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Score Your Sleep Hygiene

Often, it’s our sleep hygiene (sleep habits) that are part of the problem and make it hard for us to get to sleep. And can kick off as a vicious cycle.

Take our quick quiz to see how you score and how you can improve:

1. What activity are you most likely to do before going to bed? A: Have a warm bath B: Read a book and/or write in a journal C: Watch a DVD or TV show

2. Which is most likely to be your supper before bed? A: Milk (warm or cool) and a banana B: Wine or beer with cheese and crackers C: A cappuccino and a few squares of dark chocolate

3. Where do you keep your home computer or home office? A: In the kitchen, living room, spare bedroom or den B: In a corner of the bedroom C: A laptop, which I sit up in bed to use

4. What non-sleeping activities do you do in the bedroom? A: Sex, journaling and prayer/meditation B: Reading books, writing letters, craft activities C: Paying bills and similar financial things

5. What colour is your bedroom dĂŠcor (mostly)? A: Blues, purples and pastel shades B: Clean, warm colours, such as yellow, white and lime green C: Fiery, passionate shades of red and orange

6. How many cups of coffee and/or heavily caffeinated drinks (e.g. Red Bull) do you drink in a day? A: No more than three B: Three to five C: Five or more

7. When do you usually switch the lights out so you can go to sleep? A: About 10 p.m. B: About 11 p.m. C: Midnight or even later

8. What’s the lighting like in your bedroom at night? A: None – the curtains are pulled and the lights are off B: Natural lighting because I don’t pull the curtains C: A nightlight or lava lamp OR the computer/TV screen on standby

9. When do you have your last big meal before going to bed? A: Three hours before bed B: Five hours before bed C: An hour or less before bed

10. Which of the following would you or have you tried if you have had problems sleeping? A: Aromatherapy, massage and deep breathing/relaxation exercises B: I just get up and read a book or exercise until I feel tired enough to sleep

C: Sleeping pills or large amounts of alcohol.

Scores: Score 1 point for every A, 3 points for every B and 5 points for every C.


10–20: You have excellent sleep habits. If you have sleeping problems, they are most likely to be caused by emotional problems. Deal with or seek help for these emotional problems so you can sleep easy again.

20–35: Your sleep habits are mostly good but there will be a few times when you wake up feeling less than refreshed. If you have one bad night, it is likely to extract a heavy toll on you.

Think of sleep as a bank account – every hour you sleep is a deposit, so make sure you build up a big account so you can handle a big “withdrawal” when one of the inevitable tough times in life strikes.

35 plus: When was the last time you slept a full eight hours and woke up feeling refreshed?

You probably crawl out of bed feeling horrible most mornings and can’t get going until you’ve had at least two cups of coffee – the stronger the better! You probably also feel grouchy and/or emotional very easily.

Getting a good night’s sleep will go a long way to making you feel better and more energized, and may even stave off more serious problems such as depression.

If you want to improve your sleep hygiene, then take a look at the A answers in the quiz for some tips.

Of course, you might not be able to do anything about your bedroom dÊcor if you’re in a rental house and you might not have anywhere else that you can keep your home computer other than in the bedroom,

but any changes you can make to improve your sleeping habits will go a long way to making you feel better and more energised.

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Score your sleeping hygiene  

A quiz can help you find out what your current level of sleep hygiene is like and where you can improve, as well as giving you some ideas fo...