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September 2011

spring colour palette chic & cheap dessert table

{letter from the editor} Welcome! I am so excited to finally introduce you to the very first issue of My Little Jedi Online Magazine! The last few months have been very busy but fun as I have turned my dream into a reality. I would like to thank our lovely facebook and blog followers as this wouldn’t have been possible without each and every one of you! Your support is truly amazing and because of you My Little Jedi is growing by the day! I also would love to thank my biggest source of inspiration, my lovely son Aniken and supporter of my work, my lovely husband Jani. My Little Jedi online magazine is all about vintage inspired designs, gorgeous photography, amazing party styling, sweet dessert tables, exclusive interviews, delightful diy inspirational ideas, nursery dÊcor and more. We want to use this online exposure to help designers, artists and party stylists to promote their amazing work. I hope you love & support our magazine and in return we will showcase your amazing work. Happy Reading!

Love, Vesna xx

My Little Jedi

It's cupcake hour! Have your party styled by {My Little Jedi} My Little Jedi is a Sydney based business that offers party styling to help you create the perfect dessert table for your wedding, hens party, birthday party, baby shower and turn your dreams into breathtaking reality. Because when everything else is gone, the wonderful memories will remain. For pricing enquiries please send us an email ~

lovely con V


Editor, Blogger, Party Stylist ............................................................................



Party Stylist, Blogger ............................................................................ Leanne is a mum, blogger, candy and dessert table designer and owner of online store {Sweet Style}.

I am a mum of a precious little boy, editor of my online magazine and owner of My Little Jedi online store. I fancy myself as a party stylist and I enjoying blogging & soy chai latte’s.





Party Stylist, Blogger ............................................................................................................................................................... Thetis is a mother of two, online party store owner, emerging event stylist, blogger and pinterest addict. A lover of all things pretty in this world.




Makeup Artist ............................................................................................................................................................. Vanessa is a Sydney based freelance makeup artist specialising in the Bridal and Fashion industry. "I believe the use of makeup & its tools is an expression of art, the use of colour & style is limitless�


ntributors V


Blogger ...................................................



Baker, Cake Stylist ............................................................................ Dewi is a mum to 3 yrs old boy. Cooking and baking has always been her passion since she was a little girl. What started as a hobby has grown into a small business, Sweet Bloom Cakes. She is passionate about the art of baking, cake design, photography, cake pedestals, and just about anything vintage.

Vicki is a mum to two beautiful teenage daughter's, trying to make it with her own business Junior Epitome. She loves blogging about fashion and style for mother's and children.

{} {}




Designer, Illustrator ............................................................................ Li-Ann is a designer and illustrator. When she is not busy working on custom designs, logos or packaging, she is busy wrangling her twin boys in between finishing drafting renovation plans for her home.




Blogger ............................................................................ Tanya is an idealist, dreamer, planner, blogger, lover of pretty inspiration, mum of a precious princess, pursuer of the important things in life.


Amy Atlas Event Stylist - New York In the last few years party styling has become bigger than ever. We have seen a huge trend in styling the perfect dessert table, I am completely overwhelmed by amount of inspiration and creativity that is available thought the blogosphere. I have to admit, these days mums put a different side to their efforts in creating the perfect party for their kids or anyone in the family. The level of creativity that these fabulous mums can do to put on a grand show of that special day is very inspiring. Having said that, when I talk about event styling and gorgeous desserts, the first woman that comes to mind is Amy Atlas! I am beyond excited as last month I had the pleasure of interviewing the most amazing and uber talented event stylist Amy Atlas, owner and founder of Amy Atlas Events based in New York City, who specializes in creating the most magnificent dessert tables. Amy’s passion for event planning began at young age and she still continues to plan events with the same level of love, passion and enthusiasm. I am sure this interview will be very inspiring to small business owners or to those of you looking to launch your own party styling business. I am totally captivated by every single masterpiece created by Amy. Enjoy the interview.

