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Perfect Chemistry I’m a hawk Watching Sydney’s Every move What a feeling To have the Sexiest woman In the office Coming to work Dressed just For me Today Sydney walks Away from Her desk Wearing one My favorite Pair of 4 inch Black stiletto pumps A sleeveless Ruffled black blouse That hugs her chest Perfect cleavage

To get my Hormones boiling A short grey Tight skirt That stops Right above Her knees No stockings With her legs Oily and Perfectly shaped In her pumps Just how I like it My own Naughty secretary I watch Sydney Walking away As her Calf muscles Shape with Every step The sight alone

Of Sydney’s Round booty Sends a rush of Hormones through My body Sydney walks By my desk Grabbing my meat As she pretends To be there Kneeling down Discussing her Client’s paperwork Looking up at Me smiling I feel her Hand unzipping My pants Stroking my Hard tool Only to find That I have No underwear on

“Marcus you so nasty” Just as a preview Of the night We have planned Sydney takes One look around Then she swallows My meat Right at my desk!

Perfect Chemistry  

Are you sleeping with your Office Fantasy? In second episode of Office Fantasies the temperatures rising in the office between Marcus and Sy...

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