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Awareness Issue 2010

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LVGN Exclusive: NO H8 - Impacting our Nation





MAY - JUNE 2010

12 | NO H8… The NOH8 Campaign is a photographic silent protest ...

20 | Pride Radio Top 10… Pride Radio presents the Top 10

24 | Billie Myers… I remember, "Kiss the Rain", as the song ...

26 | My Hiv My AIDS… No matter why we walk, the important thing is


30 | Smile, you are on LVGN… Pictures


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of our community events. Check out Boozy B. & WTF pics

40 | Calendar of Events … Check out the daily events in the Vegas LGBT community

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44 | Map… LVGNS’ Map to Gay Vegas.



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LVGN would like to thank everyone for making the Fruit Loop After-Pride Block Party, a success. LVGN, the staff of Piranha, 93.1 The Party, and the events corporate sponsors, all worked (highly stressed) together to make the event possible. This event was literally taken right from the ‗drawing board‘ and made reality in less than a month. I would like to thank Paul San Felipo for being the instigator and main investor for the event. Also, Thank You to the other ―Loop‖ Business owners: Wes, Howard, Kay, and all of your staff for supporting it. Kristin W, personally is my favorite singer so I will cherish this memory my whole life. My favorite part of the whole event was sound check. We have now reached the sixth issue of LVGN‘s Little Black Book. I really would like to thank everyone, who has made the LBB, what it is today. I appreciate all the compliments and even more so the critiques made. Many of our readers have approached me, to acknowledge the changes made to improve the LBB, by taking our readers opinion into consideration. I would also like to note some changes made to LVGN. Our release date is now mid-month, this will allow us the ability to have current content, regarding events photos, in our magazine each month. I tried it out last month as a tester, and it worked. I also now title each issue with a theme. To show what direction




This month is our Awareness Issue. The LBB was originally designed with a specific ideal, I wanted to always follow. A guideline on how we portrayed our part of the LGBT Lifestyle. If you noticed we never list any classifieds, masseurs, or personal ads. This same ideal goes for any kind of activism. There is a thin line when It comes to activism and personal agenda. Also, so many times, the issue is actually overlooked and the focus is mainly on the activists, themselves. I may occasionally give my personal opinion, but I will not try to re-direct the readers opinion on any issues. There are so many others in similar positions, whose goal is to achieve just that. So I feel sometimes, it‘s a good escape to not have to stay focused on such ‗drawn out‘ issues. Some may disagree, but to remedy this, I released our Awareness Issue. With the addition of more columnists, some of our already established ones taking a different direction, and the different layout of each issue. I‘m making it, ―Aware‖, for you, our readers. I hope

you enjoy .

―have to appreciate the Eagle .... got both my boozy bitch and W.T.F. pics for next month all within 10mins of each other”.. Las Vegas Gay --- LVGN Little Black Book lol every time i hear our radio promo on 93.1 I can't stop clapping like a psycho person.. ahh the simple things bring me joy LAS VEGAS GAY NEWS.COM

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Ok… So ‗LezBeHonest‘ — Af t er

By: Meckell Milburn

leaving Dinah, SweetHeat, or a Pride in Anywherebut-here City, USA, it‘s easy to feel as though Vegas‘ lesbian scene pales in comparison to that of other cities. In reality, we are well on our way to establishing a pleasant little ‗dykey‘ oasis in the midst of our desert.

We sit at a critical point in the timeline of gay Vegas pride. We have come a long way since 1983 and it‘s only getting better from here. I mean, I‘m sure some of you are sick of running into your ex at every ―girl night‖ in the city and there are some of you that have been dodging the same chick you hooked up with when The Cave was still around. What can you do? The community is small. But even under these circumstances we can still see the growth the Las Vegas Lesbian community has had over the years. Women from every walk of life can now feel comfortable among women with similar interests. We have organizations like the Betty‘s Outrageous Adventure ( that have been around since 2000 for those sporty dykes that like outdoors and fun group activities. If your idea of a good time involves a drink in one hand (or both if your courageous) and music blasting in the atmosphere, Candybar (3663 Las Vegas Blvd), Candy Kisses (3400 S. Jones), and Lipstick (3430 E. Tropicana) are all happening weekly right in your ‗gayborhood‘. Ladies even have a mainstream spot to call their own, monthly at Ghostbar in the Palms, if upscale is more your style!




