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How an online physician can help you manage these common these illnesses. With winter rolling in just around the corner, the changing weather and variations in temperature have a tendency to make people sick. Children and adults alike begin to complain of sore throats, start coughing and sneezing. Viral infections are rampant at this time of the year across different cities in Pakistan too. If you live in Lahore, a quick and convenient way to keep track of your health would be to find the best online physician in Lahore with an online doctor app!

What can an online physician do for me? 

Online doctors are qualified and trained healthcare processionals that provide online medical consultations. They are authorized to treat minor, non-urgent health problems online. With online healthcare mobile apps you can easily get in touch with a general physician in Johor town Lahore or a general physician in national hospital Lahore.

If you’re unable to go the doctor’s clinic because of a busy day, that doesn’t mean you have to ignore your health problems. Delayed treatment increases the chances of potential complications. A simple illness requiring minimal treatment today could turn into a serious illness requiring extensive treatment tomorrow. So download an online doctor app on your smartphone and find the best online physician in Lahore today!

Most common winter illnesses ď ś

Cold weather or temperatures may worsen or trigger certain health conditions like the common cold. Allergies and asthma may flare up. Sore throat is a common complaint as well. Having access to the best online physician will enable you to receive quicker treatment and control the illness before it gets any worse.

ď ś

If you have a stuffy nose, a bad cough, runny eyes, headache, loss of smell and a sense of pressure in your face and head then you probably have a cold. Find the best online physician in Lahore and get treated as soon as possible. Your online doctor may prescribe over the counter medications that should be easily available at you local drug store.

Asthma ď ľ

Individuals who have asthma should particularly be watchful of their symptoms. Cold temperatures can trigger asthma symptoms such as wheezing and shortness of breath. An acute asthma attack if not managed promptly may escalate into a medical emergency. Quick access to medical care is key for such patients, so find the best general physician in your area or the best internal medicine doctor in Lahore with an telemedicine app.

ď ľ

Symptoms to look out for in asthma include wheezing, difficulty in breathing or tightness in chest and coughing. Since these symptoms are non-specific for asthma, it is important to note if the symptoms have a pattern. For instance, if the symptoms are worse in the morning and at night, if they have obvious triggers like dust, pollen, cold weather and are

Joint pain 

Most people who suffer from some form of joint pain/disease complain of increasing stiffness and pain in the joints during the winter. Even though there is no hard evidence that correlates joint pain with cold temperature, that is not what most physicians see at the clinic.

Joint pain can be debilitating at times. Telemedicine apps help patients talk to doctors at any time of the day. Finding the best online physician in Lahore has never been easier. Online medical consultations growing in popularity because it is so effective and time efficient. Living with arthritis isn’t easy and not everyone can stay home and ‘rest’ as per doctor’s orders.

Can I talk to an online physician any time I want? ď ľ

Most people in fact, have to go to work everyday. Just knowing that you can connect with the best online physician as your primary healthcare provider with your phone at any time of the day is so comforting.

ď ľ

Telemedicine apps are a great tool that allow doctors to monitor chronic health conditions like joint pain, diabetes and high blood pressure. Regular follow-ups are important to ensure that the ongoing care is up to par. Download the My live doctors app on your smartphone and find the best online physician in Lahore in no time!

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Online doctors in all over pakistan  

Online telemedicine apps are completely safe. Your medical records and conversations are stored in a safe and secure online database that on...

Online doctors in all over pakistan  

Online telemedicine apps are completely safe. Your medical records and conversations are stored in a safe and secure online database that on...