pad and stick intensity control display

Abdomen pad intensity control display: A window displaying the output intensity of the Abdomen pad

(* Available for the Knee Pad (Murubien))


Foothold intensity control display: A window displaying the output intensity of the Foothold


Square Pad Intensity Control Display: A window displaying the output intensity of the Pad


Knee Pad / Pulsegra Intensity Control Display: A window displaying the output intensity of the Optional Conductor (*Special output)


Circle /Diamond Pad and Stick Intensity Control Display: A window displaying the output intensity of the Optional Pad


A/S Display: A window displaying the operating status of this product


Program Display A window displaying the current program mode


Temperature indication: A window displaying the temperature settings of the Abdomen Pad, Foothold, Knee Pad and Pulsegra.


Time display: A window displaying time settings and therapy related time.

10 Option Mode Display: A window displaying the operating status of Tl, T2 and T3 11 AUTO / MANUAL Mode Display: A window displaying auto or manual setting (AT: AUTO/MU: MANUAL)

B. Front panel

Abdomen Pad intensity control switch

Circle/Diamond Pad and stick Intensity control switch Jog Dial

Foothold intensity control switch

Knee Pad/Pulsegra intensity control switch Temperature switch

Square Pad intensity control switch

Power On/Off switch


4. remote control


2 Power ON/OFF button

Time memory button

Power ON/OFF button Press the button once to power on, and press it once again to power off. 3

Setting operating duration: 1 Set your desired duration of use in the unit of minutes in 11 , and press the button 2 and then the button 1 twice (ON/OFF).

Intensity UP/DOWN button


Adjusting output intensity press to increase the intensity by 1 press to decrease the intensity by 1 4

Abdomen/Knee pad


Temperature selection button


Select low, middle or high temperature. low



Option pad




TC selection button T1: Mode for women only T2: Mode for men only T3: Foothold mode TC( , ) UP, DOWN


M1: Programs 1 to 10 repeated M2: Programs 11 to 20 repeated M3: Programs 21 to 27 repeated


Auto Mode button

This setting enables different programs to change automatically. According to the selected mode, 1~10 (Ml), 11~20(M2), or 21~27(M3) are repeated automatically. 10

Manual Mode button

In manual mode, you can select and use only one of Programs l to 27. First select MU, and then use the button 9 to choose your desired mode.


Mode selection button (Automatic Cycling)

Program selector


Program Selector

Default setting 30 min (adjustable within the range of 1 to 90 minutes) Press

to increase the setting by 1 min


to decrease the setting by 1 min

Select any of the manual mode programs from 1 to 27 to specify the waveform intensity. Press

to increase the setting by 1


to decrease the setting by 1

5. understanding the functions

o rear side

power cord socket outlet

Plug a fuse into the location where the input power cord is connected, in order to prevent overload to shut off powerand the power can be shut off in the event of power failure.

FUSE Main power switch main power switch

Main power switch is to turn the device ON or OFF. *Turn off the main power switch if the device is not used for a long time.

Power Cord Socket Outlet


o lower side

left side of main body

abdomen pad connector (Knee Pad)

foot pad connector

Connect the Foot pad with the slot of its connecting socket facing upwards, then turn and connect the fixing nut clockwise.

Connect the Abdomen Pad with the slot of its connector socket facing upward. Then, turn and connect the fixing nut clockwise.

pad connector

Abdomen Pad connector (Knee Pad)

o lower side


Foot Pad connector

Simply use the jack connecting the pads to Pad connect any of the general connector /Removable/Special Pads.

right side of main body

foot pad/pulsegra

pad connector

Connecting socket is used to connect the Foothold/ Pulsegra (8P)

Simply use the jack connecting the pads to connect any of general /Removable/Special Pads. Foot pad/Pulsegra


Pad connector

Turn off the main power switch prior to connection/disconnection of the pads and electrodes.


6 . how to connect

basic connections

Power Cord Socker Outlet

Main power switch

1 Plug-in the Power Cord

First connect the power cord to the therapeutic device, and then the opposite cord to your outlet.

