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Benedikte Kluver Benedikte Kl端ver from Copenhagen is a young artist who adores the world of fashion. This interest is clearly seen in her drawings which she paints on her iPad. From her life in Copenhagen, and from her work as a model, she catches her inspiration for the next piece. Currently she is at high school, but her plans for the future as fashion illustrator are already about to get real. www.benediktekluver.dk

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A Smood Love Story If you think, this is just a story of how you get a good meal, let me give you some keywords to turn on your appetite: A man in love, a Danish airport, magical bread, potent cakes, super nutrition, huge amounts of raw juice power combined with new music and great ambiance… And a vision of making healthy eating the easiest, smartest and most beneficial way to get going all over America. Dig in! Text Katrine Sekjær | Photographer Lizette Mikkelsen | Photographer assistent Marie Louise Munkegaard


s in all good stories, it begins with a man, who falls madly in love with a beautiful woman. A man who will do anything for the Goddess, who visits his home country for the first time. And lets be honest here; this man is not Mr Anybody: He is an experienced and pretty cool guy, a successful businessman, who has had his share of victory. However the biggest challenge now stands before him: Will she, his Italian wife, love his country, the same way she loves him?  The air stairs fold down, touch the soil of the old Prince Hamlets Denmark… Meanwhile he holds his breath, well aware of the fact, that first impressions last. But then the worst case scenario occurs: A HUNGRY WOMAN.  As she steps down from the aeroplane, her stomach tells

her, that she needs something to eat: Something fast, something healthy and something delicious. Pretty achievable demands, most women would agree. Not the kind of fairytale-quests, where a man has to invent a whole new magical diet to satisfy his princess. No - this is just a simple question; “Can I get a proper meal to go, before we leave the airport?”  If you are a female reader with a tendency to low blood sugar, you probably know the feeling: ‘I have got to get something to eat, now, as in five minutes ago’. And that something has to be something else than white flour or candy’. So he starts running around in the airport. It turns out, that the most healthy eatable prey he can hunt down is …an apple. An apple wrapped in plastic, pesticides and with the final touch; a little sticker on the glistening surface. Definitely not Eve’s choice of apple – even though this fruit should be forbidden: It is not

an apple but a chemical cocktail. She turns down his offer with grace and dignity. He is just about to give up: Could it really be that difficult to find fast, healthy and functional food? Then his eye catches the sight of a juice bar. A compromise. Better than an apple.  The loving couple sits down: “So this is healthy, right?”, he asks. Honesty is important in a relationship – everybody knows that. So she gives him an honest, but polite and, as it turns out, very informative answer: “Well… the juice might have some vitamins left. But most of the nutrients are probably completely smashed in the blending process…”  Now his curiosity is being activated; He asks, and she answers. This is her field. Healthy living and good food is her courtyard. They start talking about how this juice bar should be – and could be – optimized; how the juice products could be both

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THE PRODUCT “Dr. Smood is a super healthy boutique and cafe concept, where we both serve and deliver wholesome food that tastes delicious - and tastes of ‘more’! We express it this way; suddenly it’s just been highly addictive to eat healthy food. It just tastes damn good! Our food is made according to the idea of ‘super foods’ and our bottle juices are 100% organic and cold pressed. We serve super tasty and healthy cakes made of fibres from our cold pressed juices, and ‘white coffee’ with super health benefits. The coffee is only toasted and not roasted the way black coffee is. All our products are free of artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, preservatives, chemicals, pesticides, GMO’s, GE’s etc. Bengt Valentino, professor in the Body Self Development System, develops our sandwich bread. The bread is made from an Old Stone Age recipe, and it stimulates the blood sugar level. Our organic dressings boost the energy on top of both our salads and sandwiches.”

beneficial for body, health, mood and mind and how the surroundings could invite people in – embrace them and welcome them, just the way you want to be welcomed, when you enter a new country. They both agree, that it is strange, that no one has made a concept like that; a healthy juice bar and café – a place that should be one hundred procent organic, contain information about both nutrients but also – and more important – how the specific foods and juices influences your health and your mood. All of a sudden she asks him: “Why don’t we make a juice bar and café like that?” Some of the questions women ask, can really be difficult to find a good answer to. This is one of them. Another good question: If she needed a really healthy, smart and easy alternative to fast food, why shouldn’t other women have the same kind of wishes? Not just when they find themselves in an airport, but also on an everyday basis: Good food, that builds up your body and mind, should be available to everybody. As simple as that; a new idea is born. A smood one.