One of the newest editions to the scene, started late 2009, is a social networking site and then some, With over 500 members to date, this site hosts monthly meet & greets, parties, familyfriendly events, and makes it a priority to support any and all events that we are involved in throughout the city, and believe me, us lesbians are everywhere! My advice- toss any distrust or lack of faith you may have in our community and get out and support these endeavors! What a wonderful time to be out and proud in Vegas!? We are all part of this fast-growing and well developing scene right now. Who Knows? In the next few years, women across the nation may be setting their Olivia Cruise money aside to come and party with us! Then you can really kiss seeing the same old faces goodbye‌ all you‘ll have to do is sit back and relax, as thousands of women (untouched territory, might I add) pour into the city for you to enjoy.

Writer chose to remain anonymous‌‌.. Waiting in line, the anticipation builds. A man in all black asks for my government issued proof of age, so I hand him my state license. He quickly glances at it and gives me the motion that tells me it's okay to walk in. As the doors open, the smells of chlorinated water and vodka fill the air. The people by the bar look bored, the place is dead. Little did I know, not many places really have much of a crowd at 11 p.m. They open the before closed sections of the bar, suddenly a crowd fills the space. A circle of men and boys surrounds the dance floor to watch the never-ending drag show; I make my way to the bar. An endless sea of hair gel, over-embellished premium denim and graphic v-neck tees, the feelings of inadequacy were inevitable. With hair so short, gel is unnecessary. My Seven jeans weren't embellished enough and the v-neck I was wearing had no graphic design. Dancing and drinking the night away, I somehow made it to the VIP section. Climbing the stairs was the most difficult task; alcohol consumption really impairs balance and depth perception. Thinking about that experience, the next thing that came to mind was Rage in West Hollywood. The endless staircase and hallway to the upstairs section was eerily pleasant. There is something about a long hallway that makes the idea of a set of twin ghosts appearing seem like more of a possibility. Feeling a need for change and the possibility of a new love interest are motivation enough to relocate, even considering the advice multiple people give. Page 10


―Don't ever relocate for someone else,‖ they would say. I never have been the type to listen to others' advice.

Now I find myself in a new city, knowing only a few people I can count on one hand. There are video poker machines everywhere to keep me preoccupied. From gas stations to grocery stores, you are never too far to scratch that gambling itch. The closest thing we had in Los Angeles was the California Lottery, but it's not as interactive. Living in Las Vegas is like living in a movie, a bad movie that never seems to end. Most of the characters lack substance, the scenery, picture quality is bad, and the dialogue consists of, ―Hey, what's your name? Wanna have sex?‖ I usually respond with, ―My name is not important and no, I do not want to engage in sexual intercourse with you, but thanks for the compliment.‖

NO H8 Cam

On November 4, 2008, Proposition 8 passed in California, amending the state Constitution to ban same-sex marriage. The NOH8 Campaign is a photographic silent protest created by celebrity photographer Adam Bouska and partner Jeff Parshley in direct response to the passage of Proposition 8. Photos feature subjects with duct tape over their mouths, symbolizing their voices being silenced by Prop 8 and similar legislation around the world, with "NOH8" painted on one cheek in protest.

Today, the NOH8 Campaign has grown to over 4,000 faces and continues to grow at an exponential rate. The campaign began with portraits of everyday Californians from all ‗walks of life‘ and soon rose to include politicians, military personnel, newlyweds, law enforcement, artists, celebrities, and many more. The NOH8 Campaign has received overwhelming support from around the world, appearing on various local and national news programs and publications. The images can now been seen throughout many different media outlets including social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Funds raised by the Campaign will be used to continue promoting and raising awareness for Marriage Equality and anti-discrimination on a global level through an educational and interactive media campaign. Page 12


mpaign Rickey: Tell me what were your initial thoughts when you took your first picture for the cause? Did you ever think that you would end up creating such a worldwide movement? Adam: It started of as a small project in our living room but as we saw people using the idea on their Facebook and other social networking we decided to use that as leverage to expand our campaign into different areas and cities. Showing this is a worldwide issue of civil rights and not just a marriage equality issue in California. Rickey: So how do feel about all of the celebrities and public figure that are being so supportive? Adam: Yeah, it been great because at first, we were reaching out to a few people but now if you look we have a lot more of them reaching out to us now. Just to name a few off the top of my head I recently took photos of Isaiah Washington, Kathy Griffin, Jane Lynch, the Kardashians, Dr. Drew, Adam Corolla, Kristen W, Gloria Allred, Perez Hilton its just been a range of people. Its just been great because they not only want to lend there face to the cause they want to go one step above that however in whatever way they can using the resources they possess in the fields they are in. Rickey: I saw that you recently had a photo shoot with Billie Myers. She is being featured in this issue of Little Black Book as well. LAS VEGAS GAY NEWS.COM

Page 13

NO H8 Adam: Yeah I think we just shot her a few months ago. Rickey: Do you have any photo shoots that really stick out in your mind or that you would consider your favorite? Adam: It is hard to pick a favorite I enjoy shooting the diversity of everyone but I really did enjoy shooting Cindy McCain**. Because I think, it was unexpected and it is good for many people, to see her standing up for what she believes in regardless of all other preconceived ideas. Another person I mention a lot that I thought was really cool to shoot was the lead singer of Anthrax, Scott Ian who came to me to pose. It was completely spontaneously and unexpected driven by the cause alone and no other reason which was cool.