Abdomen Pad Connector (KneePad)

Foot pad Connector

Pad Connector

2 Connect the Abdomen Pad Connector (Knee Pad) Connect the abdomen pad and knee pad (optional) with the slots of their conductor connecting sockets facing upwards, exactly as shown in the figure. Then, fasten the nut to fix them.

basic connections

Abdomen Pad Connector (KneePad)

Foot pad Connector

( the

left side of the main body )

Pad Connector

3 Connect the Foot pad Connect the foot pad with the connection slot facing upwards as shown in the diagram. Then connect the opposite side to the foot pad socket on the main body.

Abdomen Pad Connector (KneePad)


Foothold Connector

Pad Connector

4 Connect the Pad As shown in the figure, connect each of the two-way pad lines to the relevant pad, and then the opposite cord to the pad connecting jack.

connect to option

( right

side of main body )

1 Plug-in the Power Cord

You can connect either foot pad or pulsegra to the optional conductar connecting socket. Foot pad/ Pulsegra connector

Foot pad/ Pulsegra connector

Pad connector

Connect either pulsegra or foothold with their slots facing upward, as shown in the figure.

Pad connector

2 Connect the Pad It is possible to connect any of diamond pad, stick, circle pad to the pad connecting connector. As shown in the figure, you can select and use any of them. When using the Diamond Pad, never exceed 3 of the output intensity.

CAUTION Never exceed intensity setting 3, when using the Diamond pad.

7 . how to use the pads

Abdomen Pad

Foot pad


Make sure that the foothold connection socket has been linked with the foothold, and then evenly apply the nano-silver gel onto the carbon part of the silicon pad in order to increase the effects of conduction. Adjust the height and distance of your chair to ensure that your feet easily reach the foot pad and that you are sitting comfortably. It is important to relax your whole body, including your feet.

Make sure that the connector on the pad has been linked with the main body. Check the condition of the pad 1ine and connection status. Evenly apply the nano-silver gel onto the carbon part of the silicon pad, place the pad on the pain spot, and then secure it with the belt. Ensure the belt is not too tight or too loose.

Make sure the abdomen pad is connected correctly and then evenly apply the nanosilver gel onto the carbon part of the silicon pad. Fasten the belt tightly so that the region with the gel can be kept close to the area you are treating.


7 . how to use the pads

knee pad

( murubien )

and pulsegra

You can use optional products including the knee pad (murubien) and the pulsegra. Always check the connection status of the knee pad to the pulsegra connecting socket. Apply the gel to the carbon area just before use. Place the Pulsegra on the floor or secure the knee pads with the straps provided.

Knee Pad (Murubien)


option pad



Circle Pad

There are various additional pads and products suck as the stick, the diamond pad and the circle pads available. Plug the cable into the corresponding socket on the main unit and then connect to the desired product. Always use the gel to ensure a smooth electric current.


Abdomen Pad -Shoulder

AbdomenPad -Waist

AbdomenPad -Abdominal area

Square Pad - Thigh/Calf

Circle Pad - Shoulder

Diamond Pad



8 . how to use your trycam

controlling the intensity of pad

( in

manual mode )

1 Turn on the main power switch at the rear of the main body. (See page 10.) 2 Touch the ON/OFF sensor ( 8 ) on the control panel to turn on. 3 Make sure that the levels (A~E) of all the display windows are set to 0. 4 Lightly touch button( 1 ) displaying a conductor symbol. Use the Jog dial ( 7 ) to adjust the intensity leve1s ranging from 1 to 20. The output intensity will be displayed in the window A . 5 Lightly touch button( 2 ) displaying a foot symbol. Use the Jog dial ( 7 ) to select one of intensity levels 1 to 20. The output intensity will be displayed in the window B . 6 Lightly touch button ( 3 ) displaying a pad symbol. Use the Jog dial ( 7 ) to select one of intensity levels 1 to 20 for intensity adjustment. The output intensity will be displayed in the window C . 7 Lightly touch button ( 4 ) displaying the TC symbol. Use the Jog dial ( 7 ) to select one of intensity levels 1 to 20 for intensity adjustment. The output intensity will be displayed in the window D . 8 Lightly touch button ( 4 ) displaying the pad symbol. Use the Jog dial( 7 ) to select one of intensity levels 1 to 20 for intenity adjustment. The output intensity will be displayed in the window E . 9 Lightly touch the Thermotherapy button ( 6 ) displaying a thermometer symbol. Use the Jog dial ( 7 ) to select one of high(H), middle (M) or low (L). The output intensity will be displayed in the window F . * As the perceived intensity of output may vary with individual users and different body parts, adjust the intensity to suit your individual comfort level.

