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A Guide to Commercial LED Lighting, LED Grow Lights, and LED pars If you’re looking for lights in your office building, warehouse, or factory, consider commercial LED lighting. This type of lighting is known to have many advantages over other light sources such as a longer lifetime, smaller size, faster switching, and more importantly lower energy consumption. Invented by scientists in the 1960’s, commercial LED lighting has fast become the preferred choice of businesses, mainly for its eco-friendly components which help against the battle of global warming, and also saves them money by using a fraction of the energy of other lighting sources. Other industries can require a specific type of lighting. Take greenhouses for example; they require quality LED grow lights to provide the intense light needed to ensure their plants and flowers grow properly. If you’re looking to produce a high yield indoor garden at a low cost, then these lights are the best. The other benefits of LED grow lights are that they are warm to the touch but won’t burn plants, they contain no HID toxins, there is no high wattage cooling system needed, and you can save between 50 – 70% in energy costs. A further benefit is that these grow lights last six times longer than HID lights. Commercial LED lighting is also used inmany creative industries such as theatres, studios, movie sets, as well as by photographers and musicians. Think of the many lights involved in a theatre production, music concert or photo shoot and it’s easy to see why they need to be cost efficient when used so widely. For example, the lights used by musicians and theatres are called LED pars. DJ’s and clubs also use these lights to create an exciting and dynamic atmosphere. With these lights you can create multi-coloured effects, strobe lighting, electronic dimming,

and so much more to enhance the atmosphere. LED pars are installed inside par light cans, which protects them and makes them durable for traveling. They can be used in many different other formats, from lights in commercial and residential buildings to headlamps. These lights also have a parabolic reflector which helps you control the range of light. LED pars can be difficult to replace because they are set in recessed containers. Choosing LED bulbs over incandescent or halogen lights is recommended because they have a much longer lifespan. Unlike halogen bulbs, they give off a lower temperature which is much safer to prevent accidental fires. Choosing lighting for your business or home is not always easy. There are many different types of lighting to choose from, however not all lighting is cost efficient or good for the environment. LED lighting is truly the way forward, with lower energy consumption, lower carb emissions, and lower cost overall. Visit us at for more information on how LED lights can save you energy and money. Contact Details: DRK Enterprises Inc 28 Lambie Circle Portsmouth, Rhode Island United States, 02871 Telephone No.: 1 888 423 3171

A Guide to Commercial LED Lighting, LED Grow Lights, and LED pars  
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