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How to Maintain Good Health throughout Summer?

Summers can be a period of extremes and excesses. During this period many a times we find individuals indulging in excess consumption of cold food items such as ice creams and sodas. Other times we will find people all exhausted and dehydrated. It is very essential to take extra care of one’s health during the summers. Summers are often time for outdoors, travel and holidays for families especially with yearly vacation for children. Thus people especially children are often exposed to heightened health risks in the summer season. Physical injuries due to accidents both at home and outside with children being left unsupervised also rise in summers. In summers, sun protection is even more imperative for young than for adults and wearing hats and sunglasses is essential. An infant should never be left alone in a car and should be well hydrated during a car ride during hot weather. Cases of accidental fires and dog bites also rise during the summer season, so extra caution should be practiced especially with kids during the summer season. Good hydration during summers The first and foremost tip during summers is to drink ample amount of water. When it's hot, we sweat more because the body regulates its temperature by producing sweat to cool off. It is a fundamental physiological mechanism for our survival. In addition, any physical activity further increase body temperature and therefore increases perspiration. Sweat is composed of water and various mineral salts, and all these elements must be renewed by drinking water.

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