**Cindy McCain is the wife of Senator John McCain. John McCain opposed gay marriage during his 2008 presidential run and his wife rarely speaks out on particular issues. McCain's office issued a statement saying that the senator respects differences of opinion between his family members, but still "believes the sanctity of marriage is only defined as between one man and one woman." The McCain’s daughter, Meghan, has been outspoken in her support of gay rights, and currently features her own shot from the NOH8 campaign as the background on her twitter page.

Campaign Rickey: Are you excited about the growth of the movement, which started in a small studio and expanded: to a city, to a state, then a nation, and soon the world? Adam: It is overwhelming and would not be what it is without the over four thousand faces we have supporting the cause and wanting to make a change. I am thankful to everyone already involved and those that are now starting to. You can find more information on the NOH8 Campaign @ You can also follow them on MySpace/Twitter/ Facebook: NOH8Campaign.

Update: April 2010: A measure to repeal Proposition 8 has failed to gather enough signatures to qualify for the 2010 ballot. Equality California and other groups plan a major repeal effort for 2012. The chance for the repeal being a success will be greater in the 2012 presidential election, with its expected higher turnout of younger voters. These voters are expected to more likely to support same-sex marriage. LAS VEGAS GAY NEWS.COM

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I‘m itching. Not the, ―I need a trip to the free clinic‖ type of itch, but that overwhelmingly instinctive gut feeling that I must entitle this ―Bleeping With Tom.‖ Care to know why? BeBy Tom Moilanen cause I used to write a gay porn movie review column for another – how shall we say – publication of this very sort, and that discourse was called ―Peeping With Tom.‖ Given our litigious society, it would be no surprise that I might receive a knock on my door from some opportunistic attorney (kind of redundant, wouldn‘t you say?), threatening me with copyright infringement. Over my own title, no less. So how appropriate to alter the sucker to ―Bleeping?‖ I suppose you could try ―Sleeping With Tom,‖ but that‘s been done before. And let me tell you, those who did wound up in therapy. On psychoactive drugs. Confined to little white jackets with one big arm that wraps around the back. Forever terrified of sex. In fact, so permanently damaged that the mere thought of a naked male body resulted in selfmutilation, if not attempted suicide. Want to make a quick buck? Buy up all the Pepto-Bismol stock, and then take out billboard space featuring me in the buff. We‘re talking instant retirement. Therefore, in my concern for the collective good, ―Bleeping With Tom‖ it is. Take that however you‘d like. Do a little censorship if I utter a profanity. Cover your eyes if a racially insensitive comment sneaks its way in. Shove some cotton in your ears if I say something politically incorrect. And lop off your tongue, especially if you find yourself repeating any of this nonsense. Do you realize I‘m 285 words in and haven‘t said a Goddamned thing of value? Think I could have contributed to the healthcare bill? How about a corporate policy handbook? Maybe an accounting statement from the Mormon Church? They all have something in common, you know: meaningless, connotative language, oppressively restrictive regulations, and money. Lots of money. Especially the Mormon Church. Page 16


The dry cleaning bill alone for all that magic underwear has got to run into a few sheckles. They also share one other characteristic: My intense dislike that borders on hatred. Yeah, hatred. You know; that universal human emotion we‘re supposed to pretend we don‘t have? That feeling of sheer revulsion that is perfectly normal, yet portrayed as something bad? That internal shudder whenever you see the words ―Harry‖ and ―Reid‖ in the same sentence? Since this is supposed to be about porn, perhaps I should bring up (as it were) a popular performer known as Barrett Long. He‘s been on the scene perhaps a year or so, and seems to be cranking out flicks faster than I can alienate editors. He works for Dink Flamingo, the old-time director who is famous for filming somewhat reluctant military dudes? Whose new production company is called Dirty Bird Pictures, which has spruced up his homegrown goodies into the realm of full-blown features? Yes, there‘s a pun waiting to happen. Be my guest. Just know it‘s been done. A lot. Like Shelley Winters before she discovered fried chicken. Dink and his Dirty Bird Dozen is perhaps most notorious for taking Brent Corrigan under their wing, so to speak. They did a couple of excellent flicks together, then, poof! Brent showed up on someone else‘s menu. Hey, if director Bobby Garcia was still around it could‘ve been El Pollo Loco, but I‘d better cool it with the racial references and the poultry jokes. Continued on Page 37 LAS VEGAS GAY NEWS.COM

