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The guardian for luxury brands

Intelligent brand technology by Myndar promises luxury brands greater profitability, higher security and profound business insights. Our unique approach to retail infrastructure drives growth with a fusion of technology, data, people, products and places.

The omniscient chairman

Myndar gives executives secure access to an easy-to-understand mobile dashboard displaying current business performance to: • • • • • • • •

Identify hotspots that need attention on activity maps Track showroom behaviour and conversions in near real-time Conduct ongoing qualitative and quantitative research View predictive data visualisations and model business outcomes Receive insights into future trends Correlate market data from multiple points and sources Provide insights on future trends View detailed reports and what-if projections

With Myndar, all of this and more is at your fingertips.

Complete Myndar collects and correlates information from numerous data points

Omniscient Heavily encrypted, the data informs and optimises logistics, security and marketing operations

MyndSCAPE The cloud-based holistic platform

MyndSCAPE is a secure cloud-based network that enables ongoing real-time data tracking and analysis. It seamlessly connects each IoT component to real world products, places, people and events. Viewed holistically, MyndSCAPE is simply the world’s most advanced and effective system for brand intelligence and secure logistics. It is designed to deepen understanding and raise efficiency across every facet of business.

Predictive Algorithms and artificial intelligence applied to analyse customer behaviour and drive sales

Enlightening Myndar’s qualitative and quantitative insights grow deeper and more valuable over time

MyndQUEST How big data becomes business intelligence Today a retailer can obtain comprehensive customer data from a variety of in-house and external sources. Properly interpreted, such customer data provides insightful predictions to highlight which customers are likely to make a purchase, the amount of spending, desirable products, timing of purchases, and much more. MyndQUEST applies algorithms and artificial intelligence to interpret and analyse customer, product and market data. MyndQUEST analysis drives real action to: • Identify and greet VIP customers upon arrival in the showroom • Identify and showcase stock that attracts the most interest • Understand with high probability customer motivation – are they indulging themselves, buying gifts, a collector? • Optimise product displays and showroom layout • Optimise stock levels and pricing • Close and fulfil sales faster • Deliver more efficient after sales service • Identify and reward high sales performers, and highlight those who need training

mCloud Protected by militarygrade encryption, data assets are synchronised across the business in a virtual database

Optimising visibility, security and velocity


mFort Automated secure storage facility requires minimum human interaction for maximum security and costeffectiveness


PEOPLE Demand chain Customer data and market intelligence analysis matches the right product with the right place at the right time

mTag Each individual product carries a unique RFID tag that can be located and identified at a distance


Smart showroom Environment is designed to maximise sales based on analysis of customer behaviour data

mTray The new revolution VIP customers are identified upon entry and all customer movements and interests are tracked through the mTray.


store room

Smart showroom Management Executives have permission-based, near real-time, transparent view into every aspect of the business, including team performance

VIP sensor Discreet sensors detect the presence of incentivised customers who deserve VIP treatment




Sales team Sales staff can instantly identify and greet VIP customers personally by name, anticipate their needs and respond to questions

Stock Every product item is tagged and tracked, allowing stocktaking to be performed quickly by simply waving a wand



Customers VIP customers are identified upon entry and all customer movements and interests are tracked throughout the showroom

Transactions Smart hardware embedded with integrated payment gateways enables hassle-free sales closing, payment, certification and after sales identification

VIP smartphone


Trays and shelving Smart displays carry security features that track the movements of products and people that come into contact with them mTray mShelf


show room



This device can detect the presence of nearby VIPs. Sales staff are alerted and informed about the VIP and their preferences via the mPad or mTray facilitating the provision of first-class customer service.

Paperless mobile transactions can be carried out anywhere within the store. Multiple tags can be read at the same time facilitating a smoother and quicker sales transaction and check out experience. Sales turnover rate is also increased as a result.

Personalised greetings for your VIP customers

Enhancing the checkout experience



Intelligently monitors your stock

A unique, trackable ID tag for every stock item

Connecting the mScan to antennas, the mShelf turns an ordinary shelf into an intelligent shelf that can provide real-time tracking of goods and even produce alerts for auto replenishment. This enhances visibility in the retail environment and identifies slow moving items.

mTag is custom-designed for different operational needs. Its patented inlay design works perfectly with other Myndar products. Discreet and attractive to the eye, mTag is easily attached to items to optimise automatic asset tracking and logistics. mTag forms an important link between manufacturing, logistics and retail.


Issues authoritative intelligent certificates almost instantly


A gatekeeper to the store Traffic counting innovations allows showroom traffic to be accurately counted in real time. The data feeds easy-to-understand reports that instantly reveal operational efficiency and marketing effectiveness to management.

Authentications and after-sales service become much easier with NFC and RFIDembedded certificates. Detailed information of the certificate is stored in the cloud, which is retrievable from any mobile device via NFC connection.

Specifications and product appearance are subject to change without prior notice.

Intelligence that builds brands




The jewellery tray that watches your stock

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Myndar corporate brochure  

Myndar Corporate Brochure

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