wedding dessert table

Tell us little bit about yourself, the woman behind {Amy Atlas Events} and what first inspired you to create your unique dessert tables? I am a lawyer and tapped into my creative side after taking a break in my career to raise my two boys. I always loved entertaining and would often plan parties for family and friends. The business kind of grew organically from there. I, also, have always had a soft spot for sweets. Even as a kid. Some of my fondest memories were baking with my Grandmother. I quickly realized that desserts weren't getting their proper fanfare. Since desserts are usually the final element of a party, I thought it should also be the most memorable. I decided to take my love for sweets and specialize in trendsetting, beautiful dessert tables.

What advice do you have for our readers? Take something that inspires you and create your dessert table around it. Pick beautiful linens and unique vessels to dress up the dessert table . Try to keep the lines of the vessels coordinated as you want the real "stars" to be the sweets. Also, always sample your vendors before using them for an event. A beautiful cake is not always the best tasting cake. Finally, providing goody bags is always a great way to leave a lasting impression and give your guests something sweet to take home with them.

Vintage Dessert Table

Citrus Chevron Zig Zag Dessert Table

Chocolate Spice Moroccan Table

“Love seeing the reaction on our clients faces when they see their dessert table for the first time. It is truly wonderful to be able to be a part of someone's special day.“

mod dessert table

What trends are you seeing out there in event planning? Vintage is still very much a trend right now. However, since the Royal Wedding, I have definitely seen a shift back to more formal and traditional sensibility .

What do you love most about your job? Love seeing the reaction on our clients faces when they see their des sert table for the first time. It is truly wonderful to be able to be a part of someone's special day.

What does the future hold for Amy Atlas Events? I am extremely excited about the book, which is being published by Hyperion and comes out in Spring, 2012. These tables were created specifically for the book and brought to life concepts that I had floating in my mind for years! It was truly a dream come true. In the book, I deconstruct all of the tables and show everyone how to do it at home so it is very approachable, even to someone who is first tapping into their creative side. My team and I have been working on this project non-stop for the past six months so it is truly a labor of love.

I would also like to thank Amy for the insights of her amazing business and I wish you all the very best in future.

Oh so lovely...

With the wonderful trend towards all things vintage, what better way than to host a bridal shower than with a vintage inspired dessert table that ties in beautifully with the theme of the upcoming nuptials. The one thing that gives a dessert table a vintage feel is the addition of a Mason Jar. The word Mason comes from the man who invented the screw top lid on a glass canning jar – John L Mason. This invention back in 1858 led the way for the future of canning and these rare jars are now highly sought after by collectors. On a dessert table like the one I have created they bring the perfect finishing touch. Add a retro stripe straw and your guests will be excited to sip ice cool drinks from antique jars. The jars also work perfectly for candy and flowers. The colour palette I have picked here is pink and turquoise – so fresh and pretty. A mini version of the wedding cake sitting on an elegant cake stand, gives your guests a taste and feel of what is to come on the big day itself. Finish off your table with some minature glass jars filled with sweets to hand out as favours – the perfect reminder of a sweet celebration.


Article and photography by Leanne of Sweet Style. Website and online store: Blog:

Finish off your table with some minature glass jars filled with sweets to hand out as favours

pink and turquoise so fresh and pretty

Cake by Blissfully Sweet

Delightfully sweet touches for every event.

Sweet Style’s gorgeou s dessert and candy tables a dd the perfe ct, personal tou ch to every occasion. And with Sweet Style’s beautiful glass jars, cake stand s, twine, paper products, candy, styling products – and more! – available through our online store, it’s an unforgettable way to help you style (and sweeten) your next event.

