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“Every Single Men and Women all over the world experiencing Christ.”

Volume 2 Issue 6

Lord I Lift Your Name on High Intro: G-D-C-D (x2) G C D C Lord I lift Your name on high G C D C Lord I love to sing Your praises G C D C I'm so glad You’re in my life G C D C I'm so glad you came to save us G C D You came from heaven to earth C G To show the way C D From the earth to the cross C G My debt to pay C D From the cross to the grave Bm Em From the grave to the sky C D G-C-D-C Lord I lift Your name on high G C D C Lord I lift Your name on high G C D C Lord of wonder and salvation G C DC With our voice we magnify G C D C The God of every generation

God is My Refuge Intro: G-D-Em-C-Am-D-Am7-D G D Em God is my refuge C Am G Am7-D My trust and my deliverer G D Em A help close at hand C Am7 D Am7-D In times of distress G Bm Em So I will lift my eyes C Am7 D Unto the mountains from whence comes my help Am7 D G Bm7 Em From the Lord enthroned on high

CLP Talk 5: The Christian Ideal— Loving God

Psalm 95 Intro: G Verse 1 G D C G Come let us sing for joy to the Lord C Am7 G Am7-D Let us shout to the rock of salvation G D C G Let us come before Him giving thanks C Am7 D Am7-D And extol Him with music and song Refrain G C D G C D B7 Alleluia, Alleluia C D G F#m-Em Hope in God O my soul C D G In Him your Joy will be full Verse 2 G D For the Lord is the great God C G And the King above kings C Am7 G Am7-D In His hands are the depths of the earth G D C G The mountains are His and the sea is His C Am7 D Am7-D He formed all living things Verse 3 G D C G Come let us bow down and worship Him C Am7 G Am7-D Let us kneel before the Lord our maker G D C G For He is our God and His people are we C Am7 D Am7-D The flock under His care

C Am7 D He is my rock and my salvation C (G or D-Am7-D) I’ll stand firm….


Brief Outline V. I.


God wants us to make loving Him our highest ideal. Thus God made it into a commandment of the highest priority. We are to love God with all our heart.


Food for the Soul

Featured Articles 1. Fired-Up at SFC HEAT 7

Jesus is our model in loving God. Dedicated to accomplishing his mission. Obedient unto death.

May 06, 2012

SFC Wall: SFC HEAT 7 Photos

Constantly seeking the Father's will.

What makes God smile?

Not an emotion, which is Discussion Starter changeable, but rather a How have I loved God in a concommit-ment, a decision to crete way? love. We are to be totally committed to God, to put Him first. Scriptures for Daily Prayer Day 1 Matthew 22:36‑38 We need to have a personal relationship with God, and Day 2 John 14:21‑24 spend regular time with Him Day 3 Romans 12:1‑2 in prayer and the Bible. III.

Day 4

Matthew 7:1‑5

We are to love God with all our mind. Day 5 We are to serve God with Day 6 the use of our mind. Day 7

Mark 12:28‑30 Malachi 3:7‑10 1 Timothy 6:7‑14 John 4:34

We keep our mind clean and holy. We use our mind according The Challenge to God's truths and not ac- Loving God is not as vague and cording to the world's ways. impractical as you may think. It We preoccupy our mind with involves specific, practical acthe things of God. tions, decisions and commitWe protect and preserve our ments. Can you make loving mind from unholy influences. God your first and highest ideal? Are you ready to make Jesus the IV. We are to love God with model of your life? all our strength. We give God all our Suggested Reading resources – time, “God First” by Ken Wilson money, energy, gifts, abilities, and


This was Mary’s Yes. And Christmas hy do we need to say YES happened. to the Lord? Hindi ako magiging SFC kung hindi ako nag-‘Yes’ na mag-attend ng Because everything starts in the deci- CLP. When I decided to join SFC, I said sion of saying ‘YES’ ‘Yes’ to Him…that I would give time and A new relationship doesn’t effort for my service, that I would use start if you don’t say ‘Yes’. A new job the talent He gave me in spreading His doesn’t start unless you say ‘Yes’. A words, that I would continually love Him new exercise, or diet, or project, or through the flock He gave, through ministry, or service, or blessing, or other people I met everyday, through miracle doesn’t start unless you say my family and love ones, through my ‘Yes’. We don’t go into a new level in brothers and sisters, even though it’s hard and it hurts. your life unless you say ‘Yes’. I will continue to say ‘Yes’ to Mary said, “I am the Lord’s servant, may it happen to me as you the Lord. have said.” I learned that saying ‘Yes’

