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“How Exactly Does Hypnosis NLP/EFT Manage Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Phobias?”

Well, let me use an interesting analogy. T hink of your brain as a jukebox. Inside a jukebox, you have a lot of different records.

If you push this button, that record plays very reliably, again and again and again. If you push a different button, a different record plays reliably, again and again and again. It ’s a great example of an automatic, pre-programmed stimulus-response association.

Well, what IS a record? A record is literally a recording of something that happened a long time ago. But it ’s not the ORIGINAL event, is it? — it ’s just a RECORD of that event,

which when you push the right “trigger” buttons, sounds just like the original event — and may even cause you to feel the same exact way you might have felt when the original event was taking place.

How Does T his Relate To Your Challenges With Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Phobias?

Consider that the only way your brain could know how to feel now about various situations, contexts or things is by virtue of your past experiences in those situations or contexts.

How does your brain know what happened in the past?

Well, the only way it could know, is by virtue of your memories — your own personal mental “records” of things that happened in the past.

But, just like a musical record, a memory is not the real event — it ’s just a mental record of the event, which when you play that back, can cause you to feel exactly the same way you felt when the original event happened.

At Positive TranceFormations we teach you how to take that record out of the jukebox and literally re record it, so that , when you put that record back in the jukebox,

you can push that button all you want — you can push that “panic button” all you want — but that record will never play the same way again — no matter how hard you try.

T he reference material your brain had been using to tell you to feel fearful in these situations will be altered for good.

Your brain will literally forget why it should feel fearful in those formerly troubling contexts — freeing you up to live comfortably and confidently based on what ’s happening right here in the present, rather than being a prisoner of your past.

Fantastic News for Anxiety Brisbane and/or Panic Attack Sufferers and T hose with Phobias .

Phobias can be completely cured using NLP, EFT & Hypnosis Brisbane, by a skilled Practitioner. Usually in One Session! (Never more than Two Sessions ) A small sample of the Phobia’s we commonly see and cure include ;

Height s

Wate r

Open Spaces Closed Spaces Crowd s

Social Phobia


Public Speakin g


Snake s



Needles + many more.

Elevators Bridge s

Anxiety Brisbane and/ or Panic Attacks can be managed and bought right under control, if not, outright quelled. (Usually in Two to Five Sessions depending on a number of factors)

At Positive Tranceformations, we specialise in Curing Phobias, and Diminishing the Effects of Anxiety Brisbane and Panic Attacks

We are so confident of, and committed to, helping people with Phobias and Anxiety Brisbane that we offer a results Guarantee. What this Results Guarantee means to you, is quite simple.

Once you define the outcome you are looking for, we at Positive TranceFormations will work with you until that outcome is achieved at a fixed price, regardless of session duration, or how many sessions that involves!

Imagine the Freedoms of your new life, Free of your Phobia/s, or with the debilitating effects of Anxiety Gold Coast and Panic Attacks being a thing of the past!

Now, don’t just imagine that new freedom from Anxiety, create it! Take Back Control of Your Life

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