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EFT combines the instinctive use of touch with the principles of acupuncture.

Instead of using needles to stimulate and manipulate the body’s Chi, an EFT practitioner uses the fingertips to stimulate the body’s meridians and produce the desired effects.

In fact, the EFT practitioner will direct you where you can tap at your own body, as EFT is easier than you think and, furthermore, some of the key meridian spots are in rather sensitive areas, such as in the armpit, which are most of us are more comfortable touching ourselves rather than letting another person touch.

Now, we all know that the mind and the body work together and it’s hard to draw a hard and fast line between them.

What happens to the brain affects the body and vice versa.

When we untap a bad memory, this often stimulates a flow of negative energy, which we perceive as a negative emotion such as stress, anxiety, grief, anger and so forth.

EFT aims to stimulate the right meridians and release positive energy that will swamp the negative energy and thus overcome the negative emotion.

The key areas are tapped in a predetermined sequence, and each place is tapped seven times during one round of the sequence.

As well as using pressure on key areas of the body, EFT also uses positive affirmations.

We’ve discussed the power of positive affirmations and how they work to change thinking.

But when a positive affirmation is used in conjunction with the power of touch, you’ve got a potent combination.

You’ve got both the mind (the repetition of the affirmation) and the body (touching or tapping on the key areas of the body) at work to dispel the negative energy.

People have managed to apply the principles of EFT in a range of areas, from counselling to sports performance.

EFT ties in particularly well with the principles of hypnotherapy, as affirmations implanted in the deep part of the mind accessed by a hypnotic trance are particularly effective.

What’s more, hypnotherapy often uses regression to explore and uncover negative memories, and using EFT techniques can help a person get through the regression and to release or dispel the negative emotions triggered by the experience.

Of course, you can apply the principles of EFT by yourself while fully conscious – you can even do it at home!

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