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DONT WORRY TAKE IT EASY DONT RUN, WAKL AND YOU WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE AND THE LIFE OF OTHER PERSONS RECOMENDATIONS AFTER EARTHQUAKE If you are in the house after the earthquake and you need help it is possible that relief and rescue workers may not be able to reach your area immediately, as a result, you can protect your own and your relative’s life with observing some recommendations.

The Operations that should not be done: -Don’t turn on electric key, and if you smell gas, don’t use match and lighter and uncovered-flame systems. -Don’t touch fallen electrical wire or the objects that are in touching with them. -Use telephone at necessary time. Prevent eating uncovered-foodstuffs near broken windows. -Don’t cook at house and use coal’s brazier outside building. -Don’t go out for surveying, keep open the street for traverse of transport services. -Don’t move injured people, otherwise their situation is dangerous.

The operations that should be done: -Make yourself ready for aftershocks. - Control injured for first-aid. - Control firing’s dangers If you smell gas close gas at main switches. - Control the electrical supplies and building’s wiring affairs and turn off electrical fuse. -Control the water’s pipes, if they were broken or water leaks, close water at main switches. -Control sewage’s pipes, if they were broken, don’t use lavatory’s water.

- Control building based on destruction, if it seems dangerous, leave there. -Don’t use elevator If it is possible. -Wear safe shoe and clothes after an intensive earthquake. - Glass’s pieces may be thrown around . -Use portable and automobile radio for receiving the latest information. -Open the closed doors, open the cabinets cautiously and be careful of falling of the objects. -Reply positively to request of police and fire station, the Red Crescent and also the rest of organs. - You should have sincere cooperation with rescue workers. -Be confident from the healthy of your family and help them in necessary time with observing safety points.

take it easy  

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