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Daily Jordan * December 2


My mission in life is to put a smile on everyone’s face i come in contact with and bring pure hapiness to everyone I interact with.

Daily Jordan * December 2

Become a fresh new voice for radio in Atlanta. Have a very successful podcast that stretches throughout the country and even internationally. Start my own entertainment company/ clothing line

Daily Jordan * December 2


Education The high school I attended was Stephenson High School. It is located in Stone Mountain, GA. I was there from 2011-2015

My Campus Life Major Mass Communications Minor


Daily Jordan * December 2

Work Experience Burger King

Cashier Took orders from customers. Cleaned the eating area and kids area. Put ice in the ice machine. Made the smoothies and the shakes. Cleaned the bathrooms. Made the kids meal bags.

Value Village

Cashier Processed sales quickly, accurately, and efficiently. Made sure the Mens department was always clean. Helped customers to car if needed.

Macy’s Warehouse

Logistics Loaded and unloaded cartons/merchandise to and from delivery vehicles, conveyor systems, etc.

Park Springs Retirement Community

Utility Worker Performed a variety of kitchen activities, including: pot washing and dish washing. Sets up the dish and pot washing area. General Cleaning Duties. Storing food and non-food supplies.


Daily Jordan * December 2

Strengths & Skills From all the jobs I worked throught my life allowed me to gain key strenghts & skills that will stick with me forever such as:

Knowing how to talk to all people from different backgrounds Great customer service Reliable Crisis Management Team Player Becoming a great motivator to people who needs it Knowing how to deal with difficult people in a professional manner Getting multiple task completed successfully done at the same time Keeping my area clean around me at all times How to follow directions How to improvise when intructions are not given or just poorly given While in college programs I’m skilled in are: Adobe Audition, Wide Orbit, Adobe Premire, and Adobe InDesign


Daily Jordan * December 2

Radio Experience Music Director (2017-Now)

Places music that meets FCC guidelines in WideOrbit and ensures that it receives necessary rotation. Build & maintain working relationships with various music promoters, venues, artist, and to promote local concerts. Reviews, catalogs, and places new music into rotation on a regular basis On-Air Personality (2017-Now) Fowardsell the next song in the rotation Backsell the last song in the rotation Give a hourly weather report Promote station events and on campus events Podcast (2018-Now) Morning Show (2019)

My Morning Show


Daily Jordan * December 2

Dream Jobs Comedian

Talk Show Host

Radio Host


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