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LAMBDA Holds A COMMUNITY MONTHLY LUNCHEON . LAMBDA coordinates and participates in many special events each year to help Members grow their businesses, provide networking opportunities in the community and to be an example of UNITY in the community. Monthly Mixers are opportunities for Members to showcase their business. One Member each month sponsors a Mixer. Those who attend have the opportunity to get acquainted with the business, its location, and other

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KPLV-HD 93.1HD2 Brings us the top 10 hits. You can listen to all of these Songs, watch videos and more. Listen on 93.1HD2

#1 Naturally

Selena Gomez & The Scene

#2 Need You Now Lady Antebellum

#3 Bleeding Love Leona Lewis

#4 OMG

Usher (f.

#5 Halo


Get your Pride Radio ―PRIDE PASS‖ and get the updates. Check out: Pride Radio‘s Website…..

#6 U + Ur Hand P!nk

#7 With You

Chris Brown Page 20

Top 10 List is Compiled from Pride Radio Las From „ON Demand‟ requests. LITTLE BLACK BOOK

#8 Bulletproof La Roux

#9 Glamorous Fergie

Videos on Demand

#10 Lost Without U iheartradio Live

Robin Thicke

―Gay Travel‖ launches the search for America‘s FIRST ―Gay Travel Guru.‖ More than an awesome job, it‘s an opportunity to travel around the US, Canada and Mexico and get paid to do it. I have the task of hosting launch parties in the HOTTEST cities across the country (poor me =p) to spread the word and find applicants. Looking for your big break? This could be it! The press and online followers will be tracking your every move. This could be your path to becoming the next …hmmm … Anderson Cooper?

So who is the ideal Gay Travel Guru? Are You The Chosen One? So who is the ideal Gay Travel Guru? He or she has to be adventurous, a great communicator and social media savvy. Once selected, the Guru will spend six months traveling across North America, sharing his/her adventures through social networks about how to ―travel queer anywhere.‖ He/she will receive a $30,000 salary for the six-month period, a stipend for each trip to cover meals and other miscellaneous costs, and company paid airfare, hotel stay and transportation. So if you‘re out of work or hate your job, stop bitching about the bad economy. This is your chance to get the job of a lifetime! Page



From April 30 – August 2, interested applicants will write travel reviews, post photos, videos, tweets, and use word-ofmouth to demonstrate why they are the perfect candidate for the job. As the online resource for news about the most fabulous destinations in the world, will use its own social community, Meet, other popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, public voting, and a questionnaire and job application to select its Gay Travel Guru. Applicants can find complete rules, details regarding each round, and learn more about the opportunity @ www.lasvegasgaynew gaytravel The name of the Gay Travel Guru will be announced on August 2. The job will begin soon thereafter. Take The First Step! If you‘re a social butterfly and want to apply in person, join me at one of our launch parties. Go to to find out where I‘ll be. Want to soak up sun (and stares) on South Beach? Or take to the slopes in Aspen, home of the legendary Gay Ski Week? Prove to us that you have a unique voice and that we should pay YOU to embark on the job of a lifetime, as America‘s FIRST Gay Travel Guru. LAS VEGAS GAY NEWS.COM

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I remember, "Kiss the Rain", as the song constantly playing in my car driving around in high school in the late 1990s. Still considering my sexuality, the song helped me battle those internal demons when it came to self-realization of what road I would choose to walk. The singer Billie Myers is the artist who created that iconic song. Her album "Growing Pains" sold millions of copies turning Billie into a Platinum recording artist and cataAfter a seven-year hiatus, Myers is pulting her at the top of the returning to the music scene with a charts. new album, "Tea and Sympathy". Also she is for the first time, breaking her silence on depression - a silence that nearly cost her, her own life. Now having bounced back on her feet again, the singer has much to smile about these days. Her new album, "Tea and Sympathy", in less than 24 hours of its online release, impressively scored a #15 spot on the iTunes Singer/songwriter chart. The envelope pushing musically expansive new CD features collaborations with such highly acclaimed songwriters as Peter Vale, (Lemar, Beverly Knight) Marcella Detroit, (Shakespeareâ€&#x;s Sister, Eric Clapton) and Kristen Hall, (Sugarland). While staying true to the expressive vocals and incisive lyrics that have earned her a loyal fan base and ongoing critical acclaim, Myers has broken new ground musically. Working with UK producer Dee Adam, Myers has fashioned a unique collage of sound that intertwines electronica, trip-hop beats, and bluesy guitars around her live acoustic/rock roots. Not to mention the success she is enjoying as an independent artist who admiringly embraces the DIY approach. Having formed her own record label Fruit Loop Records, after being dropped by Universal. Page 24


RS & SYMPATHY” Interview with Bille Myers

She is the perfect example of how modern technology can and should be utilized to not only secure online presence and public exposure but as well how the internet offers a new distribution platform allowing indie artists to bypass the support of the major record labels.

