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â– WITH fashions constantly changing, make sure you don't leave your fire surround in the dark ages by creating a fresh focal point this spring. Traditionally the heart of the home, a fireplace is a simple but effective way of bringing warmth and a focal point to a room. Fashions have evolved greatly over recent years and now, whether it's a contemporary ultra modern flat fire you're after, or a Victorian style cast iron centre piece for your room, there are a whole range for you to choose from. Most people will opt for Living Flame fires, this realistic fire effect is highly popular in modern houses and city apartments, as they give off heat and provide a view of a 'real fire.' You can choose from deep red glowing coals, dark coals, logs for a more conventional look, or alternatively, there are modern styles such as crushed crystal and pebbles. More contemporary fireplaces often have a metallic finish. Choose from bronze, brushed steel and chrome for that fabulous designer look. Surrounds and mantelpieces add an important and dominating final touch and there are all kinds

of styles and varieties available to suit modern and traditional decor. Cast iron Victorian styles are well liked but wooden surrounds are seeing a current surge in popularity in light spring/summer shades such as pine and beech. One of the most fashionable current designs is a simple solid wooden mantel with a chunky top shelf. Plus light stone style surrounds are also proving to be a hit if you have the space. Even if you don't have the facilities for a fire then you can still create an excellent focal point with a fire surround and hearth then create your own centre. You can use an array of candles still giving you the feel of a fire, although do ensure they aren't going to be knocked over, especially if you have children or pets. You could also use an arrangement of flowers, with spring on its way, this is a perfect

way to refresh your home as well as creating a beautiful focal point. Plus you can get fire bowls, which you can put in different areas of your room or even in the middle of your fire surround maybe with some pebbles. The choice currently available is excellent and you can benefit from a blend of the latest technology and the best in classic or contemporary design. There's something to suit all tastes and styles, and the combination of smooth warmth and the transfixing effect of the flames is perfect for soothing away the stresses of a busy day.

Perfect for soothing away the stresses of a busy day

Traditionally the heart of the home! Sleek electric fire from Next


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