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What you should know about LED Stadium Lighting, LED Street Lamps and Street Lights People worldwide are becoming more and more conscious of saving energy, not only for cost reasons but also to help the global environment. That is why choosing LED stadium lighting should be a well informed decision. There are many LED lighting guides online to help you make the right choice. LED stadium lighting delivers optimal performance as because it is easier for precise beam control which is required for most sporting events. With these you have a higher quality of light and lower energy consumption, and they eliminate the need for glare visors and control reflectors. Various facilities such as ball parks, municipalities, schools, stadiums and private sports complexes require lighting. LED stadium lighting is the best source of light for these large facilities many reasons. Because they only use 400 watts of power, there is a large reduction in the demand for metered power Because these are large facilities, it is a wise choice to use LED street lights for their parking lots as well. Parking areas are required to be well lit for safety, not only for drivers but also from criminals. LED lights make it lighter and brighter for better driving and less potential criminal activity.

LED street lights can keep streets well-lit at a reduced cost. Compared to traditional lighting for streets which usually have a reflector on the back side of a high pressure sodium lamp, the LED light casts its light in a rectangular pattern that helps conserve the light.

Many US cities have decided to replace their street lamps with LED street lamps. West Palm Beach recently transitioned its lights and replaced over 7000 bulbs. These LED bulbs are less costly, last longer, and are more energy efficient. Baltimore, Cleveland and Dallas have also gone green with lighting. Another advantage of an LED street lamps is that they are not affected by a drop in temperature, whereas fluorescent tubes are not suited to outdoor use in colder temperatures. Also, LED lights have a longer lifespan compared to fluorescent tubes that lose 20 minutes of life every time they’re switched on and off. The bulbs in LED street lights are expected to last 20 years, so high maintenance costs of replacing them are greatly reduced. With up to a 30 percent decrease in a home or business’s utility bills, LED lights are crucial for those who utilise a lot of light and want to minimize cost. Choosing lighting for your business or home is not always easy. There are many different types of lighting to choose from, however not all lighting is cost efficient or good for the environment. LED lighting is truly the way forward, with lower energy consumption, lower carb emissions, and lower cost overall. Visit us at for more information on how LED lights can save you energy and money. Contact Details: DRK Enterprises Inc 28 Lambie Circle Portsmouth, Rhode Island United States, 02871 Telephone No.: 1 888 423 3171

What you should know about LED Stadium Lighting, LED Street Lampsand Street Lights