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editor’s desk pril fools is my day! I actually A spend about two weeks planning my pranks on co-workers and friends.

Yes, perhaps I need to get a life. Yes, I’m a little intense about it. But, I cannot describe to you the joy I feel over a successful prank. I’m totally “Ashton Kutcher” about it all. Seeing as how I can’t possibly be the only person this into April Fools (can I?), I present you, dutiful readers, with my top three favorite pranks (all of which I personally know have a proven success rate). (1) One of my co-workers is the sweetest, most gullible, good natured people in the world. Obviously, she’d fall for anything; so, I had to prank her. Whenever either of us misses a call, the other one typically jots down the caller’s information and passes it along. On April 1st, I looked up the number to the local zoo and wrote it down on a post-it note with the name “Mr. Lyon” on top of it. When she got back to her desk, I told her a Mr. Lyon called from ‘so-and-so’ company and needed her to call back. Sweet girl that she is, she did. Not only did she call a zoo and ask for an animal but the person on the other end actually tried to be helpful before realizing it was a prank. She started calling around for a Mr. Lyon on the zoo loudspeaker. Double Prank! (2) This next prank took a full day and assistance. I got about

ten friends to call a co-worker’s cell phone at various times throughout the day, with different voices, asking to talk to “Jamal” and leaving some message for him. You can imagine, a few calls in my co-worker was getting pretty fussy about all these crazy calls for this “damn guy Jamal.” Then, at the end of the workday, I had a friend call, pretending to be Jamal himself, and ask whether there were any messages for him. You can imagine the earful this “Jamal” got from my co-worker, and how she died laughing when she realized we had been messing with her the whole day. (3) Okay, this one takes a couple minutes of prep alone with your co-worker’s computer. Go to his or her computer and take a screen shot of the desktop. Then set the screen shot as the desktop wallpaper. Move all the real folders on the desktop to a separate folder. Then, when your co-worker tries to click on folders on their desktop, they’ll go insane trying to figure out why nothing works or is opening. There you have it, three ways to take full advantage of your April Fools day. Glad I could help! Prank with love! —Maria “A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it.” —Oscar Wilde

Readers Respond to our March Issue: “It was intriguing to read your article relating to men vs. women in wedding planning. Ironically, my now-husband took the reins when it came to a lot of the wedding planning, especially because he was paying out of pocket. Not only women are capable of putting together their special day. —Anita, 28, Philadelphia The article “Dogs are Doctors too!” really made me laugh! Certainly your pet can feel your emotions, but by no means are dogs “doctors.” Cute article but let’s get real, people … is your pet bunny going to perform surgery on you next? —Ronnie, 23, Langhorne The Career and Finance piece about the value of personal data provided important information relating to our online society and the takeover of Facebook. What we don’t realize is we sell ourselves to the masses day by day because of our addictions to the online world. Facebook is only worth so much because we feed it data constantly. Are we a sense being robbed of our own identity, while the people behind the scenes continuously make millions? —Albert, 19, University City See your comment? Follow instructions on pg. 3 to win prizes! Respond to our March issue on our website (, email (, Facebook (My Insight Magazine) or tweet us (My Insight Magazine).

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Luba Patlakh Maria Goroshovsky Editorial Director Co-Founder/Editor “Do not follow “Did perpetual where the path happiness in the may lead. Garden of Eden Go instead maybe get so where there is boring that eating no path and the apple was leave a trail.” justified?” 2 Insight•April 2012

Angele Douglas Russell Contributing Writer “No one is entitled to an opinion unless they know the facts.”

Olga Astreika Contributing Writer “My goal in life is to help people and have them happy.”

Alla Podolsky Graphic Designer “I am not that creative with words. Can I offer you a picture instead?”

David Vulfin Marketing Director “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.”

