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Fall 2014 News Contents

Connecting for Cancer Michael’s Mission, A Partner Update and Cancer Today Magazine Announce Partnership Welcomes New Board Members A Patient’s Story: Patricia’s Breast Cancer Story

Connecting for Cancer launched a new project this October, Connecting for Cancer. The project was designed to honor’s members, raise vital funds to support our mission and increase awareness about the programs and services offered by our organization to cancer patients, caregivers, family and friends. We chose the month of October to show our support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and also to honor all people affected by cancer.


Connecting for Cancer connected philanthropic businesses with cancer patients to match them with their greatest needs. All of the patients matched for the program are members of and use our site regularly to update family and friends on their progress, treatment

updates and overall wellbeing, as well as to coordinate volunteers and raise funds for their medical costs. The goal of the project was multifaceted; the participating businesses made a donation to to support our mission of providing free, personal and private websites to people affected by cancer. In addition, they donated their services to the patient they were matched with by To read about the patient’s stories and more about the philanthropic businesses, visit the www. website. You’ll hear about how Roberta Aberle, a featured blogger for



Connecting for Cancer, who received a new hair style from Harmony Salon, located in Denver, CO, after years of chemotherapy have left her hair in need of a makeover. Kelley Gleason was a patient featured as well. Frequent trips to treatment facilities have left her car in need of help and Shortline Auto Group of Aurora, CO donated a set of new tires and an oil change. Another patient that participated in Connecting for Cancer is Kris Pogue, who is connected to CliIntel, for meal delivery and professional family photography in honor of her brave fight with ovarian cancer. Our fourth patient

in Connecting for Cancer was’s very own, Tricia McEuen, in honor of her five year anniversary as a cancer survivor. Adjusting to her new normal, Tricia was paired with Crestone Capital Advisors for financial advising and expertise to get back on track after her breast cancer diagnosis. is grateful for the participation of businesses in Connecting for Cancer and invite you to learn more about the project! and Cancer Today Magazine Announce Partnership and Cancer Today magazine are pleased to announce their partnership that will continue each organization’s efforts of supporting people affected by cancer.

A strong support network can help cancer patients and caregivers navigate the emotional challenges that come with a cancer diagnosis. helps to facilitate and engage that support network.

Cancer Today magazine is published quarterly by the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) and is an authoritative resource for cancer patients, survivors and their family members and friends. In every issue, Cancer Today offers information and inspiration to help readers face the challenges of diagnosis, treatment, survivorship and caregiving.

Cancer Today and are working together to inform patients, survivors and caregivers know how each organization can provide resources and mutual support for people affected by cancer. To learn more about Cancer Today, please visit their website at or sign up for their free monthly e-newsletter to receive cancer resources, articles, and highlights from new Cancer Today issues and web exclusives.

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PAGE 2 Welcomes New Board Members announces the appointment of Monica Dosen, Lizzy Morton and Susan Rawley as the newest members to its Board of Directors. “These appointments reflect’s continued commitment to finding the very best community leaders to lead and guide our organization,” said Jason Wagner, Board President. “Their knowledge, skill and expertise will be invaluable to as we continue to develop and implement our strategic vision.” Monica Dosen is a Marketing Manager at Richey May & Co where she is responsible for developing and executing firm-side marketing plans and working closely with firm leadership to increase brand awareness and drive new client acquisitions. Monica earned a B.S. in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Susan Rawley is the Assistant Vice President, Relationship Manager - Lending at First Western Trust, Cherry Creek office. Susan earned her B.S.

degree from St. Mary’s College of CA and currently serves on the Central City Opera Association’s Board of Directors and is a member of the City Year Women’s Initiative Mentor Program. Lizzy Morton is Co-Editor/Manager for Cherry Hills Living magazine and The Preserve magazine. She previously worked as an attorney at Dorsey & Whitney LLP, focusing on Intellectual Property litigation and general commercial litigation. Lizzy earned a B.A. in International Studies and Political Science from Rhodes College and a Juris Doctor from University of Denver College of Law.




