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Sales of SIM only deals continue to grow through 2012 Industry research from telecommunications specialists GFK has demonstrated that sales in the commications industry have picked up month by month since mid 2011. SIM only deals have had particular success. 12 month SIM only contracts went up in popularity from 30% to 43% of total SIM only sales, while 30 day SIM only deals reduced accordingly. Sales for 3, 6 and 18 month SIM only contracts were all relivlty small as the majority of people opted for 12 month deals. The reason for the increased popularity of 12 month sim only contracts is attributed to the fact that it is a middle ground between the 1 month and 18 or 24 month contracts. Users aren’t committed as fully as with the longer contracts, however they still receive signicant discounts compared to the relivatly costly 1 month contracts. The increased range of offers from providers such as Orange, T-Mobile, O2, Three and Vodafone has also sputted increased sales. On top of this there are now a wide range of mobile phone handsets being sold without SIM cards, including the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy SII. This allows people to pick up a cheap handset, followed by a cheap SIM Only deal. New handsets from the likes of Apple and Samsung is a great thing as they offer a wealth of new and exciting features for users. The new releases such as the iPhone 5 will no doubt ensure that sales of new mobile phone handsets go well, but there will always be a strong demand for SIM only deals as well. Contracts such as the One Plan from Three or the Full Monty from T-Mobile provide users with the best value contracts that the market has ever experienced. Either way, whether you want a new handset or just a SIM only contract, you can’t deny the excellent range of tariffs that are currently available from websites such as MerryMobiles.

Sales of SIM only deals continue to grow through 2012