The Official Newsletter of Singles For Christ Cabuyao

means: (1) giving your trust, (2) giving your Freedom, and (3) giving your limitations. GIVING YOUR TRUST When you say Yes to God, you’re saying ‘Yes’ to the Unknown. He will lead you to something you can’t even imagine now. You don’t know what exactly will happen. That’s why ‘Yes’ requires Trust. Submission is trust. Noong uma-attend ako ng (Continued on page 2)

“Every Single Men and Women all over the world experiencing Christ.”

Volume 2 Issue 6

May 06, 2012

Snap Shots The Vine and the Branches 15 “I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. 2 He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes[a] so that it will be even more fruitful. 3

You are already clean because of the word I have spoken to you. 4 Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless (Continued from page 1)

you remain in me. 5 “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. 6 If you do not remain in me, you are like a branch that is thrown away and withers; such branches are picked up, thrown into the fire and burned. 7 If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you. 8 This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples. (Source:


We like giving excuses. We CLP, I really don’t have a clue kung ano like explaining why God’s Call is impossi‘yung nasalihan ko. At nang maging ble: SFC na ‘ko, hindi ko pa rin alam kung “I’m too poor.” anong mangyayari sa akin. “I don’t have time.” They made me a facilitator “I’m too busy.” just after I graduated. I said ‘Yes’ kahit “I’m not educated enough.” na alam ko sa sarili ko na hindi ko alam “I’m not rich enough.” ang gagawin ko. Then they made me a Team Leader. Who would have thought that just after 1 year in joining SFC, I would be standing in the front leading the prayer and the CLP. I cannot do that on my own but in God’s grace I did it. I said ‘Yes’ to become a Household head, to become a cluster PFO representative, to become a Unit head, to become a provincial PFO head. In all of this I said ‘Yes’ but I’m afraid. I just said ‘Yes’ and entrusted it all to the Lord that He will guide me along the way. You need to trust that the best is yet to come. GIVING YOUR FREEDOM When we surrender it all to the Lord, that’s the time we experience authentic freedom. Away from God we are all oppressed and prisoners of sins, false ideologies, hatreds, and of everything of this world. Real freedom isn’t our way but God’s way.

“I’m not gifted enough.” But here’s what I realized: Your excuse is His excuse to manifest His power. Give your limitations to Him. Because your limitation is God’s stage for His miracles. There is a story told of a young man in a cabin who prays to God and asks God what He wants him to do with his life. God tells him to look at the massive rock that is in a valley beneath him and every day for the rest of his life he is to push that rock. The young man does as he is told by God and does so for about twenty years. After twenty years of frustration, the man then prays to God again and says to God, "I've done what you've told me to do and I haven't even moved that rock one millimeter." God answers him and says, "I didn't tell you to move that rock. I told you to push it. Look at your hands and arms and how strong they are. Look at the strength of your body that you obtained by pushing on that rock all of these years."



aalala ko ang First time kong pag-attend ng SFC HEAT nung year 2010— SFC HEAT 5 DIVE. Ang akala ko nun, parang ordinary outing na kasama lahat ng SFC LAGUNA, para mag-aliw lang at magtampisaw lang sa dagat at mg-enjoy sa mga games, parang team buiding lang. Pero habang lumalalim ang gabi ‘nung araw na yun mas nakita ko yung kabuluhan ng SFC-HEAT tuwing summer season.

iparating sa ’ming lahat nung araw na ‘yun. At sa kabila ng lakas ng hangin at malamig na ulan, ang sobrang init ng pagmamahal ni God ay ramdam pa rin namen. Parang sa buhay na ’tin maraming bagyo man ang dumating pakiramdaman lang sa puso na ’tin ‘yung apoy na itinanim ni God. Kailangan lang naten pag-alabin pa. Sama-saya kaming nag-puri. Iba talaga ‘yung aroma na pinalasap ni God sa ’min nung araw na yun.