Meet Dr. Smood I meet him in a café: A polite, friendly and good-looking man. He is well dressed and has a kind of Robert Redford aura around him, a look that is pretty far from the organic, holistic-vibe, you could imagine a super health pioneer, would have. But as soon as he gets to talk about nutrition, food and how it correlates to body and mind, there is no doubt about it; this is Dr. Smood.  The name is René Sindlev. A self made man, who has had great success with his former businesses, Pandora Jewellery among others. However the café-market is a new field to him. Asked why he wanted to build a super healthy food-and-beverage-chain, René Sindlev answers: “It’s a combination of two things: First of all; I am a developer. I get a kick out of creating something the world hasn’t seen before. That is what I do, and that is what I am really good at. The second reason is, that this is good for other people. It benefits everyone – and that to me is meaningful,” René Sindlev pauses before he adds a comment: “Also it makes a lot of sense to me. It is meaningful to me personally – I love to have a healthy lifestyle.” And you know what they say about love – the more you share it, the bigger it gets. Healthy living should be achievable for everybody, unfortunately it isn’t: “I recently went to a spa-hotel with my wife, Patrizia. We wanted to buy some food – just plain, healthy food. And really it wasn’t possible. I mean, we were actually at a place, where someone should think, that healthy ingredients and whole food, would be within our reach, but it wasn’t,” Sindlev says with a wondering melody in his voice. But that is about to change.  Dr. Smood will make it easy for people to make healthy choices. René Sindlev explains how he during his years has been surprised by the food habits and choices people make: “At some point I

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had maybe 200 employees in a company, and they could order pretty much what ever they wanted for lunch. They ordered fast food everyday from McDonalds, KFC, Burger King… And I just didn’t understand why.” Maybe because they knew exactly what they would get and how it would taste, or maybe just because it was an easy choice; easy to get and easy to eat? René Sindlev points out, that obesity is a huge problem today. But also a problem, which can be solved, if we are able to change some of our habits: He says it is all about quality and not quantity!  “A lot of them were big, and they just kept getting bigger. I want to give Americans a healthy choice that is just as easy to get as fast food, when you are in a hurry.”  To most people, changing our lifestyle or behaviour demands a lot of us. With Dr. Smood, René Sindlev will give people an alternative, that is just as easy to get as fast food burgers. And it is not just tasty – it is life-prolonging, curative and energizing. Bottom line: We need healthy, nutritious and easy meals, which will make us both stronger and happier. “I have done a lot of research the last couple of years. My wife has been with me all the time – she is the aesthetician, and she is very critical and has high standards, when it comes to products. We didn’t just want something healthy – cause to be honest; a lot of healthy food tastes really horrible, in my opinion. Also the food should inspire our senses. A super healthy meal, that looks dull and boring doesn’t work,” René Sindlev concludes.

The Quest for Quality So he and his wife, Patrizia Manici Sindlev, travelled around the world to find the best products and the best people to deliver them, with the idea of ‘super foods’ as their main goal: Food that would do more than just satisfy your appetite. The couple found as exotic foods as ‘white coffee’ with super power, cakes that can boost your libido, and bread made from an old Stone Age recipe – an almost magical kind of bread that will make you feel satiated for a very, very, very long time. Bengt Valentino, professor in the Body Self Development System, develops it.  On their journey they also met South Florida’s leading Detox Doctor, Dr. Etti, also known as The Juice Goddess. Her ideas of how juice and healthy living can purify body and mind has formed the basis of all Dr. Smoods organic and cold pressed juices. Health, body knowledge, taste, ambiance and passionate people are all factors, which play a crucial role in the genesis of Dr. Smood.

