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Amazing Sex Positions by Are you tired of the same old boring sex positions? Don’t get me wrong, missionary position is fun, but after a while it can get routine. If your girl falls into the ‘I don’t want to hurt his feelings and tell him’ category, then she probably isn’t going to tell you that she’s bored and wants to try something new. You may be in danger of her not being satisfied and worse, she may turn to someone who CAN.

Some girls are MUCH more vocal about what turns them on. Healthy discussions on these subjects can definitely thrust your relationship into a healthy place, but that takes time. For now, take the lead on heating things up in the bedroom. Suggest to her that you try a new position and see how she reacts. If she’s more than willing- you know it’s been on her mind. But what next? Below I’ve outlined 2 NEW positions that you may have never tried before. I wanted to give you a little teaser for what is to come with my new Attraction Accelerator program. In ONE week, I will launch this guide and you will be able to learn for yourself more AMAZING sex tips- Including one that I’m POSITIVE you’ve never heard of before. So let’s get started. These 2 tips come from 2 Girls Teach Sex, one of the best guides out there…

The Coachman The Coachman sex position is a challenging angle, but it’s not as hard as it looks. (Although it will make you plenty hard when you try it.) Your lady lies her stomach down on the bed and pushes herself towards the edge of the bed where she can meet you. She stretches out one leg straight on the edge of the bed and keeps her other leg on the floor. Bending your knees slightly you enter her while she holds on tightly, clutching the sheets in ecstasy. Don’t forget to give her a light smack on the butt for a little fun.

The Empress The Empress Sex position is similar to The Lazy Cradle, except that this time, you sit back and take it easy. Lie on your back while she kneels and lowers herself onto your lap. She sits on your lap, while leaning back and supporting herself on her hands. She moves her legs forward and bends her knees, keeping her feet flat on the bed. She rides you using her hands and feet, all the while you touch and grope her legs. You could look up and enjoy the sensation or hold your head upright to get a great shot of her naughty places. BONUS: For the best G-spot orgasm, have her lean back, supporting her weight on her hands. So there you go. Don’t be afraid to talk with her about trying them tonight. Chances are, you both want it. Plus, it will give you a little bounce in your step. Try them both this week. The Coachman might make her so hot that you may be able to try them both in one night! As always, I wish you a happy sex life. Don’t forget to comment below and let me know how it went!

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