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DIY PAPER FLOWER TUTORIAL For this project, you will need: -coffee filters -tissue paper (cut in approximately 5×5 squares) -scissors -stapler Instructions: 1. Fold three coffee filters in half to make a crease down the center. 2. Create a ball of tissue paper out of one of the tissue sheets. 3. Take the same color and cover the ball. Twist the bottom to look like a lollipop. 4. Staple the “stick end” of the lollipop to the creased, center of the coffee filter. 5. After stapling the center, carefully lift each layer one by one. 6. Then flip the flower and staple the back of the flower together. Viola! A paper flower! To create the floral arch, simply use a hot glue gun to adhere the flowers to each other in your desired shape. Feel free to intersperse paper cupcake liners as well — straight out of their containers — for some added texture. You can also dye the paper flowers to break up the whiteness. Once your arch is fully shaped, use heavy duty fishing line to hang from the ceiling or from screws.

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