The Magical Bread The bread, René Sindlev keeps talking about, almost sounds as the magical ones from a fairy tale, where an elf gives the starving hero just a crumble of bread, that makes him feel strong, vital and happy. Never the less, that bread blew his mind, Sindlev says: “Yeah well, I was kind

of sceptical about it at first. But I went with some of my staff to taste it, so that we could decide, whether or not we wanted it in our cafés. I was told, that this bread would stabilize my blood sugar, boost my energy, and that I would feel ‘addicted to it’ afterwards. I thought, ‘fine by me’, I tasted it and was pretty satisfied. But then comes the freaky part”, Rene Sindlev shakes his head. Actually he laughs, as if he still cannot believe, what he is about to say: “After half an hour, we leave the building. All chatting and then – boom – it hits us all at once; We just look at each other, puzzled, cause we all felt it: A sensation of massive wellness, that just spreads out in every cell of the body. And the feeling of being sated without being too full. The sensation lasted for several hours. I just felt, that I had done something good to myself ”. René Sindlev pauses. A confession from a sceptical Scandinavian is on its way: “You know, what was really weird about it? A long time after this, several weeks after – this bread was all I could think of, when I got hungry. So in a way – yes, I got completely addicted”.

My Miami Okay, to make it short, what we have here is: An Italian woman with a thorough knowledge of healthy living, who knows what she wants, knows newest trends and the best experts, and who has a passion for aesthetics. A Scandinavian man with a vision of creating a new kind of super food-and beverage chain of boutique-cafés. A lot of healthy and specifically chosen products and foods from all over the world. Now all they need is a place to get Dr. Smood started: Miami. What made René and Patrizia Sindlev choose exactly this city?  “I love Miami” René Sindlev smiles. It is a statement. “Miami has a South American culture, that comes straight from the heart and has its soul in it,– they are chasing happiness, are health conscious and are welcoming new concepts”. The vibrant life and the atmosphere in Miami make it ideal; surroundings, vibe and atmosphere are important factors in the making of Dr. Smood. Therefore, the beautiful city is the right place to launch, what hopefully will become a nationwide café-brand: “We want to awaken the senses. Our motto is; ‘smart food for a good mood’. We want it to be a pleasure to visit Dr. Smood, an experience, just to walk in and discover the environments”.

 “All beverages and all food will get a little mark, a sticker, with a color, that symbolizes what exactly this food is good for. You don’t want to go in and have to ask or read a lot of information to find out, what health benefits this or that juice provides you. We want to make it simple,” René Sindlev says. And when it comes to the cakes, he laughs: “Oh yeah, the cakes, you ask... I was invited to come and taste them – and you know, they tasted really, really good, so I just kept eating them, as a kind of snack. Dr. Etti made the recipe, and she told me, the cakes were made from the fibres. And then she said, that the cakes also contained, a natural sex booster.” We all want to stay healthy, fit and happy, but it all has to fit in to a busy life. The modern lifestyle is fast – and the easiest way to change such a busy life into a healthier one, is by changing everyday routines and add good nutrition and exercise. Just adapt some good routines, for instance by replacing one of your coffees-to-go with a juice-booster. By developing the Dr. Smood-concept, René Sindlev realized, that it should be as simple as possible, just make the best choices the easiest ones. If you make healthy living too complicated, most people will not have the time for it: “We will colour code all our products – so you can pick exactly what you need or are in the mood for, without having to think too much about it,” Sindlev concludes.

The smood sound of music When you enter a Dr. Smood, you will be embraced – not just by good and smart food, your other senses will be indulged by music from the most remarkable artists and DJ’s, while your eyes will be delighted by the modern interior design: “We will get the best DJ’s to come and play – to get a lounge feeling that makes it even more pleasant to visit us. And of course that demands, that the place is nicely decorated,” Sindlev says.

Boost your mojo – and your fertility

 The next question; Miami, 2015? But what about the rest of us? Who wouldn’t like to drop by a local smood’ operator? When will it be possible for us to get the mojo up by eating cakes and our blood pressure down by drinking juice, while we feed our curious ears with the newest beats? Sindlev eats the rest of a (normal!) cookie and then puts his plate and coffee cup away. The table all of a sudden transforms into a map of America: “We start in Miami – but the vision is to have 400 cafés all over US within a couple of years. Dr. Smood should be available for everybody.”

