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How Sage X3 Helps Run Your Business Sage X3 is an inexpensive and adaptable ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. Aimed at medium sized businesses, Sage ERP X3 systems are available for a wide range of industry types. The software automates and simplifies business processes and workflows across all main business functions. As an Authorized Sage partner, Software Link can install Sage X3 and provide hosting for the solution if required. After implementation, Software Link can assist your business with this affordable business management solution via our consultation services. We also ensure that your new solution beds in smoothly with our certified Sage ERP X3 support. Whether your business is operating in a national or global market, Sage X3 offers a wide range of features and benefits to simplify and streamline your operation. Sage X3 Is an All-in-One solution Sage X3 implementation is fast and simple. From the outset this solution is fully adaptable for businesses in the FMCG, pharmaceutical, life sciences and hard goods markets, as well as many other business types. The system is based on a singular environment. This means that just one implementation project can swiftly and inexpensively deliver a fully cross-functional solution for business management. All functional modules are included in the system’s initial installation. It’s possible to implement Sage X3 with all modules activated, or as a partial implementation. Modules which you don’t require can simply be left inactive, but are easily switched on as needed. Aside from the functional modules, Sage ERP X3 includes KPI reporting dashboards and embedded BI as standard features. Web-native software makes implementation possible without costly IT infrastructure investment. Installation can be completed quickly, with a minimum of business disruption. The webbased environment also allows users to access Sage X3 from mobile devices and smartphones, enabling truly mobile business capability. Singular Solution, Multiple Benefits Once installed, the array of powerful capabilities built into this Sage ERP system provides a fast return on investment. The workflow engine provides automated control of procedures across purchasing, manufacture, distribution and finance. Workflow also enables management by exception, with eventbased triggers and notifications. Full process traceability, both forwards and backwards, is provided, with all transactions recorded. Additionally, Sage X3 supports RF and barcode scanning to track materials and finished goods as they pass through your supply chain. Collaboration, within and outside the walls of your business, is made simple as a result of the intuitive user interface and ease of connectivity. You can connect customers and suppliers to your ERP system, via a secure internet connection. When coupled with mobile accessibility, collaboration between employees, customers and partners is fast and convenient. This facilitates stronger relationships with suppliers and partners, as well as increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Finally, Sage X3 can be scaled up rapidly and inexpensively, whether expanding into new sites, new countries, or just adding extra users. The web-native architecture, multiple language support and userfriendly graphical interface mean your ERP can expand with minimal infrastructure, training and IT resource requirements. Bio: Software Link Software Link is an industry-leading business application and consulting organization specializing in the implementation and hosting of Sage ERP systems. As an authorized Sage partner, Software Link has a team of highly skilled, Sage-certified consultants to serve businesses in a range of industries. For more information, visit our website at

How Sage X3 Helps Run Your Business | For mid-sized businesses needing an ERP solution to streamline and manage processes, Sage X3 i...

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