For simply delicious inspiration, visit today.

divine hobnail cake stands by sweet & saucy

I tend to get little obsessive about things that I love and cake stands just happen to be one of the many. I think you will all agree that any beautiful sweet table starts with cake stands. All you need is few different sizes and shapes to make a statement and display your delicious sweets. Cake stands are also incredibly versatile as well, so I’m trying to find a couple that I can use for different purposes. I love the idea of using cake stands as centerpieces, display f lowers or even to display place cards at your special event. A simple, vintage cake stand adds life and height to your cake and it continues to carry through your theme of colour for a fully cohesive design. Whether you are looking for colourful pieces or sweet sophistication, these divine hobnail cake stands are a must have for any dessert table. These amazing “Sweet & Saucy” cake stands are now available to purchase through ”Sweet Style”. Visit the website for more details:

put me on a








1. wooden cake stands -; 2. milk cake stand - 3. pedestal candy jars -; 4. hobnail footed bowl - 5. petite treat cupcake stand -; 6. le gateau cake pedestal -




3 1 Rock Candy -; 2 Choc Beans & 3 Bon Bons ~

its tea time Are you hosting a high tea, baby shower or kitchen tea party, My Little Jedi has the perfect invite for these special events. This super sweet tea bag invitation comes as a printable file straight to your email inbox.



you are

invited to

JADE’S whimsical

high tea august 21


at 3 pm 20 SMITH STREET


Be Inspired +

Poppy Summer Delights

delicious summer pastels

Vintage Summer Dreamin'

Mint meets lilac 2



You are invited to a party complete with all the trimmings.....


IS TURNING TWO time: 1pm - 4pm Saturday 26th February, 2011

Please RSVP Angela on 0284 689 546 by 20/09/11




7 8

1. 3. 5. 7. 8.


pom pom -; 2. piinwheel invite -; honeycomb ball - 4. paper fan -; divine twine -; 6. milk glass cake stand - gelato stripe candy box -; cupcake wrappers -; 9. rock candy u -

Divine Cake by Sweet Bloom Cakes

Cakes in Jars

Strawberry and White Chocolate Sponge Cake           

Makes 24 Cup Cakes or 2 x 8” round cake Cake 200gr unsalted butter 5 tbp vegetable oil 300gr caster sugar 1 pod vanilla bean (scrapped) 4 large eggs (minimum weight of 59gr) 250gr fresh strawberry (cut intocube a size) ¼ cup good quality white chocolate 370gr Self Raising Flour 250ml soy milk

Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius, adjust the oven rack to the middle of the oven. Line the muffin pan or 2 x 8” round cake tin with the butter and flour. Using an electric mixer, beat the butter, sugar and vanilla bean together in a large bowl, starting on low speed and increasing to high once the sugar is incorporated. Beat until the mixture is pale and creamy, stopping the machine once or twice during beating to scrape down the side and base of the bowl with spatula. Add one egg to the butter mixture and beat about a minute. Stop the machine and scrap down the side of the bowl. Repeat with the remaining egg. Add the cube strawberry and the white chocolate. Beat in low until just incorporated. Sift the flour for 3 times, stir with a spoon alternate with the milk until the flour is just incorporated. Do not over mix the batter. Divide the mixture evenly among the pan or the paper cases. Bake for about 20 minutes, until the cupcakes are light golden. When they are ready, a skewer knife inserted into the centre of a cupcake will come out without any batter attached, and the cupcakes should spring back when lightly pressed in the centre. Turn the cake into the wire rack and let them cool in the room temperature.

Vanilla Bean Swiss Meringue Butter Cream    

430 gr egg white 2 ¾ cup caster sugar 600 gr unsalted butter 1 vanilla bean (scrapped and split)

In a medium pot, add the egg whites and sugar , whisking constantly, until temperature reaches 140 degrees or until the sugar has completely dissolved and the egg whites are hot. With the whisk attachment of mixer, begin to whip until the mixture is thick, glossy and cool. Switch over to paddle attachment and while mixing on medium speed continuously, add the softened butter in chunk until incorporated and mix until it has reached a silky smooth texture. Add vanilla and a pinch of salt, mix well. Keep in airtight container for up to one week or can freeze up to 6-8 weeks.