Most people are aware, that eating healthy and organic food is good. Period. However Dr. Smood wants to take healthy diet to another level - and offers more than just a healthy, nutritious diet. Wouldn’t it be great if you could optimize your fertility by enjoying great food and beverage? Or take your sweet one out for a sweet treat and eat a delicious cake that not only taste wonderful, but also boosts your libido?

A smood love story, if you ask me: What started out as a search in a Danish airport, a hunt for a wonderful meal to a wonderful woman - a man in love aiming to find his beloved something good to eat, has now become a vision: That everybody should be able to give their loved ones – and themselves – healthy food made with love, passion and all the smood’ benefits that comes with that!

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Dr Smood first flagship store in Wynwood, Miami

SMART FOOD THE NAME René Sindlev about the idea behind Dr. Smood: “The name SMOOD is a combination of two words ’smart food’. I got the idea from ‘functional food’ - but I wanted our products to be simply basic and old fashioned -produced food without GMO’s, chemical additives, pesticides and genetically modified ingredients - and as far as possible 100% organic. The word Smood is an abbreviation for ‘smart food’ - a new invented term for super healthy and beneficial food.”

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THE MAN René Sindlev: “I have throughout my life thought much about health, both mentally and physically well being, by eating healthy food and by exercising regularly. The idea of a healthy lifestyle is very much my way of living.” I am one of the founders of the jewellery company, Pandora, and when the Initial Public Offering was a reality in 2010, it was obvious to me, that I should find something new – a new challenge. I gave myself two – maximum three - years to reinvent a new life with my Italian wife, Patrizia Manici Sindlev. She has always lived a super healthy life, and that lifestyle should just continue. She suggested, that we developed a concept based on the use of ‘super foods’. We immediately began to develop our idea and now two years later, the result is clear: “The Health Company. Dr. Smood - smart food for a good mood.”

Instagram Drsmood Facebook www.facebook.com/drsmood Snapchat DrS_Wynwood + DrS_SouthMiami

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THE FOCUS In general we focus on six areas of wholesome food and beverages 1. Boosts the immune system 2. Detoxes the body 3. Boosts the energy levels 4. Boosts beauty 5. Boosts general health and wellbeing 6. Other and more specific health benefits We have chosen not just to be a health concept, but also to focus on stimulating the senses; the taste experience, the sense of sight and sense of hearing. We provide super tasty and beautiful food combined with cool music by some of the world’s leading DJ’s and musicians. The decor is done in collaboration with the world’s leading Italian interior designers. So the interior design is both very lounge-alike and super cool with ‘a touch of an old pharmacy’.

THE VISION “The vision for Dr. Smood is to give all Americans a choice to eat healthy and to focus on how healthy food can be both cool and taste fantastic. We want to make Dr. Smood accessible to all Americans – there should be a Dr. Smood in every American neighborhood. It should be easy to eat healthy.”

THE MISSION “The mission is to build a chain of 400 boutique cafes within the next five years, starting with 10 cafes in Miami, Florida, USA.”

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Photographer Sune Czajkowski

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W ood up Photographer Lizette Mikkelsen Models Emilie F, Sarah P, Mari, Victor H & Lucas, Scoop models Stylist Fadi Morad, Fadimorad.com Hair & make up Sanne Anndriani, Le Management Photographer assistent Olivia Rohde Retouch Kenoe

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Jumpsuit & Knit LALA BERLIN Top HOFMANN Army Boots VINTAGE  Skirt & Top (worn under) LALA BERLIN Top HOFMANN Sneakers ALLSTARS customized by stylist

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Top & Skirt FREYA DALSJĂ˜ Sneakers ALLSTARS customized by stylist

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The People’s

DJ Carl Cox has been around the club scene for almost four decades and still plays sold-out shows all over the world. We talked to him about the early days, the new conditions of music release and helping new talent onto the scene. Text Erik Frandsen | Photographer Lizette Mikkelsen


ack in the 1980’s, when night clubs were introducing high tech lights and sound systems, new music genres like house and hip hop were starting to gain attention on the club scene. This was a time before YouTube and SoundCloud, so the only way for DJs to get noticed, was to actually play in front of a live audience. One of the upcoming DJs at the time was Carl Cox. He started out playing back rooms at pubs and arranging house parties. Soon promoters would start to put him on their bills and frequently book him for larger shows. Carl Cox has been a part of a lot of eras in music. With both of his parents being from Barbados, he grew up with a great influence of soul music. At 15 he was given a set of turntables and started playing soul, funk and disco at local parties. Later on, he moved on to hip hop, groove and electro, before becoming a founding figure of rave. But what has really changed since then?