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Issue 8 • April 2012 Healthy Living 10 Developing a Disorder to Stay in Order How Much Does It Cost to Be a Smoker? Most and Least Healthy Cities in the U.S. Entertainment and Lifestyle 12 Top Five Reasons to go to the Movies in March LA Losing Its Charm? 13 Liking Adele Is a Science Who Almost Got the Part? Babies Have Social Skills Men Have Feelings, Too? 14 Say “Ah!” Spa Review Conversation Starters Insight Poll 15 Eat Good Food: Steve’s Prince of Steaks The Real Taste of Coca-Cola The McBaguette 16 Dress to Impress: Bag Bonanza


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April 2012•Insight 3



marijuana? “With medical marijuana now available in 16 states, decriminalizing pot for recreational use could be around the corner” —Adam Cohen, Time Magazine


ecoming more regularly used now than ever before, recreational use of Marijuana seems to be the one of the most accepted drugs used today. From California, where lawmakers may outright legalize marijuana, to New Jersey, which implemented a medical use law on 19 January 2012, states are taking unprecedented steps to loosen marijuana restrictions. “At least 14 states this year—some deeply conservative and Republican-leaning, such as Kansas—will consider legalizing pot for medical purposes or lessening the penalties for possessing small amounts for personal use. Fourteen other states and the District of Columbia already have liberalized their marijuana laws” (USA Today). Big changes are sure to keep coming, as Washington may well become the first state to legalize recreational pot use later in the year. While the political debate over legalization is loosening, the social debate is as contentious as ever. Supporters of looser legalization generally fall into two groups. One argues that marijuana is no more dangerous than cigarettes and alcohol and should, therefore, be regulated only to the extent that the latter two are. The other doesn’t see the point of strict regulations, finding prohibition against marijuana no more successful than 1920s alcohol prohibition. In fact, they even see a detriment, in the form of a secondary black market for the product which is more detrimental to the economy and society than legalization would be. Opponents are just as vocal. The objections are consistent, pointing out that marijuana is harmful, addictive and often a gateway drug for harder substances likes cocaine or heroin. Even if it can be likened to cigarettes or alcohol, between those two, we already have enough negative substances legalized on the market and adding marijuana would ultimately lead down a slippery slope. Moreover, they argue that driving stoned is almost worse than driving drunk, because the drug slows down your reactions. Ultimately, the numbers show that, as is, marijuana is being used at an all time high, and that support for recreational legalization has been gradually rising, from just 12% in 1970 to 31% in 2001 to 50% today, with young people (ages 18-29) the most in favor (62%) and older people (ages 50-64) the least (49%).

4 Insight•April 2012

Word on the Street Politicians with a

Double Life


istory has been littered with political scandal. Recently, these sexual “double lives” have been publicly revealed in names such as Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Mark Sanford, and Eliot Spitzer. And every time the public reacts with this rejuvenated surprise. Given how commonplace this scandal is, why the shock? “They’re human; people; homeo sapiens! Just because they hold political office or live in the public light doesn’t make them immune or special,” says Jordan (26, Philadelphia). Mona (22, Philadelphia), on the other hand, thinks that “it is specifically because these people occupy a position or responsibility, they should be aware that the position requires a certain amount of moral strength and shouldn’t use a ‘pressure’ that they knew about going in, to justify their own shortcomings, sexually or otherwise.” You hear about scandal every day, from friends, acquaintances and Facebook, but Mona believes that “if you’re going to hold public office, you should be prepared to give a certain amount of that up and live under a certain amount of control.” The shock then, as per a view like Monas, comes not from the sexual act itself, but from the fact that yet another politician would let his control and responsibility lapse in a position that he should take more care with. The shock is more of a let down. Sadly, it is a let down that is largely inevitable so long as we are all still human. Want to advertise in Insight? Visit to learn how.




n April 5th, the Finnish sci-fi comedy Iron Sky is due to be released across Germany. The movie is a spoof, set in the year 2018, in which Nazis invade the earth from the moon, where they have been since the end of World War II. At the end of it all, the real bad-guys of the film end up being the Americans, who claim the moon for themselves and trigger nuclear war. It’s silly and ridiculous and has already garnered a significant fan base across social media sites. But, even though the first five screenings of the film at the Berlin Film Festival sold out , many still wonder whether Germany is ready to have a giggle about Nazis. Sixty-six years after the end of the war, Nazis are rarely used for comedic material, or even light conversation in Germany. For many citizens, it has long been a sensitive topic – which is why films portraying Nazism in lighthearted manners have classically done poorly in Germany (Even the famed film, The Producers, was banned for years!). The political environment right now is dicey as well, as law enforcement officials have recently been accused of marginalizing the threat of right-wing extremists, after it was revealed that a neo-Nazi sect was responsible for almost a dozen murders of immigrants from Turkey. (Time). The film’s producers don’t seem to be worried and are actually quite excited about the film. Finland isn’t quite known for big budget sci-fi movies and Iron Sky’s producers are hoping to change that.

