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Using your own Device and accessing Wi-Fi at College. In this hand out, you will be shown how to use your own Device to access the Wi-Fi available within the college.

Press and drag downwards


Step 1: Unlock your screen and access the “Settings”. This can be done by either pulling down the top of the screen or by pressing on the. Either Method will allow access to the settings. Once you can see it press on “Settings” and you will be taken to the settings menu.


Step 2: You should see the heading “Wireless and Networks� and underneath you will find the Wi-Fi option. It is important to make sure that your Wi-Fi is turned on before attempting to access the networks, this is done by simply pressing where the button off.

Once you have turned on you Wi-Fi, press to the left of the on/off button to find a network to connect to.

You will then be taken to the Wi-Fi selection menu.

Step 3: you will be presented with a list of available networks; the network that you need to connect to in order to receive network and internet access is the network “BSC”. When you press it a menu will appear, scroll down to the button and you will be asked for both your “Identity” and “Password”

Your Identity is your Student number (the number on your student card) and your password is the same password you use to access the computers, your MLE and your Moodle at Barnet and Southgate College. It is important to note that if you change your password on the computer you will need to reconnect with the new one.

Simply enter both and press connect when finished.

Step 4: Your device should then begin authenticating the connection. After the few seconds, if everything is done correctly, your device should now be connected to the network.

You will now be able to use your device to access the internet.

Using your own Device and Accessing Wi-Fi  

A short tutorial on using your device to access the internet at the college.