 - Well, a lot of things have changed since I started out. Back then, there were no mobile phones, for example. People are a lot more involved with their phones during a show now and I know there’s a couple of clubs in New York and Berlin that have banned phones. People used to just go out to interact with the opposite sex, or the same sex. Now there are many different factors playing in. I started out in my teens, so I’ve been doing this for 37 years now. And those that started DJ’ing within the last 10 years or so, haven’t had the same experiences as me. But yeah, it’s just a different scene now. That’s all. Carl Cox is on the phone. He has answered the call in a very friendly voice. He has been moving crowds since the early 80’s and still manages to captivate young audiences, including those that wasn’t born when he started out. He has since then reached legendary status and is by many considered as the world’s best DJ. And according to his DJ-collegue, Kenneth Bager, who came onto the scene around the same time as

Cox, there’s a good reason for this status:  - Technically, he’s very skilled. I believe he can play 4 Technics 2000s at the same time. And he’s just good at creating a party. He doesn’t forget that he’s there to set the atmosphere for the party and to entertain. He’s not afraid of playing some classic tracks mixed with a lot of new stuff and he does it at the exact right time. Known for his friendly attitude and gap-toothed smile, Cox is regarded as “The people’s DJ”. He has a natural love for what he does and with his innovative style, he has since he started out become one of the most iconic and beloved figures of electronic music. Kenneth Bager continues:  - I have met him a few times. He is one of the sweetest people in the industry and he’s a really good entertainer. I think that when he’s in front of an audience, playing his favorite tracks, they can feel his dynamic personality and the joy that he sends out. Cox’ big breakthrough came when he played a party

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Carl Cox Born 1962, Oldham, England. Has played many genres through his career, including: House, Rave, Techno, Hardcore, Soul, Funk & Hip Hop. Hosts the radio show “Global”, which is syndicated in 35 countries to over 16 million listeners. Has lived in Melbourne, Australia since 2007. Owner of the label, Intec Digital. Professional DJ since his teens.

called “Midsummer Night’s Dream” in 1988, where he managed to hook up a third turntable for his set. This earned him the name “The Three Deck Wizard” and astonished the crowd of 15.000 people. It has since become his signature move.

Innovative album release Cox started producing his own music in 1991 and his debut single “I Want You”, reached UK Top 30. Since then, he’s had several very successful releases and among those is his classic 1995 mix cd, “F.A.C.T.” (Future Alliance of Communications and Tecknology) and his EP one year later “Two Paintings and a Drum”, which also reached Top 30. Since then, the industry and the way people share and consume music, has changed drastically. After 13 years of declining album sales, services such as YouTube, Spotify and SoundCloud has become the options of choice among many. But has this solved all the challenges that the industry have gone through? Carl Cox seems to be optimistic about the new tendencies:  - I’m not worried anymore. It’s just a fact that people don’t buy records anymore. That’s just the process that the music industry has gone through and we need to accept that. I don’t necessarily see it as a bad thing.  And Kenneth Bager agrees with that notion: “The streaming services are a good thing, but we’re not quite there yet, where the artists are getting their full pay. But we’re beginning to see a clear progress. We get immediate positive results when we post something on SoundCloud. If the music is good enough, it’s going to find its way.” There has been many attempts at offering music to the listeners in alternative ways and one of the more innovative were the album “All Roads Lead to the Dance Floor”, that Cox released in 2011. It was made available on USB and gave people access not only to streaming and downloading the album, but also early versions of the tracks, remixes, behind the scenes, video sets among other things. This was a way to include the listeners in the process and a reinvention of the traditional album release. In 1998 he formed his own label, Intec Records, which released many underground hits and for a period of eight years set the standards of electronic music. The label closed down in 2006 and after a couple of years of hiatus, Cox re-launched

