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Newsletter (special edition) Nâ °2 Laotian girls were released from karaoke bar in Sattahip

Alliance Anti traffic (AAT) along with Department of Special Investigation (DSI) and Chonburi Immigration police released 17 Laotian women from Orm karaoke in Sattahip, Chonburi province in the night of Friday, 16 September 2011. Embassy of Lao PDR in Bangkok initially requested AAT to rescue their citizens in Karaoke bar in Chonburi province by several phone calls of a 21-year-old Laotian woman locked up in that same venue. From the advice of AAT, The Embassy contact DSI for further rescue. After various investigations, DSI collaborated with Chonburi Immigration police and the Anti-Human Trafficking Network of Thailand (ATN) to operate the rescue in the night of 16 September 2011. There were found 17 Laotian women and girls. Among them 4 were

identified as victims of sexual trafficking with 3 minors and 1 adult. All the victims are now under the protection of Social Development and Human Security Ministry. The Thai police arrested the owner of Orm Karaoke bar and her husband. The accused were charged on several acts including Anti Human Trafficking Act and Anti Prostitution Act. Other 13 women were alleged on Immigration Act and Anti Prostitution Act. They will be deported home.

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AAT Newsletter No 2  

Laotian girls were released from karaoke bar in Sattahip