How to assemble the cake in the jar Prepared the jar, make sure is clean and dry. Brush the cake with syrup to keep the cake moist. Measure the diameter of the jar and with the round cookie cutter, cut the cake into 24 round small c to make 12 cakes in the jar. Fill one small cut cake as the bottom part, top with the swiss meringue filling and top with another cake and swirl with the vanilla swiss meringue frosting. Repeat with the remaining jar. CAKE IN JAR RECIPE BY DEWI FROM SWEET BLOOM CAKES

Little Aniken turns 2 We had an amazing day celebrating the 2nd birthday of my sweet little boy Aniken. I absolutely loved the look on Aniken’s face when he saw his {candy bar} for the very first time, it was literary like winning the “Golden Ticket”! The colour palette of Aniken’s – “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” party was chocolate, turquoise and mustard. I recently visited Miette’s website which provided me with lots of inspiration for Aniken’s party. The wooden cabinet is the biggest eye-catcher as well as the rainbow of sweets in apothecary jars lining the walls from floor to ceiling. So i decided to display the sweets and candy on a vintage inspired cabinet I bought and revamped, which worked a treat. The sweets and candy were positioned on adult eye level and which was great as us parents were able to control how much candy the kids had but somehow few little cheeky monkeys climbed on the chairs and grabbed a handful of candy when ‘no one’ was watching. I had so much fun styling “Charlie and the chocolate factory” dessert table for Aniken and not only because of the gigantic sugar overdose but because the kids had a fabulous time. Who can complain with the amount of chocolate & candy served at Aniken’s candy bar. The scrumptious cake, cake in jars and cupcakes were a hit on the day. Everything looked spectacular thanks to the amazing Dewi from Sweet Bloom Cakes who used the magic wand and made all these delicious treats that the kids and adults utterly enjoyed. The mouth-watering two toned macarons in the shades of chocolate, turquoise and mustard were by the talented Catherine from 2Bites. I also used chocolate freckle letters, which spelled – “Aniken is 2” and who can forget the gigantic chocolate freckle used as a plate, totally delicious! I love the trend of using scrabble tiles as part of dessert table décor, it’s such a sweet way to share and incorporate something you love and put your spin on it. During my recent visit to one of my favourite stationary stores – Typo, I spotted these large scrabble tiles which I had to use for Aniken’s candy bar. We had so much fun with the photo booth. For the backdrop I used this lovely I stripe velvet fabric which tied in beautifully with the colour palette. We took so many photos using the photo booth props {lips, moustaches, hats, glasses, bows) and colourful frames, it was so much fun! I would love to thank the lovely vendors below as Aniken’s party would have not been complete without your amazing products and services. Vendors: Cake, Cakes in jars & Cupcakes - Sweet Bloom Cakes Macarons - 2Bites Candy Boxes - Candy Soirees Styling and photography - My Little Jedi Party Printables - My Little Jedi


I absolutely loved the look on Aniken’s face when he saw his candy bar for the very first time, it was literary like winning the “Golden Ticket”

Honey & Mackie's - designed by Wink

delicious packaging

ABC Paper Cups

balloon troopers by Geranimo

Becca Gorski Blogger & Editor ~ California Tell us little bit about yourself, the woman behind CAKE. and what first inspired you to start blogging? I live just outside of San Francisco, California in a little apartment with my husband, daughter and 2 pets. I’m a self-taught designer and tend to define my style as 'west coast casual', an eclectic mix that falls somewhere between rustic, modern, vintage and beachy. After planning my wedding and feeling in a rut at my day job, I was getting antsy for a creative outlet. Inspiration struck to launch Birthday Girl in 2009 after trying to plan my 30th birthday party and finding little visual reference aside from weddings and a handful of kids parties. I started the blog as a home for inspiring birthday ideas and clearly I was on to something. It’s been amazing to see how much this industry has grown in just a few short years.

