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Volume 14, Issue 2

Morningstar UMC seeks to share the light and love of Jesus Christ to all we encounter. Morningstar will be a community where each person is offered opportunities and challenged to grow in his/her relationship with God throughout his/her life. As we grow in our love of God, we will increase our growth of healthy relationships by encouraging people of all ages through accountability, study, prayer, fellowship, and service. The more our congregation grows in these primary relationships (with God and our neighbors), we will see ourselves reaching out into the local community, region and world through acts of service – sharing the light of Jesus Christ in hands-on, meaningful ways, and inviting others to experience God’s love for themselves.

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Casual for Christ - Feel free to come as you are! Connect for Real - Make authentic relationships with those around you. Contribute Ourselves - God has given us gifts to use to for His Kingdom. Care for All - All are welcome to join us in worship and the journey of faith Christ Centered - Jesus is the light of the world, the center of all that we do!

Contents 3 Pastor’s Letter 4 What Does “Do No Harm” Mean? 5 Preventing Harm in a Secular World 6-7 When Harm Hits Close to Home These are The Fancy Penguins. They shall be your guides throughout The Beacon.

8 February Calendar 9 Servant Schedule 10 Contact Information


The first of John Wesley’s general rules sounds simple: do no harm. Yet, we do harm all the time, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Most of the time, the harm caused is unintended. A dog bites a child, we take the wrong dose of medicine, we slip on a sidewalk that hasn’t been salted enough, or we talk to someone out of concern for a friend but end up engaged in gossip. We may not intend to do harm at all, but we sometimes cause harm anyway! John Wesley had a long list of things that we should not do in order to do no harm. His list included actions like working on Sunday, lending money with high interest rates, wearing expensive clothing, and gossiping. While we may not be concerned about several of those things, I believe his list points us to many places where we do harm. We harm others when we love them more than we love ourselves (what does that say about giving and stewardship?). We harm others through inclusion and exclusion. We harm with malicious words, when we expect others to help but won’t help ourselves, and when we turn blind eyes and stopped ears toward others. The list could go on for pages, but rather than having you read about what you shouldn’t do, let’s think about preventing harm. When you read these pages of the Beacon, think about how you can prevent harm. Who could you invite to the women’s retreat, ski trip, a Bible study, or other ministry opportunity who currently is not participating in a church? What tools or equipment do you have at home that could stock a disaster response trailer? When you serve as a coffee host, greeter, or usher, what can you do to make the Sunday morning worship experience powerful for all? Let’s place our attention outside of the church as well. How can you do no harm at work, at school, with friends and family? How can you prevent harm in relationships at the grocery store, the barber, and the cleaners? If we both think and act, I believe we can be successful Christians who do no harm. Live out your faith through the ministries of Morningstar UMC as you go into the world! I will see you in worship! Grace and Peace,

Pastor Jay 3

Have you ever considered what “do no harm” means? It really is a hard term to grasp and apply. If I take my foot and step on the spider walking across my floor, am I doing harm? If I choose to simply walk by the homeless person on the street without even a passing glance, am I doing harm? When John Wesley calls us to “do no harm”, he calls us to much more than those three words! As Staff Parish looks forward to the coming year, we are excited about “doing no harm” with regards to our committee work. Our role is to listen to the congregation and be intentional about helping in any way possible. We facilitate conversations, help our staff to “do good”, and assist with moving ministry forward in the coming year. As we “do no harm”, we find that our greatest tool to accomplish that is simply by helping others. Through this entire year, come talk to anyone on Staff Parish with concerns or for an open ear to listen. The committee for 2013 is as follows: Andy Goveia, Chair Tom Howe

Joan Burger

Regan Jimison Bill Sheets

All it takes to “do no harm”, is to help as many as you can, with the best attitude that you can, with all of God’s love that you can. Come and talk to any and all of the members of Staff Parish, we’ll be there to listen in love! Let’s have a great year and I’ll see you in ministry! Andy Goveia Staff Parish Relations Committee Chair

We Make a Difference When We Do No Harm

When we help those around us in need, we are intentional about doing no harm. This month, the Home Sweet Home Mission recognized Morningstar United Methodist Church and our support of the mission in their monthly newsletter. A group of volunteers from Morningstar serves Sunday dinner at Home Sweet Home once a month. The newsletter reads, “It is only with the prayerful support of area churches that Home Sweet Home Ministries is able to fulfill its mission of serving Christ by providing food, shelter, and hope to the hungry, homeless, and hurting.” 4

