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How do you know which sort of learner you are? (visual, audio, or kinaesthetic learner?)

Take this QUIZ now‌

1. You find that the goods you bought are faulty. Do you: (a) write a letter to the store, possibly including a photo of the damage (b) phone up to complain about it (c) go back to the store with the item and show the staff?

2. You are thinking of buying a new car. Do you: (a) read reviews of the cars in magazines and look at pictures of it (b) talk to friends and get their recommendations (c) test-drive a few models?

3 When you’re angry, do you: (a) find it hard to get rid of the mental movie of what happened (b) shout and express your anger verbally (c) stamp, slam doors, throw things and punch cushions?

4 When you listen to music, you are most likely to: (a) sing along to the lyrics (b) listen to the lyrics and the music (c) snap fingers, tap feet or move with the beat in some other way.

5 When you agree with someone, you are most likely to say: (a) I see what you mean. (b) I hear what you’re saying. (c) I know how you’re feeling.

6 You have to use some new equipment at work. Do you: (a) read the instructions and follow diagrams (b) get someone to explain how to use it (c) push buttons, pull levers and so forth to find out how it works.

7 When you meet someone for the first time, you are most likely to notice: (a) their clothes and hairstyle (b) the way their voice sounds (c) the way they stand and move.

8 You want to cook something new. Do you: (a) follow the instructions in the recipe book for something that looks good (b) ask a friend for a recipe and for explanations of how to cook it (or watch a cooking show on TV) (c) imagine what would taste best and experiment?

9 When you’re nervous or anxious, you’re most likely to: (a) picture the worst-case scenario (b) have a negative phrase buzzing around inside your head (c) fidget, chew your fingernails and grind your teeth?

10 You are going somewhere new and don’t know the way. Which will help you the most? (a) looking at the map and the road signs (b) having someone (including a GPS system) telling you the directions (c) following your gut feelings, following your nose and heading in the right direction?

11 You have to solve a maths problem without a calculator. Are you most likely to: (a) jot down the problem and do it on paper (b) chant relevant maths rules or sequences (“five, ten, fifteen, twenty…” “six sixes are 36”) (c) count on your fingers or make gestures?

This is just a rough test but if you score mostly As, you are more of a visual learner.

Mostly Bs mean that you are more of an audio learner and mostly Cs mean that you are more of a kinaesthetic learner.

Most of us are a mix, and if you want to know more, there are heaps of online tests and quizzes that are a lot more comprehensive.

Pay particular attention to your answer to Question 9, especially as a lot of people turn to hypnosis for help when they are suffering from a worry-related problem, such as panic attacks, depression, phobias or chronic anxiety.

Not only should you let your therapist know about how your learning style manifests itself when you worry (your worrying style) but you should also use your learning style to reshape your thinking consciously.

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