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AAT Flash News Nâ °5 AAT and its network visited Laotian migrant flood victims

On 20th November 2011, Alliance Anti Trafic (AAT) and Friends Of Women foundation (FOW) visited and gave emergency survival bags to Laotian flood victims in Pathumthani province, a severe flooded spot near Bangkok, Thailand. Samkok sub-district in Pathumthani province has several factories. Surely, migrant workers also work and live in the area. They are the most vulnerable due to the limited access to the assistance from the government and the public, especially Laotian migrant workers. AAT and FOW, one of the Anti Human trafficking Network members, then decided to visit those flood victims by the request of Laotian migrants through Labour Working Group network. After a long journey from AAT office in centre town to Pathumthani province, we had to travel by Thai army truck into the Wanacha welfare building where the migrant workers stay because our rental car cannot bear the high water level.

We travelled with the army truck into the building

We discussed with Burmese workers

Burmese interpreter talked to a Burmese worker

There, 25 out of 68 Laotian workers including 10 women and 15 men were waiting for us. The others were away for work. All of them are from different sub-district in Champasak province, Lao PDR. The length of work is from 3 months to 1.6 years. They came here legally to work in wood processing factory with 2-year contract. None of them have returned home, but they manage to send the income to their family. With the flooding situation, their living condition is relatively difficult. Money to buy daily supplies are scarce as they do not have income during the factories are temporarily closed. Moreover, lack of organizations providing assistance to these workers makes their lives even harsh. Thanks to donation from public and Thai Labour Solidarity Committee (TLSC) and the transport from the Thai army. Lives of the migrant workers are now in good health. At present, the level of the water is gradually decreased. Thus the workers are able to go to work and earn some money. This year Thailand is facing the worst flooding situation in 50 years in Thailand. The impact is in North, Northeast and especially in central region. At least one million people affected by the event.

AAT Flash News No. 5  

AAT and its network visited Laotian migrant flood victims

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