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Being a stay-at-home Mom can be very

Reading yourself also gives you the

skill of writing in giving Dawah.



opportunity to set a good example for your

Make an Islamic blog and write about your

women, especially those with a first child.




children. You can have them read a book at

life as a Muslim, new things that you have

Motherhood brings along not only a new

the same time as you are reading. This also

learned, about Hijab and how do you feel

baby, but having to adjust to a completely

gives you a chance to bond and interact with

wearing it etc. You might change many

new lifestyle and to give up on many things.

them. Discuss things that you read and also

misconceptions about Islam through your

Now you find that the free time for things

encourage them to read about Companions


"...find a hobby which will occupy her time in a beneficial way and give her the chance to cultivate her skills."

Hobbies for stay @home moms by Anastasia Izgagina

you used to enjoy, and have time for to do

of the Prophet, peace be upon him, about

exclusively for yourself seems to just vanish

their lives and their character.

4. Make Jewelry.

angry and frustrated at their disappearing

Also, why not start a book club with other

If you are skillful and have a lot of patience,

life. But the truth is – being a stay-at-home

women? Invite other sisters to your home

this can be a great hobby for you. In order to

Mom does not mean you have to give up on

and discuss a book, read about the lives of

start, you can visit the local craft store where


the Women companions of the Prophet,

you can find a huge variety of materials to

before you know it. Many mothers are left

peace be upon him, and learn from them.

make jewelry with. You can make jewelry for


A book group is a great way to get to know

yourself, for your friends and families or even

finding hobbies that were for myself even

other sisters. At the same time, having the

to sell at local craft fairs.

throughout a hectic schedule around my son

goal of reading one book per month forces

uplifted my spirits, gave me an opportunity

you to take time for yourself.

5. Learn to Sew.





to bring joy and smile to others, and even helped to inspire other stay-at-home Moms. I

2. Workout.

Learning sewing can give you endless possibilities of things you can create. You

encourage every sister to take some time out

Stay in shape and take care of your body.

can start off by making simple things, like

and find a hobby which will occupy her time

Most women find that they don’t have the

a baby quilt and then move on to tackling

in a beneficial way and give her the chance

same body as they did before they had

larger projects. Now with online resources,

to cultivate her skills. If you’re not sure where

children. This is natural but often brings


to get started, here are some hobbies that

frustration to many women. Working out

different patterns and projects can be found

have been helpful for many stay-at-home

gives you that chance to feel stronger,

everywhere. Try them out! If you get really


gives you a more positive self-image, and

good at this, you may even be able to sell

1. Read.

provides that much needed boost of energy

some of your work for a profit.

(especially when you have children!).

Read whatever interests you and make time

3. Write.

6. Learn how to cook and eat healthy.

for yourself. It can be very beneficial for





you to read Islamic books about improving

If you like to write, you can make a blog

your marriage and how to raise children the

and share your thoughts and ideas with

Remember, a healthy Muslim makes a strong

Islamic way. Spend part of your day learning

the world. Depending on your interests and

Muslim. Learn some new recipes, and take

your Deen, it will always bring you benefit

what you wish to write about, whether it is

some time out to read about nutrition and

and teach you how to live your life in best

public or private is completely up to you.

healthy eating. Use this newly acquired


Writing can relieve stress in your life and give

knowledge to make your meals tastier and

you a creative outlet. You can also use the

healthy for your whole family.

This opens doors for communication and

responsible for the wellbeing of your

brings the realization of many things that

children and whole family. That’s why it is

we have in common and need as human

very important to take time to think about

beings in order to live together in harmony

a healthy diet and how to maintain healthy

and peace. It also provides a platform to get

life style. Eating the right foods will also give

to know people and gives an opportunity for

you more energy which you definitely need

da’wah to the greater community.

in day to day routine in order to keep your

Another wonderful idea that worked for

9. Get involved in the community and charity organizations.

many Moms is opening a resale store. There’s

Getting involved with the community

no stocking and inventory needed for this,

and charity organizations gives you that

just clean up your children’s closets and see

opportunity to benefit others and take an

the items that are still in good condition and

active role in the Ummah. Whether it is by

can be re-sold. With the rates that children

helping distribute donations, speaking to

grow out of clothing, you’ll find many parents

or contacting families in need, cooking for a

who look for ways to dress their children in

homeless shelter, or any other charity event.

brand names, or nice clothing without the

Even volunteering once a week to visit older

tied expenses from buying new clothes.

people, who may need your help, assistance

The resale business makes it affordable for

or even just company, is a great thing to

parents to dress up their precious sprouts

do! Remember, any act of charity is greatly

without going broke. Take advantage of this

rewarded in Islam, even if it is just saying a

and also use it as an opportunity to clean out

good word or smiling at someone.

household and yourself happy.

7. A Resale Business.

the closets. You can even take advantage of new online resources, such as websites, to

In the end, there are so many different

expand your business.

hobbies to choose from. Take some time out

8. Open the doors of your home and invite others to learn about Islam.

yourself to think about how you would like

This was an inspiration given to me by a sister

home. Try to go out and meet other Moms,

who does just this. She occasionally invites

other people with similar interests, or simply

other people from different backgroun

find some time for yourself to take a walk

ds to learn about Islam. Both Muslims and

and get a bit of fresh air. Do not give up on

Non Muslims alike come together to meet

yourself just because you are now a mother.

and share their life experiences, thoughts

Find hobbies that you enjoy and it will bring

and ideas.

positive results to your well-being. This will

to spend your free time. As a mother myself, I do recommend for every sister to find a hobby that can benefit others and they enjoy. Remember, being a stay-at-home Mom does not mean that you are tied only to the

translate not only to helping yourself, but your family and all those around you.


Being a Mom is not an easy job. You are

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