ALL PHONES Look the Same... B

ut, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. All the smart phones are starting to aesthetically merge — the same square, touch screen shape can be found all across our city’s streets. You’d have to be forgiven for mistaking one company’s phone from another because the ‘form factor’ is pretty uniform across brands. However, as the old saying goes, you should never judge a book by its cover. Phones aren’t looking identical due to lack of production creativity. They resemble one another because, given the parts that manufacturers are putting into them, different shapes don’t really



remier Wen Jiabao announced recently that China’s growth target for this year would be lowered to 7.5%. The announcement came as an anxious shock, as that would be the lowest growth rate in over two decades of Chinese history. The implication most everyone read into the announcement was that an era of supercharged, unstoppable growth in China may be coming to a gradual end. Obviously, the pace of the economy is still strong; it’s just not quite as blistering. Some sectors, like export and luxury residential real estate construction, are even struggling. The economic scale back, for these industries, was the most strongly felt. The rest of the world is not very excited at the slow down either, as China has been the world’s main growth engine in recent years. This adjustment, however, suggests that China’s leaders may have reached somewhat of a comfort level with slower growth and with taking their finger off the trigger of state-led investment. This would be a significant turn of events, if ultimately true, for China largely buys the complacency of the people for its political misgivings with unbridled economic growth. More interesting than China’s economic outlooks will probably be the resulting political effects.

make sense. To differentiate phones, you have to look under the hood. A company’s signature nowadays is in the parts. The smart phones are increasingly using quad core processors to speed up applications (as the world becomes more impatient, this is vital), including more heavy duty applications for videos, installing high frame rates (that keeps noise and glare away from the videos you’re watching), and even making phones that are waterproof (which we think has been a long time coming). April 2012•Insight 5

Ph-un in Philadelphia! Philadelphia’s got a lot going on in April. My Insight magazine is here to make sure you are in the center of all of the action! Check out the shows, events, and exhibitions going on now and coming soon. 04/20–04/28. Philly Tech Week. All over the city. www. 04/30. Philadelphia Artists’ Collective. 7:00 p.m. The Philadelphia Artists’ Collective (PAC), committed to promoting rarely performed classical plays and new collaborative works around classical themes, will present four theater events this season at the Franklin Inn Club. 205 S Camac StPhiladelphia, PA 19107. (215) 732-0334. 04/15. Philadelphia Youth Orchestra. Concert in Verizon Hall at The Kimmel Center. 7:30p.m. 2260 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102. (215) 790-5800. 04/30. Van Gogh Up Close. 10 a.m. at Philadelphia Museum of Art. 26th Street Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA 19130. (215) 763-8100.



04/01. Philly Farm & Food Fest. 11 a.m. The very first Philly Farm & Food Fest opens at Pennsylvania Convention Center Annex, Hall G. 1101 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107. (215) 418-4700. 04/16–04/21. Philadelphia Book Festival. A celebration of reading and literacy, the sixth annual Philadelphia Book Festival presents evening Author Events at Parkway Central featuring world-renowned writers. bookfestival. 04/20–04/29. Philadelphia Science Festival. Every April Philadelphia’s schools, universities, cultural institutions, and research centers unite as one to put science in the spotlight. 04/01–04/08. West Side Story. Academy of Music. www. 04/10. Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL Tour. By Cirque du Soleil. 8:00 p.m. michael-jackson-tour. 04/26. 22nd Annual Dining Out for Life Philadelphia. Over 200 restaurants across the Delaware Valley will be participating in this must do event that benefits men, women and children with HIV/AIDS. Support this international event in the city where it all began! Dining Out for Life was founded in Philadelphia by ActionAIDS. Participating restaurants donate 33% of the cost of your meal to the fight against HIV/AIDS. dining-out-for-life.


