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“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.� - Charles Dickens


Laughing loudly relieves you from stress and frustration. When you are bored, making prank calls can bring you fun and keeps you laughing.

Prank calls allows you to mask your identity when making an outgoing call.


Pre-recorded prank calls adds more fun to this by making your friends assume that a real person is speaking, while you are sending them an imaginary conversation.

SOME INTERESTING FACTS Prank calls were basically started in America and now available in almost every countries.  Most prank calls are created by people living in London.  Girls make more prank calls than boys 

TOP PRANK CALLS IN HISTORY 1. President Richard M. Nixon received a prank call in the White House from John Draper popularly known as Captain Crunch. 2. In 1970s, former heavyweight boxer Louis Deutsch was tracked by a series of prank calls from John Elmo and Jim Davidson to his bar in Jersey city.

TOP PRANK CALLS IN HISTORY 3. A Canadian Disc Jockey pranked Queen Elizabeth II pretending as then Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Brassard. Even though it was extremely risky, the 15 mins conversation was polite and convincing.

TOP PRANK CALLS IN HISTORY 4. Governor Scott Walker was once tricked by a Skype call, posing as one of the Koch brothers from a online newspaper to his office. Koch is one of industry heads who have financially sponsored a number of conservative and libertarian politicians and groups as well as for Walker's governor campaign. GO HERE!


Callers should use prank call facility with high responsibilities and honesty. Make a good laugh for your friend using the prank dial service, only if both you and your friend are fun loving people.

You must know the limit of making fun and the kind of funs that are allowed. Always be sure of making a safe prank call.

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