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Volume 1 Issue 6

“Every Single Men and Women all over the world experiencing Christ.”

October 23, 2011


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Say ‘YES’ to God

Then they made me a Team Leader. Who would have thought that just after 1 year in joining SFC, I would be standing in the front leading the prayer and the CLP. I cannot do that on my own but in God’s grace I did it. I said ‘Yes’ to become a Household head, to become a cluster PFO representative, to become a Unit head, to become a provincial PFO head. In all of this I said ‘Yes’ but I’m afraid. I just said ‘Yes’ and entrusted it all to the Lord that He will guide me along the way. You need to trust that the best is yet to come. GIVING YOUR FREEDOM


Hindi ako  magiging  SFC  kung  hindi  hy do we need to say ako  nag‐‘Yes’  na  mag‐attend  ng  CLP.  When I decided to join SFC, I YES to the Lord? said ‘Yes’ to Him…that I would give time and effort for my service, Because everything starts in the that I would use the talent He gave decision of saying ‘YES’ me in spreading His words, that I would continually love Him A new relationship doesn’t start if through the flock He gave, you don’t say ‘Yes’. A new job through other people I met everydoesn’t start unless you say ‘Yes’. day, through my family and love A new exercise, or diet, or project, ones, through my brothers and or ministry, or service, or blessing, sisters, even though it’s hard and it or miracle doesn’t start unless you hurts. say ‘Yes’. We don’t go into a new level in your life unless you say I will continue to say ‘Yes’ to the ‘Yes’. Lord.

When we surrender it all to the Lord, that’s the time we experience authentic freedom. Away from God we are all oppressed and prisoners of sins, false ideologies, GIVING YOUR TRUST hatreds, and of everything of this world. Real freedom isn’t our way When you say Yes to God, you’re but God’s way. saying ‘Yes’ to the Unknown. He will lead you to something you can’t even imagine now. You don’t I’ve learned that freedom isn’t know what exactly will happen. doing freely anything that you can That’s why ‘Yes’ requires Trust. do. Freedom is doing what we must do and that is — doing the Submission is trust. righteous thing. Noong uma-attend ako ng CLP, I really don’t have a clue kung ano ‘yung nasalihan ko. At nang maging SFC na ‘ko, hindi ko pa rin alam kung anong mangyayari sa akin.

Giving your freedom means also giving your time. We have 24 hours a day, how much we gave for the Lord and for other people? How much we gave to ourselves? They made me a facilitator just Giving your time to someone is the after I graduated. I said ‘Yes’ kahit most expensive gift that person Mary said, “I am the Lord’s servant, may it happen to me as you I learned that saying ‘Yes’ means: na alam ko sa sarili ko na hindi ko (Continued on page 3) (1) giving your trust, (2) giving your alam ang gagawin ko. have said.” Freedom, and (3) giving your limiThis was Mary’s Yes. And Christtations. mas happened. The Official Newsletter of Singles For Christ Cabuyao

Volume 1 Issue 6

“Every Single Men and Women all over the world experiencing Christ.”

October 23, 2011

Matthew 22:34-40 The Greatest Commandment the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second 34 Hearing that Jesus had siis like it: ‘Love your neighbor as lenced the Sadducees, the yourself.’[b] 40 All the Law and Pharisees got together. 35 One the Prophets hang on these of them, an expert in the law, two commandments.” tested him with this question: 36 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” 37

Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’[a] 38 This is

Source: [TNIV] 

Bible Reflection For God’s Sake St. Augustine says , “The law of love is established by God, namely that you love God for His own sake and with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself. You ought to love yourself by seeking what is good for you, for God’s sake. In the same way, for God’s sake, you ought to love your neighbor by seeking what is for his good, not what for his harm. Your


other people. However, in reality you are blaming God also because you know that He is in control. God allowed experiences to happen to you.

How we should love God is implied in the words: with all our heart (Understanding), with all our soul (Will), and with all our mind (Memory). Do we love for God’s sake alone?

Source: In His Steps 

What makes God smile?