Rickey - LVGN Congratulations on your album

Billie Myers TY

Rickey -LVGN

You can find out more info and listen to her music @ www.

So I have always liked your music. You can tell that you take moments from your own life to base your lyrics off of. On your new album, there is a track, Wonderful? The lyrics: "You say I wonder what you see in me…. And you don‟t need a parachute … the floor is just an open ground as if your floating on Cloud Nine. Then you have the song. Not another love song… with the opening words…. Sorry I could not make you fall in love and instead of flying you say, “clip my wings." What do you really think of Love?

Billie Myers When I think of love … I think it is like you‟re falling…. When you jump out of a plane, you require such trust with whomever you are skydiving with. And when you are in love, you trust that person completely. But that love goes away and you realize the person you are with is not the same person you idolized and so you do, in a way, sort of crash and burn. Read Complete Interview @ Las Vegas Gay

Evading categorization, non-conformist, Billie Myers truly puts herself out there in a way that artists rarely do today making her music as essentially now as it ever has been. Yet for Myers her musical journey will forever be evolving. LAS VEGAS GAY NEWS.COM

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After the Walk, Where Do We Go? As I was walking Capitol Hill, I was thinking about all of those walking in Vegas for the same cause that I was. HIV/ AIDS is a cause that has been on many people‘s minds this month. It is the time of year that we all come together from every walk of life to walk together for a cause that affects us all. Each one of us walks for a reason. For some of us, we walk for our lives. Those of us that are infected want to show gratitude to those helping the efforts. Others walk in memory of those they have lost. And many people walk to support the cause for their own personal reasons. No matter why we walk, the important thing is that we all walk together. But after the walk is over and the red shoe strings come off, when do you think about HIV/AIDS again? I know for myself, I think about it every day since I live with the disease. I am not the only one in Vegas either. There are over 6,000 people infected in the Las Vegas area. And each of us has a story to tell. I tell my story as often as I can, that is why instead of being in Vegas for the AIDS Walk; I am in DC for AIDS Watch. To me it is important to tell my story to congress so that they can see a face to the disease when they make decisions that affect us all in the country. But as I was at a board meeting this morning, my mind was in Vegas walking with those that have been there to support me and those that I have helped. Then it came to me, as I was sitting there I was helping everyone affected in Vegas by representing the State on the Board of Trustees for the National Association of People with AIDS. I am the first person to represent the state and I am proud to do my part to make a difference. Page 26


As the new outreach columnist for Little Black Book, I am going to challenge myself and all of the readers. Don‘t let the Las Vegas AIDS Walk only be the one time a year that you use your red shoe strings. Keep them on! Keep them on by talking about HIV prevention, looking for ways to get involved, and if you are infected do your part to help in which ever capacity you can. HIV/ AIDS is not going away. So why have we stopped talking about it? From here on out I will be writing about what is going on locally and nationally regarding the disease. Please, if you have anything you want to share about HIV/AIDS contact me at Thank you though! Thank you AFAN for bringing the community together around HIV/AIDS. Thank you to all of the participants that walked. And thank you to all of you living with the disease and not giving up! Anthony Polimeni Founder of My HIV, My AIDS Board Member of the National Association of People with AIDS


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W. T . F.

Page 34



In fact, you could call it fowl humor, but that would be giving me more of a leg up than I deserve, or that anyone else should observe. Nevertheless, you must remain abreast of the situation. Barrett Long has done somewhere around 22 installments, and – like Nancy Pelosi – his ubiquitous presence has led to a disturbing relevance. He happens to have an enormous Johnson, as ―those people‖ would call it, yet said member has its very own eyelid. Or turtleneck. Or any other unsophisticated euphemism you can come up with for ―uncircumcised.‖ Most of his movies contain three lengthy scenes, at least one of which is usually solo. This is a no-no, and a director with Flamingo‘s creds should know that. Give us at least five; keep them quick to avoid the inevitable boredom, and leave that solo business to the jazz sax players or rock guitarists. If I want to see a pitiful excuse for masturbation, all I need to do is look down. Or listen to an Obama oration. One last snarky comment: Dink, please package Barrett‘s discs in box covers that possess distinctive characteristics. They all have the same format, colors, pseudo-classy cursive font, and semi-formal photography. I understand that the consumer brain responds to the consistent logo, but when you can‘t distinguish between installments four and fifteen, you may want to re-examine your marketing. Porn is about the visual, and getting all Shakespearean doesn‘t bode well for the average, uh, Johnson. Thanks for letting me scratch this burning desire to Peep….er, Bleep. I think we‘ll stick with Uncle Tom‘s Crabbin‘ as the official title. They can‘t sue me for that, although I‘m sure the left-of-center language police would love to stifle my pen. Or at least put me in one.


