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You know as a site where people shop online in Nigeria for great deals on products and services. But do you know that Mylocaleshop offers businesses one of the most underutilized business building opportunities? That is what this post is about, leveraging online shopping in Nigeria to grow your business with Acquiring new customer at a break-even or slight loss and making substantial profit from future purchasing is one of the most overlooked and under-utilized methods of customer growth available to you as a business owner in Nigeria. You can exponentially increase your clients/customers and profit merely by shifting your focus from trying to make a huge profit on the acquisition of a new client to making your real profit on all the repeat purchases that result from those new clients. The advent of online shopping in Nigeria only makes this even easier. Mylocaleshop, one of the top sites where people shop online in Nigeria, provides you a platform to take advantage of this business building tactic. HOW IT WORKS To use Mylocaleshop, deals to connect with thousands of people that shop online in Nigeria, all you need to do is run a deal on Then do the following:

1. Decide on what percentage discount you will give (The higher the percentage discount, the better). 2. Decide on how many units of product (or service as the case may be) you are able and willing to offer at a discount. 3. Create a merchant account on or alternatively, contact Mylocaleshop on Customer Care Lines :+234-806-679-5354, +234-809-509-5575 to have one of the Product Consultant come to you for free consultation. AN EXAMPLE Let us say you are vendor of clothing, Jewelry & Gifts, Books, Arts & Crafts, Beauty Products, Phones & Tabs, Computers and business center in Nigeria. sign up on

1. Determine the vendor category you desire. 2. Sign up for the vendor category under vendors using your interswitch ATM Card 3. Register and fill in necessary details/information including the nearest post-office to your shop. 4. Uploads your products with good and attractive product pictures along with clear and precise product description, the prices and weight of the product. 5. And you are ready to start selling The vendors on Mylocaleshop will have the opportunity to have a feel and even be part of realon-line-business in every sense of it. Since the vendors on Mylocaleshop are registered; they are recognized and authenticated so the issue of fraudulent transactions is non-existent. This strategy is equally suitable if you sell physical products. You can use it to: - Introduce a new product into the market - clear old inventory - Sell-off slow moving products Remember, the goal is not to just cut the price off the first purchase. Rather, it is to make that first purchase so much more appealing that people find it harder to say "no". About My Local eShop

My Local eShop is a Nigerian ecommerce brand known for bringing best discounts & deals for home durables, clothes, fashion accessories, mobiles, health products, hardware, and electronics. It has become popular for best prices, quick shipping, impressive return policy, and nation-wide coverage. It also makes provision for gift cards and merchant setups. Visit My Local eShop for best deals on high quality products & brands. Contact Us – +234-806-679-5354 +234-809-509-5575

Mylocaleshop com setting up online shop in nigeria on ecommerce portal is one of the top sites where people shop online in Nigeria, provides you a platform to take advantage of this business...