es, in my opinion, Philadelphia IS ripe for real estate investment,” said Jared Gruber, Broker/Owner of JG Real Estate, a full service real estate brokerage located in Philadelphia. For savvy investors and first time home buyers alike, the market offers great deals, especially for those who are willing to go slightly beyond their comfort zone by investing in “fringe” neighborhoods. “No matter what the economy looks like, there will be good deals out there — it’s just a matter of finding them,” he said. In Philadelphia, there are currently two neighborhoods which are growing explosively, offering potential buyers large return on investment. The key is getting in on the ground floor of a growing area in order to reap the largest return on investment. As far as what property to invest in, Gruber says to pick what is right for you. He does, however, warn against condos, which seem like a smart investment but actually have big deficiencies. Firstly, financing is a problem — often, because of a bad investor to owner ratio, many city condominiums are unwarrantable, (meaning that a would be lender is not able to sell the loan to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac). Moreover between things like condo dues and active and pending special assessments, often the numbers just don’t add up. Finally, with condos, you lack the level of autonomy which is found with single family and single owner properties.” For inexperienced investors, it is important to hire a professional property management company to oversee your investment. For additional information, please visit

6 Insight•April 2012

Community Spotlight:

Daniel Klein of Cake and the Beanstalk By Luba Patlakh


aniel Klein is the man behind Cake and the Beanstalk, an ultra unique Washington Square West bakery and café. Klein, who has worked in the pastry departments of Striped Bass, Circa, Morimoto, Le Bec Fin, and Twenty21, and has done some personal dessert catering of his own, decided to open a café of his own. His motto? “You eat food to live; you eat dessert to live happily.” Cake and the Beanstalk allows Klein to combine the back and front of house experience. “Now I get to serve the customers everyday and I literally bake right behind the counter from which I serve them,” he says. And that’s what makes Cake and the Beanstalk so good, the setting in which the baking is done. “The in-house baking element of our business, it’s like being in grandma’s kitchen.” The décor and food is inspired by Klein’s experiences baking with his mom and grandmother. Klein’s specialty, banana chocolate walnut cake with chocolate glaze, “is a recipe of my mom’s for banana chocolate chip cake that I adapted over time,” he said. The unique name of the café came from his father in-law, who suggested suggested to him and his wife Jenn that the name should tell people that the cafe offers both desserts and coffee. Cake is cake, of course, and the bean in beanstalk is the coffee reference. It also goes well with the location of the café, overlooking the beautiful community garden.

“In the summer, some of the sunflowers start to grow so high it seems like we have our very own beanstalks.” Cake and the Beanstalk is also host to monthly open mic nights, led by café barista Rae on the third Saturday of the month. “We welcome our guests to perform acoustic music, read poetry, share stories or spoken word, do comedy or a monologue, etc.” The café also hosts Story Time at the Stalk on the last Sunday morning of every month, with Klein’s wife at the helm. “The kids listen to stories, make a craft, and enjoy chocolate chip cookies.” Ultimately, Klein says, “we want to be a place bringing together the young and old, locals and out-of-towners; where everybody feels welcome to come enjoy a comfortable atmosphere, beautiful view, and delicious treats.”

1112 Locust St, Philadelphia, PA 19107. (215) 592-6505.



eople are dismantling their book shelves all across the world, as purchases of devices like Kindles, Nooks and Tablets increase. They’re lightweight, the books come cheaper, they’re less clutter, and they won’t give you a paper cut. This increase in “e-Books” is not just a consumer preference, it is an undeniably potent trend in the publishing industry. Electronic media, such as e-books, has been threatening the publishing world for a few years now. But, the threat has always been more of a hovering cloud than an all out strike. Not so much anymore. Some project that e-Book sales will surpass two billion in 2013! It used to be that e-Book distribution and other such publishing tracks were unquestionably second to traditional publishing contracts, there for those authors who couldn’t get a publisher to bite and contract to distribute the author’s book. However, this inevitability has recently been turned on its head. More and more authors are preferring the electronic media route to traditional publishing contracts—the process is more streamlined, you have to give away less of your earnings to a middleman and there have been enough success stories to embolden the rest of the authors out there. That ominous cloud hanging over the publishing houses in New York is starting to look pretty thick.