Page 37

ARIES Is your relationship driving you to drink? Save that bottle of Mondovi for a special occasion. Single? Go ahead and down that bottle of Petron, that is your special occasion .

TAURUS Relationship problems? Get in line. A decision this month is the last you'll have to make for a while. (Yay!) Single? Troubled relationships should be last on your mind, especially with that well endowed someone you seem to like.

GEMINI Put on your best dress and flirt. Don‘t try a new hairstyle till late May. Trust me, you'll appreciate this advice. If you're single, the love problems are passing and a new person arrives early June.

CANCER Thinking about relationship problems won't fix them. Decide what you want and stick to it! However, a relationship might not be what you should get into now, especially if you‘re broke.


If you recently broke up with your lover, I know it's hard; so find a hottie to help you get over it. Not all stories have happy endings. You saw it cuming. And you knew that afterglow stuff isn‘t all it‘s cracked up to be.

SCORPIO Romantically, plan for fewer fights with your lover. All those dumb arguments will come to an end. If you're single, damn, it's on! Don't scare them away with that horny attitude.

SAGITTARIUS Now is the time to get back together with an old love. You'll be lucky in love this month. Try someone out of your preference. You might just find someone you'll be more into. You‘re going to have a great summer

Page 38


AQUARIUS Who do you think will be the most popular queen this month? YOU! Go out more this month as the universe says it's a good time for you to meet someone new. Sparks will fly off you two, like worn out speakers owned by an Elvis impersonator.

CAPRICORN If you run into an old flame, don‘t rekindle the relationship before finding out if they're still into you and single. It might work this time. If you're single, wear your best this month; you don't want to get caught with dirty underwear.

LEO Socialize and you might find someone meaningful this month. If you're in a relationship, screw you! You seem to have a better relationship than anyone. Want something exciting? Try a natural male enhancement product.

LIBRA Give your lover that extra attention they want. You'll be getting in deeper with them. If you're single, meet someone new this month. Go shopping. Get a new outfit as it will bring you luck.

PISCES You need to get out more. How are you going to find love at home? Not all cable guys are gay and there are so many times you can call the cable company to switch out your box and hope the cable man take your box and supply you with his. LAS VEGAS GAY NEWS.COM

Page 39

Key Drks = Drinks HH = Happy Hour LBBust = Liquor &Beer Bust BBust = Beer Bust Undrwr = Underwear Tourney = Tournament Drg = Drag


Temptation @ Luxor hosted by J.Son 1-7p Blue Moon Men‟s Resort

Backdoor-2-4-1 Drks 10p-4a Badlands-2-4-1 Drks 4p-7p Buffalo-5a-7a/12a-2a $1.75Beer $2Well Charlie‘s-Something Different 10p-? Escape-2-4-1 Drks 5a-7a/ 3p-5p Flex-2-4-1 Drks 4p-7p Movie Night w/ Joey Freezone–HH 4p-8p Bust 8p-1a Fun Hog Ranch-$1.50 LT 9p-2a Goodtimes-2-4-1 Drks 5a7a/ 5p-7p Krave - Check for Specials Lipstick-301 Dart Tourney starts @ 7p LV Eagle– Beer Pong w/Travis @ 7p-? 301 Dart Tournament starts @ 7p Onyx Theatre-Vegas Improv @ 8p

Piranha Nightclub - Circus Snick‘s Place-Darts @7 $5/$6/$7 Bust Specials beer/ well/ mixed 7p-10p

Spotlight -$5BBust 6p-9p Graves $2 LT

Backdoor-Noches Latina 10p-6a Badlands- $7 LQ Bust 7p-12a Buffalo-HpyHour, $5 beer bust 9p-1a Charlie‘s-$10 LQBust 9p-12a Escape–2-4-1Drks 5a-7a/ 3p-5p Flex-2-4-1Drks 4p-7p Confessions w/

Backdoor-2-4-1Drks 10p-12a Badlands-2-4-1Drks 4p-7p Buffalo-5a-7a/12a-2a $1.75Beer $2Well Charlie‘s-2-4-1Drks Escape-2-4-1Drks 5a-7a/ 3p-5p Flex-2-4-1 Bud all day HH 4p-7p

