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Hypnosis and Weight Loss

It surprises many people who visit Positive Tranceformations’ website to see that we offer help with weight loss.

I mean, what’s a few extra kilos got to do with the subconscious and deeply held beliefs? Is the hypnotherapist just going to implant a few suggestions along the lines of “Don’t eat too much,” and “Go out for a good thirty minutes of exercise every day,”? What’s the mind and the emotions got to do with your expanding waistline or your big butt?

Well, the answer is a bit more complicated than that. You probably already know the right sort of behaviour that will work if you want to lose weight.

And this isn’t going to involve wonder products, pills and exotic foods, or even the latest trendy diet. The only things that actually work to help you lose weight are indeed a better diet and increased exercise.

And your doctor, your mum and your friends are probably telling you this already.

So what role does hypnosis have to play in dealing with excess weight? Surely it’s more than just implanting a suggestion that you’re going to head to the gym and stop stuffing yourself with Tim Tams.

Correct. There is more to it than that. You see, even though most of us know only too well that our diet and exercise habits aren’t good for us at all, we find those habits very hard to break or improve.

This is because we often have an emotional connection with food and eating, and it’s these emotional connections that cause the problems.

Deal with the emotional problems and eradicate the root causes for them, and the rest will fall into place.

Universally, food is linked with love and care. Nourish, nurse, nurture and nutrition all come from the same word, after all.

Think about it: what’s the first thing that our mother does for us usually when we come into the world? She feeds us. How do we celebrate a person’s life or achievements? We have a special meal.

We have a special meal. What’s the most common thing for couples to do when they’re dating? They go out for a meal together.

And the reverse is true: withholding food is a mark of hatred and punishment – think of the way that convicts used to be fed on bread and water. Now, this is pretty much a human instinct, so we know better than to use hypnosis to say that you’re not going to eat party food again. That would be plain stupid.

But a lot of people use food to make themselves feel loved and cared for, especially when they’re feeling down in the dumps, stressed, lonely or upset.

Furthermore, irritability and tearfulness are symptoms of hunger and low blood sugar. The problem comes when we try to console ourselves for some sorrow by eating. Possibly, subconsciously, we’re trying to go back to our childhood and the feelings of being loved and cared for that usually came with food.

We might be trying to make ourselves feel like the special birthday child again by eating cake that reminds us of times when we were celebrated and honoured, especially if we’re feeling bad about ourselves.

Eating too much of the wrong sort of food can also be a sign of unresolved grief. Often, there are certain foods which we associate with particular relatives.

Perhaps it was something of a family tradition to have apple pie at grandma’s house when you went there for holidays. Later, after grandma’s death, eating apple pie the way she made it may be a way of trying to hold onto her and not addressing the grief of her loss.

There are really a lot of reasons why people binge on foods. And the endresult can be uncontrollable weight gain.

But the Good News is, weight problems can be resolved thru Hypnosis. Contact Hypnosis Brisbane for Weight Loss

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Hypnosis and Weight Loss  
Hypnosis and Weight Loss  

Losing Weight can be achieved without denying yourself anything, or exposing yourself to the demoralising outcomes of common “Yo-Yo” Dieting...