Loving God Jesus said to him, “‘you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart,  with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the first and great com‐ mandment.  And  the  second  is  like  it:  ‘You  shall  love  your  neighbor  as  yourself.’ On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Proph‐ ets.”   (Matthew 22:37 – 40) 

neighbor is every man; there is no whom you ought to do harm to.”

“Figure out what will please Christ,  and then do it.” ‐ Ephesians 5:10  


God smiles when we love Him supremely “I don’t want your sacri‐ heart that has the right standing fices, I want your love; I don’t want  before God. Out of a thankful your offerings, I want you to know  heart flow expressions of love to me.”‐ Hosea 6:6 (LB)  God, including praise, worship, and obedience.  God smiles when we trust Him completely Let us ask ourselves, “Is  “Without faith it is impos‐ there anything that I am not thank‐ sible to please God.”‐ Hebrews 11:6  ful to God?”  (NIV)    Right now, let us ask the  God smiles when we obey Lord how we can experience more Him wholeheartedly love for Him. Ask Him to reveal “Obey Him gladly.” ‐ anything in our lives that we are not thankful for, anything that is Psalm 100:2 (LB) blocking our hearts’ flow of Love to Him.  God smiles when we praise and thank Him continually “I will praise God’s name  CONTRIBUTORS: in song and glorify Him with  Seven Juat, MJ Azon, Kaye Parala, Abby  thanksgiving…”‐ Psalm 69:30 (NIV)  Naparan, Allen Abaigar, Jon Bernabe,   

oving God with your whole heart is the key to everything in life; because your relationship with God affects everything and everyone in your life. In a moment of honesty, I asked God, God could have pre“Lord, how can I love You more?” vented it and you know it. Each painful experience which you are Instantly, the Lord re- unthankful for is a dark spot in sponded, “Be  thankful…” With your heart that does not love God. those two words, several scrip- Because, even though we knew tures came to my mind; concepts God, we are not glorifying Him as that I never knew before. I also God. Instead of being thankful, we understand for the first time that became vain in our thoughts and anything, whether past or present, our foolish hearts were darkened. that we are unthankful about is a part of our heart that does not We are commanded to love God. In that same moment, I love God with our whole heart. also understand why this is true. That is because it is not possible to Deep down inside our spirit we love God with only a part of your know that God is in control of the heart. You really love Him only universe. If we have painful experi- when you are thankful to God Ghie Labampa, Rod Calongcalong,  ences which we are not thankful wholeheartedly. That means you Cristy Santiago, Mhay Bandola, Dories   God smiles when we use our for, then we are unhappy and un- must be thankful for everything in abilities Aquino, Meejay Gangano  thankful to God for them, con- your life, past and present. “Be fruitful and increase  sciously or unconsciously. Contributors are welcome to  in number and fill the earth…”‐ Genesis 9:1 (NIV)  Thankfulness is a gauge submit their articles at   You may not even know that measures your heart condithat you are blaming God; you tion; it removes anything that  may think that you are blaming blocks your love for God. ThankLike us on Source: The Purpose Driven Life  Satan or you may be blaming fulness to God is an indication of a sfccabuyao  The Official Newsletter of Singles For Christ Cabuyao


Volume 1 Issue 6

“Every Single Men and Women all over the world experiencing Christ.”

October 23, 2011

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could ever receive. When we say ‘Yes’, we give our time. GIVING YOU LIMITATIONS We like giving excuses. We like explaining why God’s Call is impossible: “I’m too poor.” “I don’t have time.” “I’m too busy.” “I’m not educated enough.” “I’m not rich enough.” “I’m not gifted enough.” But here’s what I realized: Your excuse is His excuse to manifest His power. Give your limitations to Him. Because your limitation is God’s stage for His miracles. There is a story told of a young man  in  a  cabin  who  prays  to  God  and  asks God what He wants him to do  with his life. God tells him to look at  the  massive  rock  that  is  in  a  valley  beneath  him  and  every  day  for  the  rest  of  his  life  he  is  to  push  that  rock.  The  young  man  does  as  he  is  told  by  God  and  does  so  for  about  twenty years. After twenty years of  IF YOU WANT TO JOIN ICON 2012, JUST INFORM YOUR FACILITATOR OR TEAM LEADER ABOUT IT. frustration,  the  man  then  prays  to  God  again  and  says  to  God,  "I've  done what you've told me to do and  I haven't even moved that rock one  millimeter."  God  answers  him  and  says, "I didn't tell you to move that  rock.  I  told  you  to  push  it.  Look  at  your  hands  and  arms  and  how  strong  they  are.  Look  at  the  strength  of  your  body  that  you  ob‐ tained by pushing on that rock all of  these years."   “God  doesn't  call  the  qualified  he  qualifies the called.”  What is your limitation? Your weakness? Offer it to God now. Say ‘YES’ to Him. Let Him use you—and welcome you to a world you have yet to imagine.