JewDi Vine feat. DJ Ricoche

Boom Boom Room w/ Diva Toxx

Freezone– Drag Show & BBust 8P-1A Fun Hog Ranch– HH 3p-7p Gipsy-Crash HipHop DJ MikeySwift@ 11p Lipstick—Undrwr Nite Bust Special Goodtimes–2-4-1 Drks 5a-7a/ 5p-7p

Freezone-Naked Boy Frat Party Beer Bust 9:30P-2A $7 LQBust

Fun Hog Ranch-- $5/$10 Bust 9p-2a HH 3p-7p

Lipstick—Open 6p-1a Latin Ladies Goodtimes–HH 2-4-1 5a7a/5p7p Krave– Thurstdaze LBBust LV Eagle-$5 LBBust 12p-5p /10p-2a

Vaquero Night LQBust 10p-3a Krave-Flesh and sKizoFrenia

LV Eagle–Undrwr Nite LBBust 10p-3a Onyx Theatre-Naked Boys Singing

Gong Karaoke @ 9p-?

Piranha Nightclub– 2-4-1 Bottles Svc Snick‘s Place-HH 2a-4a/ 2p-5p Spotlight– Latin Night $5 LBBust 10p-1a

Tickets $20 for locals @10P Piranha Nightclub-CoCo Vega @11:30 Check for Specials Snick‘s Place-HH 2a-4a/ 2p-5p

Spotlight– Check for Drink Specials 1a Free Bust In Undies





Backdoor-Karaoke w/2-4-1Drks 10p-12a $10 Buckets Budlight Badlands-2-4-1 Drks 4p-7p

Buffalo-HH, $5 BBust 9p-12a Charlie‘s-Drg. Queen Bingo @ 9p-? Escape-2-4-1 Drks 5a-7a/ 3p-5p Flex–2-4-1 Drks 4p-7p Undwr nite 10p2a Freezone– Ladies Nite BBust 8p-1a Fun Hog Ranch- $5/$10 Bust 9p-2a HH 3p-7p Goodtimes– 2-4-1 Drks 5a7a/ 5p7p

Krave- $2 Martini /Check for Specials Lipstick-6p-1a MegaTouch Contest

LV Eagle– Karaoke @ 10p-? Piranha Nightclub– Latinos Noches Snick‘s Place– HH 2a-4a & 2p-5p Spotlight-$5BBust 12p-4p 2-4-1 Drks 4p7p Graves $2 LT

Backdoor-Undrwr Night 241Drks Badlands-2-4-1 Drks 4p-7p Buffalo-HH 5a-7a 12a-2a $1.75Beer$2Well Charlie‘s–Underwear Night Escape-2-4-1 Drks 5a-7a/ 3p-5p Flex–2-4-1 Drks 4p-7p Welfare Wed. @ 12a Freezone– BBust 8p-1a Fun Hog Ranch-$1.50Ritas 9p-2a HH 3p-7p

Goodtimes-2-4-1 Drks 5a7a/ 5p7p Karaoke w/Shiela @9p-1a Krave-‖So you think you can strip?‖

Lipstick-Undrwr Night Free Bust 7p-3a LV Eagle-Undrwr Night Free Bust 7p-3a Contest @245a

Onyx Theatre-Karnival 1st Wed @9p Piranha Nightclub-Ladies Night Snick‘s Place-HH 2a-4a/2p-5p Spotlight-$1.50 Screws & Ritas 8a-4p $2 LT 9p-12a

Backdoor-Noches Latina 10p-6a Badlands- $7 BBust 7p-12a Buffalo-5a-7a/12a-2a $1.75Beer $2Well Charlie‘s-$10 BBust 9p-12a Escape-2-4-1 HH 5a-7a /3p-5p Flex-2-4-1 HH 4p-7p $1 Wells 9-11P

Ntoxxxicated 11P Freezone-– Drag Show & BBust 8P-1A Fun Hog Ranch-Open 24/7 Gipsy-Ghost Machine-Goth Night @ 11p Goodtimes–Noche Caliente 10P Lipstick– $5 LBBust 12p-5p 10p-2a LV Eagle- -$5 LBBust 12-5P & 10P-2A 3rd Saturdays Sin City Chubs Onyx Theatre– $10 Rocky Horror 1st& 3rd SAT NakedBoys @10p $20tix 4 locals Piranha Nightclub-CoCo Vega @11:30 Guest DJ‘s/ Check for Specials Snick‘s Place-$5/$6/$7Bust 9p-1a Spotlight-$5 BBust 1p-4p, 12a-3a Free Bust In Undies, 6p-10p Couples drink 2-4-1 Heaven– Bare Pool Bar 10p inside Mirage Casino

