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How Will We Pray?

Volume 15, Issue 2

Our Mission Our mission is: We make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision Morningstar UMC seeks to share the light and love of Jesus Christ to all we encounter. Morningstar will be a community where each person is offered opportunities and challenged to grow in his/her relationship with God throughout his/her life. As we grow in our love of God, we will increase our growth of healthy relationships by encouraging people of all ages through accountability, study, prayer, fellowship, and service. The more our congregation grows in these primary relationships (with God and our neighbors), we will see ourselves reaching out into the local community, region and world through acts of service – sharing the light of Jesus Christ in hands-on, meaningful ways, and inviting others to experience God’s love for themselves.

Our Values     

Casual for Christ - Feel free to come as you are! Connect for Real - Make authentic relationships with those around you. Contribute Ourselves - God has given us gifts to use to for His Kingdom. Care for All - All are welcome to join us in worship and the journey of faith Christ Centered - Jesus is the light of the world, the center of all that we do!

Church Council has their annual retreat Sunday, February 2nd. Will you pray for them as they prepare to lead Morningstar UMC?

Pray for our Leaders Morningstar UMC has a number of incredible leaders that you have elected. Are you praying for God to guide them as they lead our ministries and build our church? 2

From the Pastor’s Desk

You’ll begin to notice a trend in this year’s newsletter articles related to mutual accountability. In January, I invited us to reflect upon our vision statement (on page 2 of the newsletter) and to take a step forward in discipleship this year as a means of being accountable to one another in growing in our faith. This month, I am inviting you to think about one of the vows we take as members of Morningstar United Methodist Church. Whether you are brand-new to our congregation, or have been a member of it (or another congregation) for 20+ years, our first membership vow is the same. You have said that you will support this congregation with your prayers. But what does that look like? You have multiple opportunities to pray for this congregation. Do you pray for our leaders? Do you pray for our staff? What about praying for teachers and small group leaders? Do you pray for those who go to serve at Home Sweet Home on your behalf? We pray for people in worship each week. We pray for people in Bible studies and in small groups. Are you a part of our e-mail prayer chain? If not, contact Alyssa to sign up and you’ll receive prayer requests as we receive them. But let’s go beyond people. How are you praying for the ministries of this church? Do you pray for events that are upcoming, like the women’s retreat? Will you pray for our youth ministry as upcoming events (like the trampoline trip, the youth retreat, and the summer mission trip) occur? Will you go beyond praying for safety and to pray for God’s transforming power to be at work in their lives? And what about beyond the church? Are you praying for Bloomington-Normal and surrounding communities? Are you praying for those who do not have a church to call home? Are you praying for ministries that meet needs we can’t (like addiction ministries, grief ministries, hunger and homelessness) and for other churches as they carry out their mission? Do you pray for those who are impacted by the shoeboxes sent through Operation Christmas Child? How about Imagine No Malaria? Prayer changes things. Prayer transforms lives. Prayer does not leave us as we are, but draws us closer to God, one another, and the world God loves. Make a commitment this month to pray deeply for one another, this church, the community, and the world. Start by reading the pages of this newsletter, and pray for the ministry opportunities it holds. I will see you in worship! Grace and peace,


“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.� - Philippians 4:6

When we talk, God listens. There are an abundance of ministries at Morningstar UMC that we are lifting up in prayer every day. As you read through the upcoming ministry opportunities here, please join us in praying for them.

The Women of Morningstar are holding their annual retreat on Saturday March 1st. Are you praying for this awesome outreach ministry for women?

us in


Our confirmation classes are in full swing, with our three mentors and three confirmands learning and growing together. Will you pray as they continue this journey of faith together?

The music ministries at Morningstar UMC bring joy to all those who hear their songs. Will you pray for their continued development as musicians sharing their gifts? 4


The youth spaghetti supper is coming up on Saturday, February 8th! Have you considered supporting this ministry not only by attending by also by praying for all involved with this dinner?


The youth fellowship trip to Sky High will be held President’s Day weekend at Sky High. Will you pray for the safety of all who are traveling to and from Naperville?

The youth retreat will be held April 11th-12th as our youth venture out to learn more about their spiritual gifts. Will you join us in praying that they learn how to use their gifts to glorify God?




The youth mission trip to Westmoreland, Tennessee will be held July 28-August 2. Will you pray that we will make disciples of all nations and grow closer to God? 5

February 2014 Sunday






*EverySunday 9:00 Christian Formation 10:15 Worship 11:30 Band Rehearsal





11:30 Fellowship 7:30 Men’s Lunch Group 12:30 N.O.W. 2:00 Church Council Retreat

1:00 Sit-N-Knit Family Night 6:00 Disciple 5:30 Meal Bible Study 6:30 Worship 6:30 Ladies’ 7:00 Classes Bible Study

6:00 Chancel Choir 7:00 Handbell Choir

10:00 Ladies’ Bible Study









4:00 Home 7:30 Men’s Sweet Group Home Meal (Team #2)

1:00 Sit-N-Knit Family Night 6:00 Disciple 5:30 Meal Bible Study 6:30 Worship 6:30 Ladies’ 7:00 Classes Bible Study

6:00 Chancel Choir 7:00 Handbell Choir

10:00 Ladies’ Bible Study






7:30 Men’s Group

1:00 Sit-N-Knit Family Night 6:00 Disciple 5:30 Meal Bible Study 6:30 Worship 6:30 Ladies’ 7:00 Classes Bible Study . Mar. Newsletter Articles Due!

6:00 Chancel Choir 7:00 Handbell Choir

10:00 Ladies’ Bible Study





7:30 Men’s Group

1:00 Sit-N-Knit Family Night 6:00 Disciple 5:30 Meal Bible Study 6:30 Worship 6:30 Ladies’ 7:00 Classes Bible Study

6:00 Chancel Choir 7:00 Handbell Choir

10:00 Ladies’ Bible Study








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