The Official Newsletter of Singles For Christ Cabuyao


Volume 1 Issue 6

Lord I Lift Your Name on High Intro: G-D-C-D (x2) G C D C Lord I lift Your name on high G C D C Lord I love to sing Your praises G C D C I'm so glad You’re in my life G C D C I'm so glad you came to save us G C D You came from heaven to earth C G To show the way C D From the earth to the cross C G My debt to pay C D From the cross to the grave Bm Em From the grave to the sky C D G-C-D-C Lord I lift Your name on high G C D C Lord I lift Your name on high G C D C Lord of wonder and salvation G C DC With our voice we magnify G C D C The God of every generation God is My Refuge Intro: G-D-Em-C-Am-D-Am7-D G D Em God is my refuge C Am G Am7-D My trust and my deliverer G D Em A help close at hand C Am7 D Am7-D In times of distress G Bm Em So I will lift my eyes C Am7 D Unto the mountains from whence comes my help Am7 D G Bm7 Em From the Lord enthroned on high

“Every Single Men and Women all over the world experiencing Christ.”

Psalm 95 Intro: G Verse 1 G D C G Come let us sing for joy to the Lord C Am7 G Am7-D Let us shout to the rock of salvation G D C G Let us come before Him giving thanks C Am7 D Am7-D And extol Him with music and song

October 23, 2011

CLP Talk 5: The Christian Ideal— Loving God Brief Outline I.

God wants us to make loving Him our highest ideal. Thus God made it into a commandment of the highest priority. II. We are to love God with all our heart. Not an emotion, which is changeable, but rather a commit-ment, a decision to love. Refrain We are to be totally comG C D G C D B7 mitted to God, to put Him Alleluia, Alleluia first. C D G F#m-Em We need to have a perHope in God O my soul sonal relationship with God, C D G and spend regular time In Him your Joy will be full with Him in prayer and the Bible. Verse 2 III. We are to love God G D with all our mind. For the Lord is the great God We are to serve God with C G the use of our mind. And the King above kings We keep our mind clean C Am7 G Am7-D and holy. In His hands are the depths of the We use our mind according earth to God's truths and not according to the world's G D C G ways. The mountains are His and the sea is His We preoccupy our mind with the things of God. C Am7 D Am7-D We protect and preserve He formed all living things our mind from unholy influences. Verse 3 G D C G Come let us bow down and worship IV. Him C Am7 G Am7-D Let us kneel before the Lord our maker G D C G For He is our God and His people are we C Am7 D Am7-D The flock under His care


Jesus is our model in loving God. Dedicated to accomplishing his mission. Obedient unto death. Constantly seeking the Father's will.

Discussion Starter How have I loved God in a concrete way? Scriptures for Daily Prayer Day 1 Matthew 22:36‑38 Day 2 John 14:21‑24 Day 3 Romans 12:1‑2 Day 4 Matthew 7:1‑5 Mark 12:28‑30 Day 5 Malachi 3:7‑10 Day 6 1 Timothy 6:7‑14 Day 7 John 4:34

The Challenge Loving God is not as vague and impractical as you may think. It involves specific, practical actions, decisions and commitments. Can you make loving God your first and highest ideal? Are you ready to make Jesus the model of your life? Suggested Reading “God First” by Ken Wilson

We are to love God with all our strength. We give God all our resources – time, money, energy, gifts, abilities, and possessions.

C Am7 D He is my rock and my salvation C (G or D-Am7-D) I’ll stand firm….

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