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Get Ready to Quit Smoking forever

Michael at Positive TranceFormations Clinical Hypnotherapy has successfully and powerfully assisted literally hundreds of people in Queensland to Stop Smoking and stay stopped.

Our success rate for clients with Stop Smoking Hypnosis Brisbane is over 90%.

Our Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Programme Offer includes:

Quit smoking in two sessions Guaranteed! (Our Guarantee is valid for 12 Months, otherwise any subsequent back up session, is FREE!)

A Special Note to Clients, Hypnosis to Quit Smoking Brisbane, will not have someone who does not want to stop, quit smoking.

What Hypnosis Stop Smoking absolutely do is have a person desiring and committed to Stop Smoking, have an experience whereby it is 10 to 30 times easier to quit, than using willpower alone.

Anyone who is sincere in their desire and to stop Smoking, has their success assured.

Important Statistics on Stop Smoking Brisbane

Results from the largest ever study of it’s type, from the University of Iowa (The Oct 1992 volume of “The Journal of Applied Psychology”) found that hypnotherapy was by far the most effective way of stopping smoking.

A full three times more effective than the patch and other forms of nicotine replacement and 15 times as successful as willpower.

This important clinical data was obtained from 600 studies of over 72,000 people from Europe and America.

Imagine what it would be like if you Quit Smoking Brisbane, and enjoy the process!

How does Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy Brisbane work ?

Many incorrect, preconceived ideas exist about hypnosis.Much of this derives from what people see on T.V of Stage Hypnosis shows.

Understand that these shows aim to entertain people, not properly inform them about the subject of Hypnotherapy.

This often results in people getting inaccurate and even fearful impressions about hypnosis, and what it involves.

As a Hypnotherapy client, you are never out of control, or under the influence of any kind of spell.

To the contrary, it is you, who is in control at all times. Hypnosis simply combines an inward, daydream like focus, with relaxation.

The effect creates an access to, and an abilty to positively influence, the equivalent of behavioural programmmes in the subconscious mind.

Conscious and Subconscious Mind

Smokers often consciously want to Quit smoking Brisbane. Maybe they detest the terrible taste and smell.

Others don’t enjoy burning holes in their clothing and furniture. For others. There the negative health effects, shortness of breath and coughing they experience are a real concern.

There are smokers who just don’t enjoy feeling like a lepper because of the fact that the wider community finds the habit offensive and antisocial, and absolutely no one likes to see their hard earned money, go up in smoke.

Yet despite all of these valid and rational reasons for stopping smoking, many continue smoking because emotionally they feel unable to quit, or feel as though they would somehow be missing out on something and be unable to cope.

These people,under normal circumstances, find it very difficult to stop smoking Brisbane, almost as if, they were rowing a canoe against the motion of a flowing river.

In this instance, their conscious mind is the rower, purposely setting off to row the boat in the direction of quitting Smoking.

Meanwhile the motion and flow of the river ( Subconscious Patterns,Programmes and imprints) is going in the complete opposite direction which often results in people experiencing giving up smoking as an extremely difficult and frustating endeavour, where the odds seem stacked against them.

What Hypnotherapy does to Stop Smoking effectively is begin to influence and change those subconscious patterns, programmes and imprints, so that the direction and motion of the river changes, to go with, and support the conscious minds’ new direction to leave smoking behind as a thing of the past.

Take Back Control of Your Life And Set Your Self Free From The Smoking Habit Forever Phone Michael (07) 5576 6410

Get ready to quit smoking forever  
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