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AAT Flash News Nâ °7 Laotian girls rescued in the most trouble Southern part of Thailand

On 14th December 2011, Alliance Anti Trafic (AAT), Department of Special Investigation (DSI) and Southern Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC) raided Baan Inter Karaoke and rescued 41 Laotian women in Narathiwas province, critical Southern part of Thailand. A mother of one of the victims requested AAT to help her daughter who was lured into commercial sexual trafficking in Sungai Kolok, border area between Thailand and Malaysia. As the venue is located in most-trouble Southern spot in Thailand, AAT and DSI decided to collaborate with ISOC for requesting their force in this operation. At 9 am of 14th December 2011, all the force units

raided into 2 houses of the Baan Inter Karaoke and managed to rescue 41 Laotian women and girls. After the operation, the multidisciplinary team consisted of authorities from Bureau of Anti Human Trafficking in Women and Children, Sugnai Kolok local police officers and AAT found 20 victims of sexual trafficking though victim identification process. In addition, 7 of them are underage. They are all now under the protection of Ministry of Social Development and Human Security. Mr. Satit Sarawan, the owner of the brothel, is charged by anti-human trafficking act. On the operation date, the team found strange stamps of Malaysian Immigration both arrival and departure on the same day of 15th and 16th December 2011 which was the latter day after the rescue and there was no Thai Immigration stamp. Moreover, the date of birth in the passport of the victims is not relevant to the one in census registration. That means that the age in the passport is older than the one in the census even though the passport is legally issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lao PDR. Hence, DSI accepts this case as their Special Case. There will be further investigation and collaboration between the 3 countries.

Condition of the women in the brothel

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AAT Flash News No .7  
AAT Flash News No .7  

AAT Flash News No .7