At ngayong 2012.. iba ang “Put out into the deep and let down init sa SFC HEAT 7 FIRED UP! your nets for a catch. –Luke 5:4 “ “...and so worship God acceptably with Ito ‘yung verse na ginamit reverence and awe, for our “God is a sa theme na SFC HEAT 5. Pinag-reflect consuming fire.” ~ Hebrews 12:28-29 kami, bago pa lang akong member sa Ang init talaga ng araw na SFC, hindi ko pa maunawaan nun ‘to! Ramdam ko yung panlalagkit ng kung bakit ako ng sumali sa SFC. Hindi katawan ko na maari lang sana na kabadahil sa gusto ko lang pag-lingkuran si bad na lang ako sa tubig. GOD pero nung mga oras na yun, Iniisip ko ano kaya kaibahan naisip ko may mas higit pang importante dito. Mas magkaroon ako ng ngaun sa mga past na SFC HEAT? Ano malalim na relationship sa kanya at sa kaya yung message na nais iparating ni tulong ‘yun ng mga taong nakapaligid God buong weekend. sa ’kin sa community. Kung irerelate Lumipas ang mga oras at ko sila sa verse nung gabing yun, sila sumali ko sa mga games at nakapagyung nag-silbing instrument or isang swimming din naman. Kinagabihan, net para mahuli ako at mapalapit kay nagkaroon ng isang talk; sa totoo lang God. Nang mabasa ko ang buong di ako masyadong nakapakinig ng talk kwento sa verse; sinabi ni God dun na at di masyadong nag-sink in sa’ken “Do not fear, from now on you will be yung mga sinabi ng speaker dahil na catching men.” Isa na ko sa instru- focus sa isip ko sa magiging performento na ginagamit ni God para maka mance namin after ng talk at pahapyaw -inspire sa ibang tao at tulad ko mara- lang ‘yung pakikinig ko. At kahit reflecramdaman nila yung init na pagmama- tion time na ‘di ko sya masyadong hal ni God. ramdam. Natapos ang performance SFC HEAT 6: Sama-Saya namen at nag lights off na. Tulugan ‘yan ng second na pag-attend ko. “ But time na at kahit sa pagtulog ramdam ko thanks be to God, who in Christ always pa rin yung init kaya umaga na ko naleads us in triumphal procession, and katulog. through us spreads the fragrance of the Umaga nung Sunday, knowledge of him everywhere. “ - 2 umatend ako ng Mass at ang pagkacorinthians 2:14 kataon nga naman, isa pa ko sa napili Ang galing ng SFC Heat para mag-lector sa Mass. Pagkatapos na’to kasi inabot kami ng bagyo, as in ng Mass, tuloy kami sa pag-asikaso at super bagyo. Walang tigil ang ulan paghahanda nang lunch. Tinatawag na pero ang lupet lang talaga ni God, lahat, kasi para sa worship pero ‘di ako hindi naging sagabal yung ulan para di nakasama, nakikinig lang sa may banmatuloy ang program. Kahit gaano dang lutuan hanggang natapos na ang kalakas ang ulan nang Sunday morn- worship. Nag-sikain na, Nag-swimming ing ay ramdam mo pa rin yung nais at naghahanda sa pag-uwi. Hmm, naisip