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it as Intec Digital. Since then, he has been releasing his own productions on the label, but also continues to discover and work with new talents within electronic music.  But being one of the most influential DJ’s in the world also means being handed a lot of music from the industry. And one can’t help but wonder if this comes with a certain responsibility. Having the power of getting new artists exposed to the masses and essentially getting them noticed, could make a lot of people feel a pressure to make the right picks. But that’s not how Carl Cox sees it:  - I don’t feel pressured to play any particular tunes, because if I choose to play a record, it’s because I like it. I produce music myself, so I know the feeling of someone not liking your things, and when that happens, we’re gonna tell people our honest opinion and try to help them in a direction where, maybe they can get in touch with someone who do like it or possibly try to develop their sound a bit more.  And there’s a good reason people are so eager to have Cox playing their records. Being a part of his live set is not just a pad on the shoulder, but means having your music exposed to massive crowds. And not to forget Cox’ radio show, “Global”, which reaches over 16 million listeners in 35 countries.

Ibiza Party Legend Carl Cox has played a huge part in the Ibiza nightlife for many years. His residency, “Music is Revolution”, at the legendary club, Space, has been running for 13 consecutive years and is one of Ibiza’s most popular shows. This is due to a strong annual line-up, always a mix of new talents and well established dance music acts. Space, located at Playa d’en Bossa, a little south of Ibiza Town, is known for its open-air dance floor, from where party goers can see aircrafts flying over to land at the nearby airport. And Cox’ show is something you shouldn’t miss if you find yourself at Ibiza, according to DJ and radio host, Buda, who is also one part of the electric duo Lulu Rouge, who has frequented the Ibiza nightlife for many years:  - Carl Cox is one of the biggest legends at Ibiza ever. I’ve never seen him play a show, that wasn’t complety packed. And there’s a great deal of respect around what he does. I’ve been to private parties, where you could really sense that he was the important guy in the room.

Another huge party where Cox is sure to be found is the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, where he has his own stage every year. “Carl Cox and Friends”, as it’s called, has already celebrated its 10th year anniversary, so naturally Cox also has a special relationship with this place. Like Ibiza, Ultra Music Festival is an annually reoccurring event that attracts thousands of party people. In Miami the party spans over one weekend, instead of the clubbing-season on the Spanish island, which runs the whole summer. But are there any similarities between the two? According to Cox, they can’t be compared:  - There are not really any similarities. When I play Ibiza, it’s this massive ongoing party. It would be impossible to have the same thing in Miami, where people partied non-stop for several weeks. Ultra Music Festival takes place during a much shorter period of time. They’re just two very different things.

No big crew Music is the single most important thing in Carl Cox’ life, but he does have other interests. When asked about what those are, one that comes to mind, is very different from his usual activities in music, but still a discipline, that like DJ’ing, requires a skillful use of hands:  - Well, I love cooking, to be honest. There’s just something about that, that relaxes me. So whenever I have the time for it, I make sure to cook up something tasty for the people I’m with. And being surrounded by a lot of people is also something Carl Cox is quite known for - at least if you believe the word on the street. But according to the man himself, there’s simply no truth in that:  - I don’t travel with a big crew. I don’t know how that rumor started. I mean, I love having people around me, but I don’t have any needs to constantly be surrounded by a certain amount of people. I usually travel with my manager and of course the people that are necessary to organize a big tour. I don’t know if that can be considered a big crew. Even though Cox has turned 52, he hasn’t slowed down yet. He keeps a busy schedule and continues to bring the bass everywhere from Dublin to Dubai. His next big stop is this year’s Ultra Music Festival, which takes place from March 27.-29.

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MY Magazine vol. 3 / issue 2  

MY magazine is an inspiring coffee table magazine featuring aesthetic photo reports, interviews with great personalities from the art and mu...

MY Magazine vol. 3 / issue 2  

MY magazine is an inspiring coffee table magazine featuring aesthetic photo reports, interviews with great personalities from the art and mu...