The Women of Morningstar began as a group of women who wanted to use their love of crafting to help with the annexation project. This has allowed us to maintain our spiritual and emotional health in the company of other Godly women. As we have trusted God’s guidance, we have used the money earned through the sales of the crafts we make to help with the church annexation, but we also felt a call to use the money in missions so that when harm befalls others, they can recall that God is making the journey with them. Whether affected by poverty, neglect, or abuse, we can build the faith of others through our actions, thousands of miles away, by reminding them that they are not forgotten– thus preventing harm. Last November, we put together 20 shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child, which were sent to Cameroon, Africa. In addition, we have had the opportunity to connect with a

women’s group in Guatamala. Many women in our group have written notes of encouragement to the women in Guatamala and some have even heard back from their newfound sisters in Christ. These women are not so different from us, tempted by gossip or starting rumors, and in communicating with others who share the same struggles, we grow stronger in the Lord. Because we have been blessed in our craft sales, we have been able to provide financial assistance to the missionary based in this group. Even though the craft table has been taken down, please feel free to contact one of the people listed below if you are interested in purchasing something for a gift throughout the year. We would be happy to show you what we have. If you are interested in learning more about what this group of women is up to, please talk to Eva DeVore, Pam Venter, Diana Wang or Michelle Giermann. 5


s God continues to work in

our hearts, this group of women has begun to take a different shape and the threads of our lives continue to weave a beautiful new tapestry. Tapestry is the theme of our 2nd annual Women’s Retreat, which will take place on Saturday, February 16, from 9:00-4:00. Our retreat is going to be a time to reflect on our life journeys, to identify dreams and to set goals. In taking time for discernment and practicing patience, we avoid and prevent harm in our lives. We will consider how our journeys take us to places we do and do not wish to travel, and how we can trust God’s leadership in our lives to keep us on the right path. We will be actively participating in three sessions/presentations, doing a craft, having lunch (and snacks!) and ending in a short time of worship & praise. We would love for every woman – young and notas-young – to join us for as much of the day as possible. Please see Eva DeVore for registration information.

Sometimes we are the ones causing harm to others. However, other times, harm is caused by outside factors. A neighbor may lose their job and no longer be able to pay for food for their family. A storm may tear through a local town causing physical destruction to anything standing in its path. In situations such as these, although the majority of harm that has been done has been caused by outside factors, we can further perpetuate the harm by expecting others to help but not taking action ourselves. By intentionally turning a blind eye to others in need, we unintentionally harm ourselves. We allow ourselves to be consumed with troublesome earthly things– hoarding our personal possessions rather than helping those in need. Morningstar United Methodist Church has several opportunities to minister to others who may have been harmed by outside factors. Whether it’s picking up an extra can of vegetables at the grocery store for a food pantry or cleaning out your garage to see what items you may have for the emergency response trailer, take time this month (and every month!) to remember those who have been harmed by themselves, by others, or by outside factors and take action.

Ministry and More Food Drive

Ministry and More is a food pantry on the west side of Bloomington that serves 275 people in need each month. Their stated goal is "to share the love of Jesus to those in need, providing the means of nourishment for the body and hope for the soul." But they can't do it alone.

Park Food Pantry Clean out your pantry or grab an extra item at the store from the list provided to donate. Items will be collected between January 26 and February 10. ur partner in ministry, Park Food PanPlease help Morningstar to help our neighbors and try, has several immediate needs. Bringshare the love of Jesus with those in need. ing in just one item makes a difference.


Toilet Paper Tissues Paper Towels Dish soap Children's Toothbrushes Toothpaste Cereal Hamburger Helper

Macaroni and Cheese Mayonnaise Crackers Cookies Peanut Butter Jelly Canned Fruit Canned Vegetables 6

Presently their immediate needs are: Canned Fruit Boxed Cereal Canned Meat Items for Park Food Pantry are collected throughout the month and donated on the third Saturday of every month.

Emergency Response Trailer

Whether on television or in real life, we have all seen the devastation facing a community after a disaster. This trailer is in need of several items to that it will be up to date on the equipment that is needed for a response to an emergency, whether locally or wherever it may be called to help those in need. Please consider donating any of the following items:                 

Dust Masks Propane Heater Wheelbarrow (36”, 2wheels preferred) Post Hole Digger Come-a-long 100 ft. water hose Wedges Tire Repair Kit Blue Tarps (any size) Duct Tape Round Nose Shovels Square Nose Shovels Rope Leaf Rakes Paper Towels 2-Cycle Oil Propane Lantern and Fuel

           

2-Way Radios Box Fans Bolt Cutter Vinyl Coated Sinker Nails (5# box) Roofing Nails (5# box) 20d Coated Nails (5# box) Button Nails Maul Gas-operated Leaf Blower Gloves (leather) 5-gal. Gas Can Extension Ladder (24 ft. trailer– ladder must fit in trailer)


I do say, good chaps, this seems a delightful endeavor!

