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Four Personality Types Part 2

It has been recognized for a very long time that people tend to fall into four broad personality categories,

with various mixtures and blends between categories, of course, as everyone’s unique.

Your personality is something in-born, and while different personality types are more prone to having certain problems and issues in the mind,

it is impossible for hypnotherapy to change your basic underlying personality type,

any more than hypnosis can change the colour of your hair or your height.

We’ve chosen to use the labels of the four Pythagorean elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) to name the four types,

with Earth representing what was classically known as the phlegmatic type,

Air corresponding to sanguine

Fire to choleric

and Water to melancholic.

These might not be quite the elements associated with the four types in classical Pythagorean philosophy,

but it fits well with the way that we use language to describe these types.

What you’re all wanting to know at the moment is how to work out which personality type best fits who you are.

This quiz should help you get a more or less general idea.

Don’t forget that some people are a blend of two or even three types, and you might be one of them.

Take the test here: Postive Tranceformations

4 Personality Types  

Most people fall into one of four basic personality types, or a mix of two types: Fire (choleric), Water (melancholic), Air (sanguine) and...

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