CAUTION The front panel on the top of this product can only be wiped only with the special cloth provided with this product.




temperature adjustment

1 Adjust the operating temperature to an appropriate temperature prior to use. The operating temperature can be adjusted to one of three settings: high (H), middle (M) or low (L) temperature. 2 The program setting time can be adjusted from 1 to 90 minutes by using the remote control. It can also be increased and decreased during the running of a program. Once the set time has been reached, the program will automatically stop, an alarm will sound and all settings will revert to zero (O).

after using this product After using this product, always turn off the ON/OFF switch and then turn off the main power switch. Carefully wipe the used conductors and pads with a clean wet cloth so that gel is thoroughly removed from them. * Please follow the above instructions fully, as they are essential for maintaining the condition of this product.

after - sales service – –

For after-sales service of this product, please contact either the place of purchase that sold you this product or our after-sales service center. TRYCAM will not accept any liability if the product is subject to improper use, repaired by an unauthorized repairer or failure to comply with these instructions. Always contact the after sales service center before taking such measures.

* The operating voltage of this product ranges from 85V to 264V, however if the voltage changes, replace the fuse mounted in the power supply socket according to the operating voltage specifications.

how to replace the fuse 1 Disconnect the power cord. 2 This product has an integrated plug and fuse - the fuse is mounted at the bottom of the former. 3 Use a flat head screw driver to disassemble the plug holder. 4 Replace the fuse, and insert the fuse holder while the pins of the plug facing upwards.

how to replace the remote control battery 1 Remove the battery cover beneath the remote control unit with a screwdriver. 2 After removing the battery cover, place the battery with the + side facing upward, and reassemble the components. * Use CR2025 3V Lithium coin battery for this product.


9 . trouble shooting situation



• There is no power.

• Check the power cable is plugged into the socket in the wall. • Check that the Main switch is on. See the Power button on the front unit is turned on.

• First, check the voltage is right for the unit, and plug in the power cable into the wall outlet. • Set the Main switch on.

• The remote control is not working.

• Check if the battery is dead.

• Replace the battery if needed.

• The intensity has weakened.

• The intensity might feel different depending on the adopted position of the user. • Are you using the pad upside down? • Is the connection plug of the pad plugged in properly? • Check the intensity dial is set at the proper intensity level.

• It may vary with the physical conditions of individual users. It may also vary with seasons – wet summer or dry winter. • Make sure that the body is in contact with tha black parts of the pad. • Connect the Pad’s plug properly. • Increase the intensity.

• I have a tingling pain when I use the product.

• Do you have a tingling or uncomfortable feeling when using the product? • Check the connection plugs of the Pads are properly connected.

• Apply a sufficient amount of gel to the black parts of the pads, which helps secure the pad to the body. This is likely to reduce any tingling or discomfort. Try reducing the intensity level. • Connect the pad’s plugs properly.

• The abdomen pad and foot pad are not heating up correctly.

• Is the temperature control button switched on?

• Select your desired temperature on the Thermotherapy button.

Once the temperature has been set, it will slowly and gradually warm to the set temperature. Wait for a minute until it reaches the set temperature.

10 . safety instruction ´ s Please read through these Safety Instruction’s carefully before use. These instructions should be understood and followed, because they carry important safety details. The degree of danger is classified into the categories listed below which may result from mishandling.

