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Volume 14, Issue 10

Our Vision Morningstar UMC seeks to share the light and love of Jesus Christ to all we encounter. Morningstar will be a community where each person is offered opportunities and challenged to grow in his/her relationship with God throughout his/her life. As we grow in our love of God, we will increase our growth of healthy relationships by encouraging people of all ages through accountability, study, prayer, fellowship, and service. The more our congregation grows in these primary relationships (with God and our neighbors), we will see ourselves reaching out into the local community, region and world through acts of service – sharing the light of Jesus Christ in hands-on, meaningful ways, and inviting others to experience God’s love for themselves.

Our Values

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Casual for Christ - Feel free to come as you are! Connect for Real - Make authentic relationships with those around you. Contribute Ourselves - God has given us gifts to use to for His Kingdom. Care for All - All are welcome to join us in worship and the journey of faith Christ Centered - Jesus is the light of the world, the center of all that we do!

AN ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT ANNOUNCEMENTS If you have any announcements, please pass them on to the church office by noon on the Thursday prior to worship. This will ensure that your announcement is made during worship and can be shared in the bulletins, PowerPoint, and in the weekly News You Can Use. We want to help you communicate effectively with the whole congregation!

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From the Pastor’s Desk

In our digital age, modes of communication are rapidly changing. It is the norm to text, tweet, use Instagram, or send an e-mail message to someone. We have virtual conversations with one another. It is becoming increasingly less common to pick up the telephone to converse with someone; it is even less likely that we have face-to-face conversations with people. While we embrace these new ways of communicating, they lack emotion. One has to put a smiley face in a text or add how they “feel” on Facebook in order to begin to understand the emotions behind the words. True intent becomes clouded in the way we communicate. All communication is, at best, murky. We do not always agree with one another nor do we always communicate our disagreements with each other in healthy, life-giving ways. However, we have a model of communication for the church that is healthy, allows us to express ourselves fully and completely, and comes from Jesus Christ. Beginning in verse 15 of the 18th chapter of Matthew, Jesus says this: “If another member of the church sins against you, go and point out the fault when the two of you are alone. If the member listens to you, you have regained that one. But if you are not listened to, take one or two others along with you, so that every word may be confirmed by the evidence of two or three witnesses…” How easy and yet how difficult it is to put these words of Jesus in place! We often feel it is easier to go and talk to someone else about an issue we have with a person rather than going directly to the person with whom we have a conflict. While it is fine to vent and reflect with another person, one ultimately needs to take their concerns directly to the source. And, when you go to the source, make sure that you are representing yourself only. If others have an issue with someone, they need to take that issue directly to the source as well. We have healthy processes in place to communicate effectively with one another in the church. My door is always open. You are more than welcome to come and talk with me at any time about what’s going on in your life and spirit, and to bring your disagreements to me. Please understand that we may still disagree after the conversation, but that does not mean I have not heard you. If, after bringing those issues to me, you feel you haven’t been heard, I encourage you to visit with a member of our Staff Parish Relations Committee and invite them to sit and talk with us. Simply following these steps will help us foster open and honest communication with one another. I encourage you to follow Jesus’ words in Matthew 18 in all of your relationships. Let’s begin to communicate in healthy ways! I will see you in worship! Grace and peace, Pastor Jay


Pumpkin Patch Updates

It’s that time of year again! While many things remain the same, we have a couple of new things this year. The pumpkins arrive at Morningstar on Friday, October 11th at 5:00pm. If you’re able to help unload, please sign up on a Sunday morning or call the office to add your name to the list.

This year we have purchased our Own tent so we will have a bit of a Different look, but we’re hopeful that we will have some shelter from the wind and have protection for our crafts and baked goods again. We are also seeking donations of bales of hay for pumpkin displays. If you know where we could acquire bales of hay For free or at a low cost, please contact Betty Haag at (309) 661-2273.

The final weekend of our Pumpkin Patch this year is going to be a BUSY one! A volunteer group from ISU will be joining the youth group to put on our annual garage sale and carnival. Donations for the garage sale can be brought to the youth room. If you have any questions regarding the garage sale or carnival, please contact Nicole Wright.

We have invited preschools to join us for a visit this year after taking a break from visits last year. We will be having story time for the preschools at 9:00am and 10:30am On October 22nd, 24th, 29th, and 31st. If you are interested in assisting with story time and crafts for preschools, please contact Pam Venter at (309) 825-1603.

We will have Morningstar Pumpkin Patch tshirts this year. There will be shirts available to wear while you’re working a shift so that our customers will be able to identify who is working. We will keep the shirts at the church to use from year to year. If you would like to buy/sponsor a shirt, they are $11 each.

We are also going to continue our bake sale and craft sale during the Patch. There will be bake sale donation sign-ups available at the church when opening day draws nearer.

If you are new to volunteering to sell pumpkins or would just like a refresher course, we will have a very brief meeting after church on October 6th to learn the basics.


