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Listening to Selling Techniques

Virgil Maurice Woods II

Band Wagoning

-encouraging someone to buy a product, service, or idea because everyone else is buying it - hop on the wagon and come with us. Image 1 This advertisement shows us the use of famous pop stars in ads to gain our attention and help us to join this product and partake in it. This only feeds into the band wagoning sales technique.

Image 2 Looking at yet another upcoming pop star, we see the appeal to a female crowd, as well as the fan base that is already surrounding certain stars one small advertisement like this and let the band wagon begin!

Video 1

Good Ole Days

-promotes a product or service that claims to bring the consumer back to the simpler times of the past. Image 3 We see this advertisement displays a good time feeling where when we were young this is how we would feel and how we would see our delicious Velveeta.

This is a more straight-forward example of Good ole Days advertising but just taking a refreshing sip of water can even trigger the kid in you! Image 4 Video 2

Plain Folks

-appeals to the hard-working, grass roots, no-nonsense person. Image 5 This displays the use of a coffee as a common feature in any household, enjoy a good coffee as a normal American.

The simplicity of this advertisement shows the working man unknocnw to us since his face is covered, it could be anyone. This shows that the jeans are for the typical plain folks. Image 6 Video 3


-persuasive technique relies on credible sources to endorse a product or service. Image 7

This advertisement displays a higher up worker from the company, stating some statistics from the companies history. This shows the credibility of the company as a whole.

Kikkoman has taken it to the kitchen with this display of serious cutlery from this chef. The chef shows her support for Kikkoman thus embracing the testimonial aspect of this technique. Image 8 Video 4


-appeals to our feelings - love, hate, freedom, fun, and like all appeals they can be worthwhile. Image 9

These advertisements both show us displays of the emotions taking place in each of these persons lives. The appeal to their paina nd showing compassion and sympathy toward what these services are for is essential in these forms of advertisements.

Image 10 Video 5


-attempts to increase the desirability of a product or service by associating it with a well-known and well-accepted symbol/phrase. Image 11 This Coke ad shows an appeal to people trying to feel connections and share something with others. Coke allows this through purchasing the product. And how they say it, “Sharing a Coke!”, Catchy phrase.

Image 12 We see Nike takes this phrase in a new day and age through pure motivation, “I am the bullet in the chamber.”

Video 6

New and Improved

-tells the potential buyer that the product or service being sold is state of the art. Image 13 These advertisements show us the use of something being improved or advanced to something better. The new FAjita Chicken Wraps or the new Americans #1 Burger.

Image 14 Video 7

Card Stacking

-presents half-truths or does not provide pertinent information. Image 15

In these forms of advertisement we see a large focus on what other people have to say about the products they trust in and use. Displaying Sensodyne as a leading brand and Lucky Strikes from back when cigarette ads were legal as something healthy that physicians recommended. Image 16 Video 8

That’s Incredible

-focuses on the language of selling. Catchy phrases and powerful adjectives and modifiers infer that the products or services are something more than they actually are. Image 18

Image 17

This Carhoots advertisment and Samsung advertisment show us how companies will pit against one another to satisfy taking in more of the market and product sales along with it. These ads display cunning jokes in the adworld but pure genius from the companies.

Video 9

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Videos 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

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This flip book focuses on the use of Selling Techniques from today's advertisers to take advantage of purchasing influence.

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