What inspires you? Sometimes inspiration comes from the most unlikely places... a story I’m reading to my daughter, a product at the grocery store, a colour or pattern I’ve noticed etc. Most of the time though, I’m inspired by other blogs. I tend to be more of an editor than a trend setter... so while I may not be the girl to come up with the next big idea, once I see something I like I can find a way to make my own. With so much amazing visual inspiration out there, I’m never at a loss for a new project to work on.

Tell us more about your new venture, the transition from birthday girl to cake events? When I started Birthday Girl I had no idea it would grow beyond my personal musings on birthday ideas into a known resource for parties and event inspiration. Though I was very hesitant to re-brand and lose the equity of my blog’s name, our subscribers and all the links associated with Birthday Girl, I didn’t want to be limited by readers coming strictly for birthday ideas. I thought since I was redesigning the site anyway, why not come up with a name that encompassed all happy occasions? What better to fit the bill than “CAKE.” It’s a simple fun name, not to mention the cornerstone dessert of every good party. Fun fact: in other circles it also means easy {piece of cake = cake} and money. When it comes to event planning, I like having both those elements on my side. And so, while birthdays will always remain the heart and soul of the blog, I hope to open the door to more unique projects, out of the box events and embrace good design and creativity wherever inspiration strikes.

What is your highest achievement in your career? Weirdly I have no idea. I know I’ve accomplished a lot both professionally and creatively. None of it feels like a single high point, but each experience builds my confidence and teaches me something new. The day I’m comfortable quitting my day job to run my own business is the day I know I’ve really achieved something worthwhile.

What is next for Becca & Cake? Right now I’m taking things one step at a time. After redesigning the site, I’m putting my focus into offering beautiful posts that reflect my style and set CAKE. apart as a unique event + design resource. I also hope to do more custom graphic design and styling work when I can find the time. I have so many ideas floating about my head that I would love to see realized. I would like to thank Becca for sharing her amazing journey with our lovely readers.

pinwheels printable envelope by my little jedi Life's Little Celebrations provides inspiration to celebrate the little one's in your life! A blog overflowing with party inspiration & product recommendations for children’s party themes. Also offering custom inspiration boards & detailed custom themed inspiration packs e-mailed direct to you! Mention code SEPT15 to receive a 15% discount off our services for the month of September!

Oh So Chic and Cheap Dessert Table A budget friendly alternative! Creating a simple dessert table needn’t be complicated or take weeks in preparation for that matter. It is true, if you want to create a spectacular and very ‘attention to detail ‘ table say for a wedding or special event than you need time to design, plan and execute. However, for us time poor mums whipping together a stylish and inviting dessert table in a matter of hours is as simple as heading to the supermarket and scouring your home and garden, here are my tips on creating your own ‘{Chic and Cheap’ Dessert Table}: 1. Have a quick look around your home and see what colours you have the most of e.g. tablecloth, perhaps some left over decorations from a party and work out a colour theme. 2. Head to your local supermarket or bakery and buy yourself the most gorgeous looking cakes and pastries you can find. Woolworths and Coles and really amped up their bakery sections and a lot of t heir cakes are made freshly each day. Perfect! 3. You may wish to serve tea or coffee with your desserts but not always a necessity. On warm sunny day, your guests may just want a nice refreshing drink. Opt for iced water in a jug with fresh lemon slices or I have used S.Pellegrino sparkling water also purchased from Woolworths which the bottles are quite chic. 4. You can create a back drop with a piece of material, hang some streamers or shredded fabric or in this table I have used a large piece of ply wood I have at home. As there was no time to paint it, I have left it natural which I think in itself is a great look. 5. Use your own cake stands, plates or platters to place all your desserts on. Don’t have any? Plain white dinnerware always works. 6. If you are lucky enough to have a gorgeous garden with blooming flowers than cut yourself a bunch. If not, I also like to use little branches in a vase. You can also buy a small bunch of flowers from a local florist from about $6. 7. Some kind of centerpiece can also be used on the table as long as it suits your colour theme. In this dessert table I have used grapefruits from my tree in a footed bowl.