Spirit-Filled Communication

How often do we think about our phones? Does your phone control your life? Between the e-mail notifications, Facebook chats, Angry Birds and Candy Crush invites – our phones have become a source of entertainment and escape. Beyond entertainment, our phones also serve as a source of information. There are news apps, web access, texting, and everything in between to stay in touch with what is going on in the world and in your life. What we often forget in this day and age is that the phone is just that, a phone. Our phones allow us to communicate in many different ways, but the primary way (smart phone or basic) is to call someone. Pick up your phone, punch in a few numbers, and you have the ability to talk directly to one person without the clutter of invites, notifications, and apps. Phones let us directly connect with others and it is that direct connection that makes our communication more fulfilling, more meaningful, and more evident of our love for one another. Too often we let the medium affect the message. We fire off an e-mail, make a phone call, or schedule an appointment so that we can get something off of our chests. That medium, while serving our need, doesn’t necessarily help others. We make who we talk to and why we talk to them greater than what the original message was designed to be for its intended recipient. We allow our method of communication to trump what we say. When we communicate, do we love God and our neighbors as much as we love ourselves? As sinners who fall short of the grace of God, we let the noise around us get in the way of the message. We allow our own thoughts and ideas to get distorted by who we choose to communicate with and how we choose to communicate rather than to be honest with ourselves about whom we need to talk with and why we need to talk. Our lives are to be focused on where God calls us. Before we communicate with others, we are called to speak to God about whatever it is that troubles us or gives us pause. It is that divine grace that grants us peace and clarity of thought and mind and allows the message to shine through. As we continue to hear beeps and buzzes from our phones, know that your communication must be Spirit-filled in order to be clearly received and magnified by grace - grace grants you peace. Peace brings your life into focus. Life is not about the medium, it is about the message – the message of God’s peace and grace. Andy Goveia, Staff Parish Relations Committee Chair 5

October 2013 Sunday


Tuesday 1



Wednesday 2






1:00 Sit-N-Knit Family Night 6:00 Disciple 5:30 Meal Bible Study 6:30 Worship 6:30 Ladies’ 7:00 Classes Bible Study

6:00 Chancel Choir 7:00 Handbell Choir

10:00 Ladies’ Bible Study 11:30 Friday Fellowship 6:00 Beck– Wright Rehearsal

4:00Beck-Wright Wedding





11:30 Fellowship 7:30 Men’s Meal Group 1:00 N.O.W./ Finance 2:00 Church Council

1:00 Sit-N-Knit Family Night 6:00 Disciple 5:30 Meal Bible Study 6:30 Worship 6:30 Ladies’ 7:00 Classes Bible Study

6:00 Chancel Choir 7:00 Handbell Choir

10:00 Ladies’ Bible Study 5:00 Pumpkin Patch Delivery





6:00 Chancel Choir 7:00 Handbell Choir

10:00 Ladies’ Bible Study


3:30 Home 7:30 Men’s Sweet Group Home Meal (Team #2)




1:00 Sit-N-Knit Family Night 6:00 Disciple 5:30 Meal Bible Study 6:30 Worship 6:30 Ladies’ 7:00 Classes Bible Study

19 Park Food Pantry Donations Collected

November Newsletter Articles Due







7:30 Men’s Group

1:00 Sit-N-Knit Family Night 6:00 Disciple 5:30 Meal Bible Study 6:30 Worship 6:30 Ladies’ 7:00 Classes Bible Study


6:00 Chancel Choir 7:00 Handbell Choir

10:00 Ladies’ Bible Study




7:30 Men’s Group

1:00 Sit-N-Knit Family Night 6:00 Disciple 5:30 Meal Bible Study 6:30 Worship 6:30 Ladies’ 7:00 Classes Bible Study



6:00 Chancel Choir 7:00 Handbell Choir


*EverySunday 9:00 Christian Formation 10:15 Worship 11:30 Band Rehearsal

Servant Schedule for October 2013 October 06

October 13

October 20

October 27

Offertory Music

Chancel Choir

Praise Band

Chancel Choir

Diana Wang


Mark Immke

Eva DeVore

Dean Westpfahl

Regan Jimison

Children’s Message

Dave Venter

Pastor Jay

Andy Goveia

Stephanie Soon


Joey Westpfahl

Jordan Kao

Ellen Wang

Lillian Wang

Media Technician

Dean Westpfahl

Joe Kao

Andy Goveia

Mark Immke


Mark Immke (H) Sue Fetters Michelle Giermann Josh Immke

Jim Snow (H) Kim Kao Morgan Kao Tricia Todd

Larry Haag (H) Mary Ann Altine Georgia Griffith Bill Sheets

Dave Wright (H) Betty Haag Regan Jimison Marisa Zamudio


Regan & Ryan Jimison

Michelle Giermann

Dave & Pam Venter Lillian Wang (helping)

Jim Snow Ellen Wang (helping)

Coffee Host

Dave & Pam Venter

June Brown Janice Elsner

Regan Jimison

Pastor Jay

Offering Counter

Ryan Jimison

Janice Elsner

Betty Bickerstaff

Eva DeVore

Newcomer Caller

June Brown

Georgia Griffith

Ruthann Sheets

Bill Sheets

Church Cleaning

Lawn Mowing (please complete by end of week listed)

June Brown Pastor Jay

Dave & Pam Venter

Mark Immke Mike & Tricia Todd

Gil & Barb Engel Larry & Betty Haag


Mike Norris

Morningstar United Methodist Church

Office Hours: Monday - Thursday, 9:00am -3:00pm Office Telephone: (309) 452-6255 Website: Worship with us on Sundays at 10:15 am

Contact Information Rev. Jay Regennitter, Pastor Pastor Stephanie Soon, Deacon & Pianist Alyssa Rathbun, Administrative Assistant Adam Drake & Hailey Crozier, Nursery Ministry Staff 8

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Newsletter for Morningstar UMC in Normal, Illinois, for October 2013