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Colour explosion Imogen Sawyer at Lane End Nursery explains what we should expect to see in our gardens this spring... ■ APRIL is the month when plants really seem to shake off the winter and burst out into fresh growth. New shoots appear on trees and shrubs, some green but some spectacular colours of orange, red, pink or yellow. Acer Palmatum hybrids have a wonderful colour range with the new shoots gradually changing as they open to the full sized leaves. Acer Brilliantissimum pictured left) has shrimp pink shoots which turn to yellow then green leaves. It is a small tree with a rounded dome shaped canopy and fits neatly into smaller gardens. Pieris, particularly Pieris Forest

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Flame, is covered in bright red new shoots for several weeks. A sharp frost will damage the shoots and turn them brown, but the plant soon recovers and puts out new growth once the weather warms up again. Pieris are shade tolerant so try to plant them under a tree canopy which will help shelter them from the worst of the cold. Other shrubs are busy producing flowers rather than new shoots. Many Viburnums are spring flowering, producing heads of pinkwhite strongly scented flowers. They are also good for a shady spot so tuck one away in a gloomy corner and enjoy the scent in the whole of the rest of your garden.

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