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Topic choice All the pictures that I chose reflect the real life of me at Purdue University. And the eight pictures that I chose include my main life at Purdue. So in order to my life at Purdue, it is important to know where is the place that I am living, where is the bus stop that I can go to supermarket, the best place for me to eat food, the exciting football game, the Purdue tower, the sculpture of Armstrong, the Hicks library, and the first snowing day for me in Purdue University.

Design choices My main point of design choice is to combine the background colors with my pictures. So, it will be comfortable for audiences to look my pictures. In the photo of Hilltop, I used the red color as a background. This is simply because the color of apartments is red. Therefore I used the red color to make a contrast to apartments. So, it will be easier for audiences to focus on the picture. Another example is the picture of Purdue tower. As you can see, the main color of this photo is sky blue. In order to make a contrast which can allow audiences to focus on my picture, I used the blue color. For other design choices, I chose the comic word type to make the title and paragraph. Because I think this type of word is cute. I also made the size of word became 10 points. This is just the medium size of word. For the last point, I put all paragraphs under the pictures, so it is easier for audiences to look through.

topic choice  

this is the topic choice of my life at Purdue campus