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ME! Photographer of the Month December 2010 TOBIAS “TOBY” ROYBAL © MyMeApparel (ME!) ®, 2010. profile in its entirety. MyMeApparel Fashion News Blog

ME! Photographer of the Month - December 2010 TOBIAS “TOBY” ROYBAL

TOBIAS “TOBY” ROYBAL - Photographer of the Month Profile MyMeApparel Photographer of the Month – DECEMBER 2010 TOBIAS “TOBY” ROYBAL @ MyMeApparel Fashion News Blog ******************************************************************* Tobias “Toby” Roybal was born in West Covina,CA on June 13, 1969, Tobias and Liz. He was raised by his grandmother, Tonita Roybal. Toby is married to Ganna Roybal. He has one 2 year old son. Toby has worked in the telecommunications field for 20 years. He has also been a photographer for ten years. He is the owner/photographer Roybal Photography. He is educated in Business Management. Current Projects:

He is currently working on weddings and events. *******************************************************************

GETTING TO KNOW TOBY ROYBAL: Favorite Hangout: ”Home with my wife and son.” Favorite Movie:

Independence Day Favorite Meal: Steak Favorite Place to Shoot: ”Piedmont Park with Atlanta Downtown in the background.”

( Best Strength: ”I work hard to get it right.” Worst Weakness:

“Chocolate. (LOL)” Most unforgettable moment in your life: ”The birth of my Son!” Websites - where can someone find you (including blogs):

E-mail: Website: Telephone Number: 770-280-7003 Facebook:

ME! Dec 2010 Photographer Toby Roybal  

MyMeApparel December 2010 Photographer of the Month - Toby Roybal's Profile