Michael’s Mission, A Partner Update Cancer Foundation partners with quality cancer organizations to mutually spread the word about the services our organizations provide to cancer patients and caregivers. We are proud to share exciting news about our partnership with Michael’s Mission, an organization devoted to improving the quality of life and treatment options for those living with colorectal cancer through education, research and patient support. Michael’s Mission launched a newly redesigned website in the Spring of 2014, providing a user-friendly “onestop shop” for colorectal cancer patients and their caregivers. They are offering’s free websites service to their users, as well as a robust Resource Library, Ask the Expert, My Colon Cancer Coach and other interactive services that assist patients and families as they navigate a CRC diagnosis.


Jodi Perlman, Director of Programs at Michael’s Mission says, “As a cancer survivor myself, I know only too well how overwhelming it can be to go through diagnosis and treatment, then be bombarded by well-intentioned individuals interested in your recovery and/or want to know how they can help. It can be comforting, but also exhausting! If I had known about, my journey would have been a bit less stressful.” Pearlman adds, “We were thrilled to become partners. We hope that by providing access to this program through our website, we are introducing the colorectal community to an amazing resource.” is excited about our partnership with Michael’s Mission, as we broaden our reach and touch more lives in the colorectal cancer community through this new resource. We encourage you to visit Michael’s Mission’s new colorectal cancer website at for colorectal cancer information. PAGE 3

A Patient’s Story, Patricia’s Breast Cancer Story Patricia wasn’t alarmed after she was asked to have a follow-up mammogram. She was still calm when they followed up with an ultrasound and needle biopsy, both of which she’d previously completed with normal results. It wasn’t until Patricia was introduced to a nurse navigator that she realized her medical team thought she had cancer. “I could’ve been knocked down with a feather,” Patricia remembered upon learning her diagnosis. “I never, ever contemplated having cancer.” The tumor was small, but somewhat aggressive, and her medical team told her that chemotherapy was a choice. She had to quickly make decisions on whether to have a lumpectomy or full mastectomy and what treatment plan she wanted to pursue for her Stage 1, Grade 2 breast cancer diagnosis. Patricia quickly gathered information from a variety of people to make decisions for her treatment. She met with a surgeon, collected advice from other breast cancer survivors and researched online to assist her with the decision-making process. “I was totally overwhelmed by how much I had to learn,” Patricia recalled. “It’s almost like getting a Ph.D. in breast cancer.” She ultimately decided to have a lumpectomy, intraoperative radiation and chemotherapy. Patricia was so terrified for her MYLIFELINE.ORG | VOLUME 1: ISSUE 3 | FALL 2014 NEWS

first treatment that she didn’t even want to go in the door. She knew she had to conquer her fear and although the chemotherapy was hard on her body, it wasn’t as bad as she thought it might be. “I’m pretty stubborn. I’d say ‘I can’t do this anymore’ but I knew I had to,” Patricia reflected. The number of people who said nothing about her cancer surprised Patricia. She understood that people often don’t know what to say so they say nothing at all, but now PATRICIA WINTER, MYLIFELINE.ORG MEMBER that she’s experienced cancer she has a better idea of that many people who cared what to say to someone facing a about me, even if they didn’t write cancer diagnosis. anything,” Patricia explained. “Even a hug is better than nothing,” Patricia advised. “Just acknowledge that you care and that you’re there to listen if they need someone to talk to.” Patricia learned about through a coworker and remembered being completely awed with the amount of support she received through her personal site. She invited only the people she knew would be supportive to follow her experience on

She used blogging to write about how she felt during the many ups and downs of her experience. “I really explored how I was feeling by writing. It was therapeutic. The feedback from friends was encouraging,” she reflected. Patricia’s advice to those facing a cancer diagnosis is to maintain a positive attitude. “Your attitude is the only thing you can control in an otherwise uncontrollable situation,” she said.

“I was very careful about whom I let read my blogs on my site, but I had thousands of visits during the time that I was blogging. It was huge knowing there were PAGE 4

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