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By Maria Rena



ina and Mia Tinari are a force to be reckoned with in their joint firm, T2 Consultants — a creative business development consulting firm working with existing and emerging organizations to create strategic business plans that maximize their full potential. This includes cultivating relationships to gain a competitive advantage, developing innovative business ideas, building political and community relations, providing business guidance, targeting media, etc. Up and running since September 2011, T2 has already embedded a sizeable footprint on the industry. Nina and Mia have been busy, to say the least. Though based in Philadelphia, T2’s reach extends out to cities like Chicago, New York and L.A. Their clientele straddle countless industries as well. Nina says they’re thrilled with all the opportunities they’ve been getting “to work in various fields in both the private and public sectors, including the restaurant and hospitality industry, sports, entertainment, etc.” Nonetheless, Nina explains, “Philadelphia is home for us. It is a great city that is manageable and business-friendly.” It’s T2’s impressive ability to tap into an organization’s avenues of potential in such unique ways that set them a step above the rest. This ability is a direct result of their partnership. Nina explains, “we always knew we wanted to work together because we knew that, individually, we’d each bring something unique to the table. Given how much we’ve been able to put into our own respective careers, collaboratively we are able to double our efforts.”

Mia is an attorney, practicing entertainment and criminal law at the Nino V. Tinari & Associates law firm. She’s legally represented and managed recording artists, dancers, athletes, production companies, etc. She is also a member of the Philadelphia Bar Association, an executive board member of the United Communities Southeast Philadelphia and a board member of the Philadelphia Music Alliance. Nina served as Special Assistant to the Governor in the Rendell Administration for six years. Thereafter, she was Director of Government Relations at the lobbying firm, Wojdak & Associates. Not one to shy away from participating in the community either, Nina serves on the Board of Directors for the Philadelphia Sports’ Congress, the Marian Anderson Award Board, the Executive Committee for Corporations and Foundations for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Union Foundation’s Leadership Circle. Between the two of them, Nina and Mia have stuck their toes in the waters of most every industry— giving them a uniquely amazing position from which they are able to help their clients. There’s always so much to do, and that’s exactly how Mia and Nina like it. “It’s the energy and creativity of it all that is the most rewarding part of starting and running T2.” Currently, they’re working on the ‘With Art Collaborative,’ “an unprecedented collaborative that has been formed to promote the city’s vast cultural assets over the next two years, focusing presently on the opening of the Barnes Foundation on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. To get to be a part of things like this is what it’s all about.” What about in the future? What can we expect from them? “So much! We’ve been approached to work with so many different entities. Right now, we’re looking forward to a possible joint venture with a company based in California.” What can we say? Impressed doesn’t even cover it!

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How the Layout of Your Home

Affects Your Well-Being By Luba Patlakh


our mood may be irregular due to the layout and make-up of your home’s interior décor. A hot new field of design called ‘neuroarchitecture,’ looking at how factors like light, space, and room layout affect physical and psychological wellbeing is driving the buzz behind this new intersection of art and science. O Magazine reports, “The premise is to consider how each feature of the architectural environment influences certain brain processes such as those involved in stress, emotion, and memory,” says Eve Edelstein, PhD, adjunct professor at the NewSchool of Architecture and Design in San Diego and a research consultant to the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture (ANFA). Do you wake up feeling sick, tired, or find yourself in a pattern of changing moods? How is your love life or communication amongst your family? If you have answered negatively, your energy may be draining due to the set up of your home. This constant change and/or feeling of uneasiness could be a problem caused by the karma in your home. Dmitry Aybinder of explains, “When you have balance and harmony in your home, you feel safe and secure, happy and peaceful.” The placement of the furniture in your home, along with the color schemes you chose truly affects your well being. It’s no wonder why feng-shui has gained popularity through the years—it makes a difference towards your home’s karma, which can be translated into your