DANGER Disregarding this sign may result in serious injury or death.

WARNING Disregarding this sign may result in injury or death.

CAUTION Disregarding this sign may result in possible injury or death.

WARNING No one other than the technician qualified to perform after-sales service is allowed to dissemble, repair, or remodel the product.

In order to prevent any risk of accident when using this product, please carefully observe these instructions. – These symbols are intended to warn against potentially dangerous situations when operating this product. – Always carefully read and observe any instructions with the above symbol to avoid a dangerous accident.

CAUTION Any repairs or fixing which are not c overed in this manual are prohibited.

Contact the place of purchase or after-sales service center before use, if you have a problem that is not included in this manual. The contents of this manual are subject to change without prior notice, at the company’s discretion.


instructions for use


1. This product is not intended for use by the following persons: • Those with acute diseases • Those with fever • Those with heart disease • Those with mental disorders • Those with skin abnormalities due to the use of this product • Pregnant women • Those with malignant tumors • Those with organs or bone transplants or electornical medical devices, such as a pace-maker, artificial heart or electrocardiograph. * The above devices may cause the failure of such electronic medical device or serious damage to the body. 2. Do not use this product to the following areas of the body: • Avoid contact with or around the eyes, head, ears and neck. • Tescticles, heart, throat and areas with tumors or scar tissue. • Around any area of the body enhanced or implated with metal, plastic, silicon etc. 3. Stop use immediately and consult a medical expert if any problem occur to the skin or body. 4. Consult a doctor before use if you are under treatment in hospital, whether you’re an outpatient or inpatient. warning for children

l. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Children should not play in close proximity to the product to avoid falling and hitting themsleves on any part of the product or accessories. Do not allow children to come in close contact with the product when it is in use. (Children may experience contact with the pads as an unpleasant feeling.) Do not allow children to play with this product. (Suffocation may occur if bands or belts are tied around the neck area. Biting or cutting the power cord with a knife may cause electric shock or fire. Always turn off the product if not used. (Children may be injured by malfunction.)

product precautions

1. Do not dissemble, repair, or remodel the product. Electric shock or failure may result. (The warranty will no longer apply if the product is remodeled and a cost may be incurred.) 2. Stop using this product immediately if a problem occurs. Contact the place of purchase and the after-sales service center. 3. Always slowly increase the voltage from low to high. (Sudden increase in voltage is dangerous.) 4. Set the voltage in relation to the skin of each individual user. 5. Never use this product for purposes other than those specified in this manual. 6. Stop using this product immediately and consult a medical professional if you experience any physical problems while using this product. 7. Do not throw or use excessive force on this product. 8. Do not move the product by gripping the belt cable or band. 9. Do not use this product on or around the eyes. 10. Do not use this product in conjuction with any other product. 11. Do not use it in humid places such as the bathroom. 12. Do not use this product more than twice a day. 13. It is recommended that you do not use the product again for at least 6 hours after using it. 14. Do not 1eave the product or move it during the operation. power precautions

l. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 20

This product is designed for AC100v-240v / 50~60Hz (Free Voltage). Use only the earthed outlet and power cord. – Otherwise, failure or electric shock may result. Do not plug several power cords to one outlet. – The increased heat in the outlet may cause fire. Do not pull the power cord. (Fire may result if the power cord is damaged) Do not cut, break, bend, pull, twist or tie the power cord as damage to this could cause fire and electric shock. – Straighten out the cable or power cord when using. Keep the power cord clean and make sure that no foreign matters are on it. – Keep the power cord clean and make sure that no objects fasten onto it. Do not dissemble, repair, or remodel the product as fire or electric shock may result. (The warranty will no longer apply if the product is remodelled and a cost may be incurred.) Do not plug or unplug the power cord with wet hands. Fire or electric shock may result. Do not use a damaged power cord, plug or a loose wall socket. – Fire or electric shock may result.

CAUTION installation precautions

l. 2. 3. 4.