Backdoor-Noches Nortenas $10BBucket Badlands-$5 BBust 9p-12a Miss Frankie Unplugged 9p-12a Buffalo-no HH, $5 Beer Bust 4p-7p Charlie‘s-$5Bust 4p-7p, 3-4-1 Drinks 2p4p Show @9p-? Escape-2-4-1Drks 5a-7a/3p-5p Kroke 9-1a Flex–2-4-1 Bloody Mary‘s Freezone-BBust 8p-1a FunHog Ranch- $5 BBust 6p-9p Gipsy– Last Sunday Illusions w/Shannel Goodtimes– Showtune Sun. 12p-4p Lipstick- $5 LBBust 12p-5p 10p-2a Krave– SINdaze Hosted by JewDi Vine LV Eagle-$5 LBBust 12p-5p 10p-2a Onyx Theatre-Naked Boys Singing @3p Tickets $20 for locals Piranha Nightclub-Latin Night Snick‘s Place 8a-2p $5/$6/$7 Bust Deals 9p-2a Check for Specials Spotlight-$1.50 Bloody Marys 8a-4p $5 Beer Bust 4p-7p 2 L.I. Tea ‗s 6p-10p Revolution Lounge-ClosetSun 10p Inside Mirage Casino $5 Vodka Drks


Page 41

Las Vegas Eagle Backdoor Lounge 1415 E. Charleston 702-385-2018

Badlands Saloon 953 E Sahara #22 702-792-9262

Buffalo 4640 Paradise Rd. 702-733-8355

Charlie‘s Las Vegas 5012 Arville 702-876-1844

Escape Lounge 4213 W. Sahara Ave. 702-364-1167

Flex 4371 W. Charleston 702-385-FLEX

3430 E. Tropicana 702-458-8662

Las Vegas Lounge 900 E. Karen 702-737-9350

Piranha & 8 1/2 Nightclub 4633 Paradise Rd. 702-791-0100

Lipstick (Lesbian) 3430 E. Tropicana 702-456-5525

Snick‘s Place 1402.1402 S. Third St. 702-385-9298

Spotlight Lounge 957 E. Sahara 702-696-0202

Fun Hog Ranch 495 E. Twain 702-791-7001

Free Zone

Blue Moon Resort

610 E. Naples 702-794-2300

2651 Westwood Dr 866-798-9194

Good times 1775 E Tropicana 702-736-9494

Krave 3663 Las Vegas Blvd 702-290-0436 Page


Onyx Theatre 953 E. Sahara #16 702-732-7225 LITTLE BLACK BOOK

Get Booked 4640 S Paradise Rd 702-737-7780

The Rack 953 E Sahara #16 702-732-7225

Price Video

New Finish Electrolysis (Permanent Hair Removal) 3850 E. Sunset Rd # G 702-338-1422

Allure Salon 2790 E. Flamingo Ste C & D 702-796-5015

700 E. Naples #109 702-734-1342

Studio 5 Sola Salons

Sinderella‘s Adult Supercenter

8680 W. Warm Springs 702-421-2742

5570 S Valley View 702-736-9700

Tux One and Bridal Galleria Tiger Lily Flower Shop 700 E Sahara 702-737-7077

4500 Charleston Blvd 2550 South Rainbow E– 8 & 9 702-878-TUX1 The Grape 6599 LV Blvd South B150 702.220.4727

The Samosa Factory 4604 W Sahara 702-285-9196

20% to 30% off Adult Store Prices

Secret Toy Supply

Gay & Lesbian Community Center 953 E Sahara # A19 702-733-9800

Community Counseling Center 1120 Almond Tree Ln 702-369-8700

Hawk‘s Gym 953 E. Sahara #35B 702-731-4295

Entourage 953 E. Sahara Ave., Suite A-19


Page 43

Commercial Center Badlands Saloon Las Vegas Lounge Onyx Theatre The Rack Spotlight

1 Backdoor 2 Charlie‘s 3 Escape

Men‘s Clubs

4 Fun Hog Ranch

Commercial Center

5 Flex

Entourage Hawk’s Gym


6 Goodtimes

Fruit Loop

81/2 Ultra Lounge Buffalo Free Zone Get Booked Gipsy Piranha Nightclub Price Video



7 Krave 8 Snick‘s Place 9 LV Eagle/Lipstick 10 Sinderella‘s 11 Samosa Factory


ai n





E Sahara

W Sahara

Commercial Center






W Desert Inn Spring Mtn.







6 Spencer



S Decatur


Maryland Pkwy

W Tropicana



Page 45


The Strip





W Flamingo


Valley View



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