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Life Link Publishing, LLC. A publishing company

Life Link Publishing, LLC is a publishing company that was created in order to self-publish the first poetry book titled, “Poetic Lifeline”. Life Link Publishing, LLC is a voice and vehicle for those who seek to share their thoughts and book ideas in a broad based way through traditional print media/ Life Link Publishing, LLC will serve as a collective clearinghouse for all those who wish to publish but don’t have the means to do so via the larger publishing houses.

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POETIC LIFELINE A compilation of poetry

A compilation of poetry written to inspire, encourage, and uplift the reader while empathizing with the trials, tribulations, and struggles experienced in everyday life. Find joy, love, pain, and motivation through this book of poetic expression. Poetic LifeLine by Chenelle Marshall

“Poetic Lifeline is an excellent book for all women to read. The book touches on events that affect many women and the obstacles they go through in life. The author, Ms. Chenelle Marshall captured her life stories poetically which can help young women understand life changes and older women reminisce on what they went through and overcame in life. Without reservation, I heartily recommend this book.� Joyce G. Evans, Atlanta, GA Available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes & Nobles!

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Natura Magazine March 2013 Pg. 85 natura_2013final?mode=window

LISTEN IN!!! Author Chenelle Marshall, of Poetic LifeLine, interviews with I Am Indie Radio host, Lamont Patterson, aka K Diddy. ChenelleMarshallRadioInterview I AM INDIE (Independent Entertainer's Talk Radio & News), Lamont Patterson aka K Diddy, CEO of WORLDMOVEMENT RECORDS. Brings you the best of new and Established Artists.

You really get a sense of this poet’s struggles and triumphs in her life through her work. Her love and aversion for family and situations is palpable and real life real. My favorites are A Letter to My Dad and What Should I Do? Niecey,

CHENELLE MARSHALL Founder & Author Chenelle Marshall was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. From a young age, Chenelle noticed she had the gift of writing. She would write poetry for academics and song lyrics for her rapping career. At the very young age of 14, Chenelle composed her first Rap album entitled “He’s Incredible”. In attempts to release her album, Chenelle quickly learned of the complexities of the entertainment industry and the strict scrutiny that came with legalism. Chenelle concluded her career as a Rapper, but continued to pursue her passion for writing. Providing correspondence for her employers helped expose her passion for writing. Her work inspired her to share her gift with the world. As time progressed, Chenelle furthered her professional career as General Manager at a community record store. Her professionalism within that position led her employer to open various other branches within the community, resulting in a five years business expansion. In the process, Chenelle gained skills on how to produce radio and television advertisements, as well as remarkable marketing skills. Some of the accolades she received were Uptown Records & Rush Associated Labels’ award for Outstanding Album Sales. Chenelle was also provided a platform of radio time with KUBE 93 and KRIZ 1420 AM. Chenelle received her Bachelor's degree in Journalism from Georgia State University. Chenelle went on to serve as a Mentor for children within her community and Program Coordinator for various academic endeavors. Chenelle currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia and has recently authored and self-published her own book entitled, Poetic Lifeline, which echoes the art of her passion. It was written to inspire, encourage, and uplift every reader. Poetic Lifeline will encourage everyone to believe that anything is possible if you exercise consistency.

EVENTS & BOOKING 4/17/13 12:00 noon - 4:00 pm Book Signing (in conjunction with Una Vida Boutique 5 yr Anniversary) Una Vida Boutique 6706 Broad Street Douglasville, GA 30134

4/21/13 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm Book Release Celebration & Book Signing Cascade Club 2890 Continental Colony Pkwy SW Atlanta, GA 30331

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Media Kit: Life Link Publishing 2013  

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