Do not use excessive force on the product during transportation. (Failure or malfunction of product may occur.) Keep the product out of the direct sunlight. (Discoloration may occur.) Do not keep combustible solvents such as alcohol or cyanide close to the product. (Deformation or fire may occur.) Do not place the product on an uneven surface or place sujbect to vibration or movement. (Install the product on a level surface.)

power precautions

l. Do not leave the power cord in the way for people walking past. 2. Unplug the power cord in the event of a thunderstorm. 3. Always unplug the product when it is not being used.

product precautions

l. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Familiarize yourself with the method of use and operation before use. Contact the place of purchase or after-sales service center if any problem occurs that is not covered in the manual. Take care not to scratch the product and keep sharp items away from the main unit, display panel and accessories. Do not put place drinks on or around the product. If the product comes into contact withany liquid, it may be damaged and could result in a short circuit or fire. Unplug the power cord immediately from the wall socket and contact the after-sales center immediately if any liquid or water gets into the belts or product. Do not use excessive force on this product as it may cause damage. Turn off and stop using the product at once upon detecting a failure of a power outage.

storage and cleaning precautions

l. Disconnect the electric wire, pad, components, etc and store them together after use. If stored separately, the components may be lost. 2. Keep the product away from direct sunlight and be avoid dust or foreign matter from entering the product when storing it. 3. Store the product in a ventilated area with a temperature of between -25C to 70C and with humidty of less than 80%. 4. Do not use excessive force, throw or drop the product. 5. The warranty will no longer apply if the product is remodeled and a cost may be incurred. 6. Clean the product after use, to avoid problems during future use. 7. Store the product in a suitable location, avoid using excessive force and do not place the product on an uneven surface or a place subject to vibration or movement. 8. Keep the product away from water. 9. Make sure that the product is working normally before use, if it has not been used for a long time. 10. Before cleaning this product, turn off the main switch and unplug the power cord from the wall socket. 11. Wipe the main body (specifically the screen) with the cloth that comes with this product. – Never wash or immerse the product in water or other liquids. – Never use a coarse cloth. 12. Wipe off any foreign matters, such as dusts or gel, from the pad with ta damp or smooth cloth. 13. Do not use any abrasive or volatile cleaners such as benzine, cyanide or alcohol. 14. Make sure that no water enters the main body, pads or other accessories. 15. Wipe all surfaces dry after cleaning. 21

warranty Name of the Product

Combination stimulator



Lot Number Customer Name

Selling Agency

Address Date of Purchase Term of Warranty

1 year from the date of purchase

• Note that the above term of warranty for after-sales services can be guaranteed only if confirmed by the selling agency of this product. • For after-sales service, contact the selling agency or After-sales Service Center. • In the event of any trouble or malfunction, NEVER ask any other repair shop or service station to repair this product (because of its built-in special circuit). • After-sales service for relating to problems or malfunction attributed to the user’s improper use resulting in breakdown will be offered at a cost. • When seeking after-sales service it will be quicker and easier if you have this warranty available. Therefore it is important to keep it in a safe place. warranty repairs

l. For the details of warranty coverage, refer to the Warranty supplied with this product. 2. As the term of warranty will be effective from the date of purchase, ensure that the date of purchase is stated on your Warranty. 3. This Warranty will not be reissued. warranty repairs do not include the following :

l. Any problems or damage attributed to the user’s careless or improper use of the product. 2. Any problems or damage resulting from repairs or alteration by a third party other than the service engineer authorized by our company. 3. Any problems or damage attributed to using other devices, accessories or supplies, other than those specified in this manual. 4. Any problems or damage caused by the failure of the user’s power source. 5. Any problems or damage resulting from using this product for any other purpose than the intended use. 6. Any problems or damage attributed to natural disasters.

Life & Care

Pulsecam Scandinavia AB Eun-Jung Frykman, ceo Norrdellvägen 127, 820 64 Näsviken, Sweden tel +46 650 331 39 mobil +46 73 681 40 01

MyPulseCam - Trycam - Engelska original  

Carefully read these instructions before use, to ensure that you use the product correctly.

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