February 2013 Sunday



Wednesday Thursday





10:00 Ladies’ Bible Study







9:00 Christian 7:00 Boy Scouts 1:00 Sit-N-Knit Formation 7:30 Men’s 6:30 Ladies’ 10:00 Prayer Group Bible Study Time 10:15 Worship 11:30 Band Rehearsal 11:30 Fellowship Meal 1:00 N.O.W. 2:00 Church Council

Family Night 6:00 Chancel 10:00 Ladies’ 5:30 Meal Choir Bible 6:30 Worship 7:00 Handbell Study 7:00 Classes Choir 7:00 Youth 9:00 Online Bible Handbells & Study Choir






9:00 Christian 7:00 Boy Scouts 1:00 Sit-N-Knit Formation 7:30 Men’s 6:30 Ladies’ 10:00 Prayer Group Bible Study Time 10:15 Worship 11:30 Band Rehearsal 3:30 Home Sweet Home Meal (Team #3)

Ash Wednesday No Rehearsals!





Family Night 5:30 Meal 6:30 Worship 7:00 Classes 7:00 Youth Handbells & Choir




10:00 Ladies’ Bible Study

9:00 Women’s Retreat



9:00 Christian (No School) 1:00 Sit-N-Knit Formation 7:00 Boy Scouts 6:30 Ladies’ 10:00 Prayer 7:30 Men’s Bible Study Time Group 10:15 Worship 11:30 Band Rehearsal 3:00 Youth Ski Trip

Family Night 6:00 Chancel 10:00 Ladies’ 5:30 Meal Choir Bible 6:30 Worship 7:00 Handbell Study 7:00 Classes Choir 11:30 Friday 7:00 Youth 9:00 Online FellowHandbells & Bible Study ship Choir





9:00 Christian 7:00 Boy Scouts 1:00 Sit-N-Knit Formation 7:30 Men’s 6:30 Ladies’ 10:00 Prayer Group Bible Study Time 10:15 Worship 11:30 Band Rehearsal


Family Night 6:00 Chancel 5:30 Meal Choir 6:30 Worship 7:00 Handbell 7:00 Classes Choir 7:00 Youth 9:00 Online Handbells & Bible Study Choir 8


10:00 Praise Band Rehearsal

The Fancy Penguins wish to inform you of the Servant Schedule for February 2013. Feb. 03

Feb. 10

Feb. 17

Feb. 24

Offertory Music

Chancel Choir

Handbell Choir

Chancel Choir

Praise Band


Michelle Giermann

Tom Howe

Regan Jimison

Rachel Immke

Children’s Message

Adam Drake

Ellen Howe

Andy Goveia

Stephanie Soon


Joey Westpfahl

Jordan Kao

Ellen Wang

Laura Westpfahl

Media Technicians

Dean Westpfahl

Joe Kao

John Weter

Mark Immke


Dave Wright (H) Mary Ann Altine Tanner Todd Sharee Wright


Dave & Pam Venter

Ruthann Sheets

Andy Goveia

Eva DeVore

Coffee Host

Teri Peterson

Eva DeVore

Regan Jimison

Lori Immke

Offering Counter

Barb Engel

Betty Bickerstaff

Ryan Jimison

Sue Fetters

Newcomer Callers

Bill Sheets

Ruthann Sheets

Georgia Griffith

Bill Sheets

Church Cleaning

Teri Peterson

Dave & Pam Venter

John Weter

Lori Immke

Mark Immke (H) Jim Snow (H) Sue Fetters Michelle Giermann Josh Immke Georgia Griffith Kim Kao Mike Schneider


John Weter (H) Andrew Immke Jeannine McNemee Bill Sheets

Morningstar United Methodist Church

Until we meet again, friends!

Office Hours: Monday - Thursday, 9:00am -3:00pm Office Telephone: (309) 452-6255 Website: Worship with us on Sundays at 10:15 am

Contact Information Rev. Jay Regennitter, Pastor Pastor Stephanie Soon, Deacon & Pianist Alyssa Rathbun, Administrative Assistant Adam Drake & Hailey Crozier, Nursery Ministry Staff 10

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MUMC's "The Beacon" for February 2013

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