Use your own cake stands, plates or platters to place all your desserts on

“Head to your local supermarket or bakery and buy yourself the most gorgeous looking cakes and pastries you can find�

The desserts included a fresh vanilla cake, custard tarts, pecan danish tart, sugar doughnuts and white chocolate and macadamia nut cookies. Flowers were purchased from my florist and all desserts and sparkling water were from the supermarket. This sweet and simple dessert table caters for 6 – 8 people and cost me a mere $40. So next time you are having some friends over, why not spoil them with a little surprise dessert table.

Written by Thetis Sardo Little Sooti Events {}

Vintage bottles are a great way to embellish your sweet dessert table, position them next to your candy jars and fill with bright blooms for a more subdued vintage style candy buffet. I love the pastel hues of vintage bottles, you can use a variety of different sized and coloured glass bottles, or keep them all matching, it’s up to you. Few months ago while shopping at Ikea, i bought couple of glass bottles which i have used to decorate my market stall and also when styling dessert tables. Perfect for use as vases or as an eclectic element at your next special event. Vintage bottles can look effective If you have anywhere around your venue or outdoor space which will allow you to hang bottles, they make fabulous hanging decorations. Use the colours of flowers to tie in with your party colour palette. You can also use them to jazz up your dinner table and create an inspiring centrepiece your guests will love. Give the bottles a second life as vintage-inspired vases. Oh, the possibilities!

mix & match

lovely blooms

photography by vesna {mylittlejedi}

Pretty Little Mermaids Party Theme: Mermaids Mermaids! Colour Palette: Shades of pink and aqua Venue: North Manly, Sydney Izzy was born on the day The Pasha Bulker (freight ship) ran aground in Newcastle (NSW) due to a wild and raging storm. Every birthday since it has been wet so given we were virtually guaranteed rainy, cold, grey weather I thought we had to do something with water in the theme. Being a 4 year old girl, it had to be pretty and sparkly too. Mermaids were the perfect answer! This party would involve my three of my favourite things.. my girls, taking photos and making my husband sweat (nominated as the Pirate- described as his ‘worst nightmare’) ha! The house was decorated with mermaid tales and silver fish to create a ‘sea’ theme and to add a bit of sparkle too. We used a blue sequined cloth bought from Spotlight to create a sparkling sea effect. There was lots of beautiful paperie around the ‘mermaid cave’ that our house had become ~ all designed by ham&pea. We had a welcome sign and party signage, cake toppers, colouring in sheets, popper covers, chocolate wrappers, tea bag labels ~ you name it! All very stylish but still perfect for a child’s birthday party. Plenty of ‘Under the Sea’ games were played (Treasure Chest Dig, What’s the time Captain Feather Bom?, Pass the SeaParcel) with a colouring corner that also involved making crowns and necklaces with gems and jewels found at the bottom of the treasure chest. The party came to an end after we ate from the Mermaid cake which had freckles for scales made by me. Yum! We are loving tricks like using a sequined table cloth for a sparkling sea effect and curling up ribbons for the mermaids big hair do.

Article written by Li-Ann Scott Photography: Little Love Photography ( Printables: Ham&Pea (

The house was decorated with mermaid tales and silver fish to create a ‘sea’ theme and to add a bit of sparkle too.

pretty little mermaid

Ham&Pea is a design and paperie company specialising in graphic design and illustration. They love working uniquely with customers to create designsthat reflects their style and the occasion. They also design Party Printables and have their own line of stationery products.

