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Global SIM card announced A key result of the MWC (Mobile World Congress) was that AT&T declared that they have developed a new global SIM card which will enable their clients to use the same SIM card across the world with a range of mobile phone providers. It is expected that the sim card will be released in the USA first, followed by the UK, then the rest of the world. It will be available through sim only deals and pay monthly handset packages. The great thing about this announcement it that the new global SIM cards will allow users to keep the same sim and phone in a variety of countries across the world. Whereas before you have to swap sim cards when changing countries. This will come as great news for people who travel a lot such as international businessmen and women. The new global sim card will work with around 600 mobile phone providers across the world and will allow access to the internet, Wi-Fi, satellite and more. The new card has been in development for many years and is backed by worldwide monitoring and management services provided by AT&T Control Centre. The global sim card will be great for clients, but may be bad for businesses in the sense that less people will be buying new contracts such as sim only deals as they won’t need to but new sim card each time they visit a new country. This in turn will reduce sales and profits for the smaller businesses. Even with this disadvantage it is still a great development and will be beneficial for the industry in the long run. The global sim won’t be available for a while yet though, so for anyone looking for a new sim at the moment they may need to stick to the tried and tested sim only contracts that are offered by the major providers.

Global SIM card announced