personal well being. “Furniture placement in Feng Shui is a key element in directing the flow of Chi. If your room is cluttered, the flow of Chi is blocked. Clearing out the clutter clears out the negative energy. When placing furniture, it is important not to block, interfere, distort, or force the flow of Chi. You do not want to cram furniture and accessories into a tight space. It needs breathing room. Arrange furniture for comfort, coziness and good conversation,” Aybinder says. Not only does the layout of your furniture contribute to your mental well being, it is the décor and coloring of your home that completes the energy. “Decorating with a signed painting or one-of-a-kind sculpture not only puts your unique fingerprint on your place, it transmits a sense of authenticity and trust,” says David Lewis, PhD, research director of Neuroco, a British neuromarketing company. There are certain colors which are best to exude a calming environment in the home, including soft, mellow colors like pale greens and blues, suggests Aybinder. If I could leave you with one solid piece of advice about creating a zen-sphere in your home space, it is that you should NEVER keep anything work related by your bed, in order to find complete relaxation in the bedroom. Aybinder mentions, “When we go to rest, our mind needs to be at ease, documents — paperwork, home information, bills, etc. — must not be cluttering your mind at peace in your bedroom.”

April 2012•Insight 9

Healthy Living E

Developing a DIsorder to Stay in Order

ver tried to lose or maintain weight? If so, you have likely received a myriad of tips, including keeping a meticulous food diary, counting steps, restricting food choices, constantly weighing yourself, and making sure you burn off more than you consume. Sound like the makings of an eating disorder? Some experts say yes. Interestingly, those same behaviors that are considered indicators of anorexia in thin people are encouraged for overweight people. Obviously, an excessively thin person and an overweight person are suffering at opposite ends of the spectrum but taking on an anorexic person’s habits should not be used to correct an overweight person’s habits, and vice versa. A clinical diagnosis of anorexia is serious and causes a host of life threatening complications, including cardiac arrest, tooth loss and osteoporosis. As such, behaviors and habits mimicking or amounting to anorexia should be taken seriously and discussed with a physician immediately. So, if you want to lose or maintain weight, remember that paying attention is one thing but obsessing is quite another. By making the correct lifestyle choices, you can achieve the weight you want without sacrificing your mental and physical health!

How much does it cost to be a Most and Least Healthy Cities

$moker? W

hether you are a smoker or not, we have all heard people complain about the ridiculous price of cigarettes and how quickly they add up weekly, monthly and annually. But just how ridiculous are these prices you wonder? Take a look below, as we have broken down the math for you. These calculations are based on the average cost of $10.80 per pack. If you buy a pack a day for a week you would spend $75.60, an amount you could spend on a date for two at a nice restaurant! If you buy two packs a day for five years you would be spending $39,420.00, that’s more than some people make in a year! If you smoke half a pack for 30 years you would be spending $59,130.00, that’s enough to buy you a nice new car! But the number that is most shocking is smoking two packs a day for 40 years would cost $315,360.00, you could put a nice down payment on a beautiful house or travel the world. If these numbers do not give you a reason to quit smoking, I do not know what will!

Quick Health Fact! Laugh A LOT! Researchers in Norway surveyed 54,000 people and found that a sense of humor can extend life for those who are sick. Studied cancer patients with a sense of humor were 70% more likely to survive than their counterparts with little or no sense of humor 10 Insight•April 2012

in the U.S.


ant to lead a healthy lifestyle but can’t stay on track? Perhaps your environment is working against you! Best Cities for Healthy Lifestyles

Minneapolis, Minnesota—With over 85% of the population leading physically active lives, this city stands out for its low percentage obesity average and above average access to parkland and farmers’ markets. Washington, DC (area)—Leading the country in the number of physically healthy residents, this city provides higher than average access to alternative transportation and state requirements for physical education classes. Boston, Massachusetts—This city makes has a low percentage of smokers and residents with diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Portland, Oregon—The “Greenest City in America” ranks high on the list for the access to golf courses and dog parks, as well as its percentage of residents biking or walking to work. Denver, Colorado—The “Mile High City” makes the top five for its percentage of residents in excellent health, low rate of preventable chronic diseases, and low violent crime rate. Worst Cities for Healthy Lifestyles

Los Angeles, California—Having breathing problems or want to avoid them altogether? Don’t move to LA, known for having the worst air quality in the US. Birmingham, Alabama—Hate being confined to the car on the way to work? Residents in this city don’t have much of a choice, as access to alternative forms of transit is minimal. Wichita, Kansas—Other than tornadoes, Wichita is also known for having the least amount of green initiatives and farmers markets. Las Vegas, Nevada—Apparently, cigarette smokers love this town, as more residents here smoke than in any other city in the country. Memphis, Tennessee—Known mostly for its BBQ, Memphis happens to also be known for having the most obese residents in the country; likely due to the southern style fried country grub and lack of healthier choices.