Bonjour Mademoisell�e

A little touch of vintage for your little celebration… If you are after a party theme for your little one's celebration which is classic, timeless & unique then a touch of vintage could be the perfect answer. Vintage themes remind us of a precious time in the past and invite our children & their friends to experience this during the celebration. So many themes work with a vintage style and here are a few ideas & products to start inspiring you:

hot air balloon A gorgeous theme filled with wonder is a vintage ‘hot air balloon’ theme. A sky filled with floating hot air balloons is one which catches the fascinated gaze of most children and this classic hot air balloon available from ‘MiniStyle’ would bring some of this sense of awe into the celebration. Suspend it surrounded by some cloud decorations or some hot air balloon wall decals to create a true up in the air effect!


ice cream and soda stand Another perfect theme for the warmer months to cool all the little one's down is a vintage “ice-cream and soda” party. Imagine a traditional ice-cream parlour and soda stand, classic ice-cream favours & toppings, wooden ice-cream spoons with cute cups & ice cold lemonade with retro straws! These vintage crates available from ‘Sharnel Dollar Designs’ would work not only as decorations but could be used to display items such as glass bottles, a selection of striped straws or your ice-cream cups, cones & spoons. Or use them to bring a vintage touch to the dessert table by using them under your platters & cake stands. (

vinatge mailbox These sweet ‘vintage mailboxes’ available from ‘The Little Big Company’ would work for a range of vintage themes such as a vintage travel theme for your little adventurer(think planes/trains or cute suitcases/globes/maps) or a lovely vintage pen & paper theme for your little creator & dreamer (featuring classic books, an antique typewriter & hand written notes). Fill the mailboxes with traditional lollies or perhaps a scroll and small pencil for a lovely take home favour. (

tricycle and kite Remind the little one's of classic outdoor fun with a tricycle and kite theme. A wonderful party theme for the summer months with a feel of sun, breezy afternoons and lots of smiles! This cute invitation is part of a printable set by ‘Style Me Gorgeous’ which will help set the tone for this party and keep everything looking coordinated and classic.


antique birdcages With the arrival of spring now is a lovely time for a vintage garden party. Envision lace, doilies, fresh flowers in apothecary bottles and the girls in pretty dresses and pearls! For a beautiful vintage item for this setting these stunning antique birdcages available from ‘Shoppe with Lily’ would look gorgeous as part of your outdoor decor. It is also an item which would look elegant in your garden all year round and suits any future tea party, garden party or birdy party theme in the future (

fabric bunting Share the delights of fairytales with a party based around these timeless classics in a vintage Storybook party. This gorgeous ‘Sleeping beauty & the good fairies’ bunting made by ‘Collecting Feathers’ is one of a range of buntings made using pages from the Golden Book series. It will make a unique feature for this theme and would continue to delight your little one when hung in their bedroom afterwards reminding them of these enchanted tales! (

So take hold of your little one's hand and step back in time - share with them some of the classic simplicities & beauties of the past as you celebrate them in the present! Visit us at for more inspiring product ideas for your little one's celebration, and detailed custom themed inspiration packs or custom inspiration boards e-mailed directly to you! Article written by Tanya Castellino of Little Life Celebrations

Sparkling Magic by Pinterest

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard, a collection of the things you love and lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover designs and get inspiration from people who share your interests. {Happy Pinning} Enjoy this divine {sparkling inspiration} board provided by {Pinterest}!

"Vintage Toile" the most admired design in the girls ranges features the unique rows of gorgeous ruffles,just stunning for any little princess!

Divine range by Petite Bijou Natalie is a Mum of two young children with a real passion for beautiful interiors! In a previous life, she designed and created bridal couture and from there my love of exquisite fabrics & design led her to create a company dedicated to beautiful children’s furnishings & accessories; ‘Petite Bijou’. The style behind all Petite Bijou ranges is a timeless French /Hamptons feel to create that classical style that won't date but will grow with your child through their stages and phases of life. The Girls current ranges feature playful traditional Toile prints to create that whimsical feel and are worked back with feature linen and velvet touches. "Vintage Toile" the most admired design in the girls ranges features the unique rows of gorgeous ruffles....just stunning for any little princess! The current Boys ranges were inspired by coastal France featuring the wide bold stripes and a stunning French Lighthouse print to either play up that Nautical style or even more of a classical polo look when mixed back with rattan and rustic wood. Petite Bijou also offer co-coordinating items to match all ranges and this also includes are playful Tee Pee's! {coming soon}



d lovely c o r





7 1. scrubble cushion set-; 2. skyline bed linen by dwell - 3. milly cot blanket -; 4. vintage letter - 5. crochet doily rug-; 6. freckle ottoman-; 7. bunk bed -