sa kung paano ko ide-deliver ng maayos ‘yung words na babasahin ko. Pero ‘yung message na nais ipabatid ‘nun, ko, tapos na SFC Heat?! may natutunan hindi ko naintindihan. ba ko?! Pakiramdam ko wala. Balik ulit I CONTROL—Natataranta ako habangsa real world. nag-prepare kami ng Lunch kasi hindi Monday. Naalala ko, ko alam kung ano dapat unahin. kailangan ko pala magsulat ng article I AM FIT—Sunday, uwian na ay ‘di ko para sa naganap na SFC HEAT. May kinaya. Sobrang nahilo ako sa byahe. masusulat ba ko? May ma-ishare ba ko? ‘yung tipong di na ko makatayo at Hindi ko alam ang isusulat ko. Sa pagkailangan pa akong alalayan. Dati naiisip ko, nag-browse na lang ako ng mga man ‘di ako ganito sa byahe, ‘nung araw picture ng mga nagdaang SFC-HEAT at lang na ‘yun. Ang sabi nila sa pagod at bigla kong naalala yung mga nakaraan. puyat ‘yun at need ko rin kumain ng Na-realized ko bigla na parang pinamugulay. Untog sa ’kin yun na minsan, kha saken ni God kung ano ‘yung mga isipin ko rin yung sarili ko, na hindi pala kailangan kong matutunan sa nagdaan ganun kalaki ang katawan ko para SFC HEAT FIRED UP! Kasi mismong makipagsabayan sa puyatan at sa araw na ‘yun ay nangyari pala sa ’kin at pagkain ng ‘di tama sa tamang oras. ngayon ko lang naisip. Lahat ng Experience na’to nangyari lang nung buong weekend. Gabi ng Saturday, Nabanggit Alam ko sobrang babaw lang na mga ’to na mga Brothers & Sisters ‘yung 7 Fired- pero kung iisipin sa araw-araw na buhay Up Convictions nila. natin lahat naman ng ginagawa natin sobrang simple lang. Kung marunong o alam natin gawin sa tama at hindi na I AM FEARLESS—Sa totoo lang, kaya natin kailangan gawin kumplikado pa. kame nagdalawang isip kung magsisim‘Yung Service ko sa commuba ba kame o hindi ay dahil natatakot kami na ‘di namin matatapos on time nity parang SFC HEAT lang, simula nung una akong umatend. ‘yung dapat namin lutuin. SFC HEAT DIVE! Pina-alala I AM ON TIME – Kung medyo maaga lang sana kame nagising para ilaga na nya sa ’kin na super blessed ako dahil ‘yung dapat lutuin namin ng lunch hindi napasama ako sa community at dun sana kami kinapos sa oras para magpre- unti-unti ako napapalapit sa kanya. Ginawa nya akong instrument para pare ng Food.. naman ‘yung iba maka-experience din I EXCEL—Dahil sa ngarag kami at nag- mga naranasan ko at habang tumatagal mamadali, pakiramdam namin sa luto ako sa community, nandun na nabuo namin eh hindi sila masa-satisfied. ‘yung pagkakaibigan sa mga brothers & Basta makaluto lang kami, okay na. sisters ko. I THINK BEFORE I CLICK– May naalala Sa SFC SAMA_SAYA! Sabay lang akong brother, Na sana bago s’ya -sabay kaming nag-puri kay kristo nasa nagpost iniisip nya muna ‘yung mga kabila ng malakas na bagyo nandun pa words na gagamitin nya kung maka- rin yung samahan. Kahit sa service, kapanakit ba o hindi. dumarating sa point na mararamdaman I READ—During the Mass, isa nga ko sa mo yung pagod sa pag-seserve kay God nag-lector pero sa totoo lang sa so- at manlalamig ka dahil na rin sa mga brang kaba nung mga oras na ‘yun. pagsubok. Pero kahit ganun, gagawa at Hindi ko masyadong naintindihan kung gagawa pa rin si God ng paraan para ma ano ba ang binasa ko. Mas na-focus ako -FIRED UP! pa rin ‘yung faith mo sa kanya. SFC HEAT reminded me na hindi lang summer season kailangan natin maramdaman yung nag-iinit ng pagmamahal sa ’tin ni God kundi sa bawat pagtibok ng puso natin. Para sa ’kin Siya ang Star For All Season! Kahit ano man ang panahon, pagkakataon, at pagsubok ...our relationship with Him will remain Unbreakable.

I’ve learned that freedom isn’t doing freely anything that you can do. Freedom is doing what we must do “God doesn't call the qualified he qualiand that is — doing the righteous thing. fies the called.” What is your limitation? Your Giving your freedom means weakness? Offer it to God now. Say also giving your time. We have 24 hours a day, how much we gave for the Lord ‘YES’ to Him. Let Him use you—and and for other people? How much we welcome you to a world you have yet to gave to ourselves? Giving your time to imagine. Now think about it...what can someone is the most expensive gift that person could ever receive. When we do to me Him smile? we say ‘Yes’, we give our time.

The Official Newsletter of Singles For Christ Cabuyao


God's Property Issue 6 2012  

The Official Newsletter of SFC Cabuyao