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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Gold Coast


ANSWER : This Hypnosis/ NLP Weight Loss Gold Coast Programme Involves attending three Hypnotherapy Sessions, spaced a fortnight apart from each other.

In each of these sessions, we will be utilizing the very latest, and most powerful weight loss assisting techniques, from the change technologies of NLP, EFT and Clinical Hypnosis.

During the course of these sessions we will be accessing and reprogramming your subconscious mind, to have you start to think, feel, act and behave like a slim person, so that you ultimately, become a slim person.

so that you ultimately, become a slim person. In addition and most importantly, this programme is designed to ensure that you then stay slim, for life.

Imagine, just how good you will feel when you achieve your ideal body weight and shape, and keep it! And all achieved without denying yourself anything, or subjecting yourself to the demoralizing effects of conventional “Yo-Yo� Dieting.

Sound to good to be true? Sometimes a clients explanation sums things up, better than I could ever hope to.

For anyone who is considering taking advantage of Positive Tranceformations Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP for weight loss Brisbane, please read Karen and Vicki’s Testimonials below.

“While I’ve never actually considered myself really obese or grossly overweight, I have for the past 10 to 15 years, waged a constant and re occurring battle with my weight.

Much of that time I have probably been around 8-15 KG heavier than what I would consider, my ideal weight. In that time I have tried many diets, and, in some instances, after much effort, lost some weight.

Having completed anyone of these diets, I’ve always found, much to my dismay, that I usually then proceed to put the weight back on, plus interest, once I fall back into my regular patterns.

You Know, I think that I’ve always really known, exactly what is required for me to successfully lose weight, and keep it off. Eat smaller quantities of good quality foods more often, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly.

It is one thing to know that at a conscious level, but actually doing it, is quite another. It’s really almost as if a part of me, has me , habitually doing things on automatic pilot, that I know I shouldn’t. Up until recently, it was literally like I was my own worst enemy.

After attending three Hypnotherapy Sessions for weight loss Brisbane, with Michael, what I found was, that I started to form and fall into a groove or pattern, kind of like developing new habits, that were consistent with my weight loss goals.

The most enjoyable and significant thing I found was, that unlike the diets I’d previously tried, I did not feel deprived or like I was fighting or having to resist anything.

Instead, if anything, the new habits I began to develop and practice seemed to fit my life better than the old habits.

I am proud and delighted to report that I hit my target weight of 62 KG ( I started at 75 KG) 3 months after commencing hypnosis for weight loss.

I have maintained my new body weight for almost one full year now. I am happy to personally recommend this hypnosis for weight loss program to anyone who is serious about losing excess kilos, and keeping them off.�

During the Hypnosis for Weight Loss Programme, what we uncovered, changed everything. While a part of me had consciously wanted to lose weight,

another part of me (residing in my subconscious) had been even more adamant, that I should be big and stay big, as a form of self protection.(Related to an incident, that occured earlier in my life)

Once this conflict had been effectively resolved under hypnosis (In our second session), the weight literally began to fall off, and melt away, virtually straight away

It’s been 5 Months since our last session and I’ve lost a full 20KG, down from 92 KG to 72KG. Only 5KG more to go to my target, permanent, maintenance weight of 67KG. Yeaaah!

To find out more about this Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Brisbane Programme, OR to Make an Appointment and Start Losing Weight Now.

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