Stylish, educational gifts & nursery interior s for babies & children

Shop online info@sweetcreation ~ es/Sw eet-Creations/132691949898

typo graphy


vintage collection Olive's friend Pop is a collection of vintage-inspired, original clothing for little girls, a bit like modern-day heirlooms.

Š A n n e m a r iee k Va n D r i m m e l e n


Decorative Sticker ribbon Gift wrapping just got a whole lot cuter with these wonderful sticky ribbons from Japan. Oribbon is a sticky strip of paper that has been scored in many directions so you can fold it a number of ways. Create the sweetest three dimensional designs with just a few folds! This set comes with six strips in three different colours, as well as illustrated instructions on how to fold many gorgeous designs. This cute creation is by Azumi Mitsuboshi from Japan.

upon a fold tapehook Now here’s something for all you washi tape lovers out there. Although these look like washi tape they’re actually handy little hooks made of paper. This clever design by Torafu Architects is our new favourite way to hang keys, jewellery, stationery bits and pieces, well the list goes on and on! Tapehook is made of tracing paper, it’s surprisingly strong (max load 50g), and flexible, and comes with an adhesive backing for sticking onto walls. Surely paper products don’t get more inventive then this?! Brilliant and beautiful and made in Japan.

Educational Toys {Age 1-3years} {}

Musical Instruments made for small hands.

Cat and Dog puzzles to help with co-ordination as well as animal relations.

Building blocks to help learn stacking and the alphabet.

Activity cube with 5 sides of learning activities.

Crayons to help help with hand and eye co-ordination. To bring out their creative side. Article by Vicki of Shoppe Girls

Š A n n e m a r iee k Va n D r i m m e l e n

DIY coloured jars



1. Set your jars outside on some newspaper and spray the inside of each jar until it’s well coated . . 2. Some colours aren’t completely opaque, which means when you fill them with water and flowers the colour will be darkerand you’ll be able to see the stems and water through the paint.If you choose a semi-transparent colour add a. second coat of opaque white spray paint to the inside after the color coat is dry. 3. And one final tip, when you’re arranging your flowers, be careful not to scrape the inside of the jars with the stems otherwise the paint will come off. Happy spraying!



diy project by 100 layer cake

decorative glass

Tomas Kral uses traditional decorative techniques for crystal {cutting, engraving, gilding} to transform existing glass packaging, milk bottles or tomato sauce jars into work of art.

super cute diy Cupcake Toppers

Flags pinwheels mustache

flags 1. Punch an XL square from double-sided patterned paper. A lighter weight paper works best. 2. Cut a slit from each corner toward the center, being sure to stop short of center as shown. 3. Add a mini glue dot to the center of front. 4. Fold up one corner of each flap toward center and adhere onto glue dot. 5. Repeat for all flaps and top with mini button adhered with another glue dot. Press down at the center firmly with the end of a pen to achieve a strong seal. 6. With one final mini glue dot folded, adhere pinwheel to lollipop stick, bamboo skewer or toothpick.

pinwheels 1. Trim a half inch strip of patterned paper to double the length of desired flag. 2. Apply adhesive to back side of strip and fold in half onto bamboo skewer or toothpick and press to secure. 3. Trim off end of flag with pinking shears or edgers for easy decorative edge

mustache 1. Fold a sheet of stiffened felt (available at craft store) and place leaf shape from Flowers template along folded edge as shown. 2. Trace design with pen or disappearing ink marker. 3. Cut out shape while still folded. 4. Unfold to reveal mustache and adhere (or hot glue) to toothpick.

diy project by

Superhero Party Printables by My Little Jedi

Divine Twine


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