April 2012•Insight 11

Entertainment & Lifestyle Top Five Reasons 4 to go to the Movies in April


4/1—The Loneliest Planet Gael Garcia Bernal, Hani Furstenberg and Bidzina Gujabidze star in this unconventional, intensive love story about betrayal, forgiveness and all the ambiguities in between. In the movie, a couple, Alex and Nica, take a guided camping trek through the Caucasus Mountains in Georgia only to find that one misstep changes everything they thought they knew about one another.


4/4—Titanic 3D No description is necessary for James Cameron’s 1997 classic, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet aboard the ill-fated maiden voyage of the tragic sea liner, the Titanic. It’s all the same action, drama, adventure, terror and sadness—but in 3D!


4/6—American Reunion After almost a decade apart, the timing is ripe for a reunion with the “American Pie” characters we remember and love. This time around, the gang, starring Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Eugene Levy, Seann William Scott and Tara Reid, among others, will discover, in one long weekend what has changed, who hasn’t and that time and distance can’t break the bonds of friendship.


4/27—The Five-Year Engagement Judd Apatow brings us another comedy, starring Jason Segel and Emily Blunt as a couple whose relationship unfolds over the course of an comical five-year long engagement. Blunt and Segel are endearing as the couple plagued by disastrous timing.


4/27— The Raven John Cusack stars as infamous Edgar Allen Poe, bringing his lurid and dark tales to life. When a madman begins committing horrific murders inspired by Poe’s darkest works, a young Baltimore detec tive (Luke Evans) joins forces with Poe in a quest to get inside the killer’s mind in order to stop him from making every one of Poe’s brutal stories a blood chilling reality. A deadly game of cat and mouse ensues.


A dedication to fulfilling my clients’ wishes and a passion for the Philadelphia landscape give me an edge in the world of real estate that places my clients second-to-none. So please allow me to fulfill your real estate dreams, as well as the opportunity to go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. Jason Kravitz Realtor Licensed in PA & NJ Fluent in English and Russian 226 West Rittenhouse Square #102, Philadelphia, PA 19103 O.215-735-2225|C.267-324-4141|

12 Insight•April 2012

losing its charm? he hugely blockbuster and critically acclaimed hit, The Artist, was a silent nod to old Hollywood in L.A. This was especially so because it was filmed entirely in L.A., as opposed to Canada, Louisiana or Eastern Europe. The latter are more common examples of movie locations, along with New York. In fact, the past decade and a half has seen producers on their way out of L.A. when they need to go film. It all comes down to numbers and taxes—the L.A. unions fought for better wages, the prices for filming exclusively in L.A. went up and movie makers don’t prefer to pay the cost. In 2011 alone, of all the big budget movies made (big budget means it cost $75 million or more to make), only 2 were filmed in L.A.. A little over a decade ago, that number was over a hundred. Many hope that The Artist will influence others to return to Hollywood’s home, and bring the money of movie making back with it.




dele is amazing and few will dare say otherwise. After all, she’s now got six Grammy awards to prove it! Her gargantuan hit, Someone Like You, more than any other track off her sophomore album, 21, probably did her the most favors with its power to reduce most audience members to tears. Now, psychologists did studies (of course they did!) and have research showing that those Adele-based tears are not just because the song is good, but because it is scientifically good! British psychologist, John Sloboda looked to twenty parts of songs which music lovers said gave them goose bumps and found that eighteen of these passages contained a musical device called an appoggiatura, a note which clashes with the melody just enough to create a dissonance. This dissonance creates tension in the listener such that when the notes return to the expected melody, the release of the tension feels really good. When several of these appoggiaturas occur next to each other, it creates a cycle of tension and release, feeling even stronger in the listener. That’s usually about the time you start to cry. Psychologist Martin Guhn also points to Adele, saying that she slightly modulates her pitch at the end of long notes just before the accompaniment goes to a new harmony, further winding the spring. Someone Like You, specifically gets listeners goosebumpy because It begins with a soft, repetitive pattern, as Adele keeps the notes within a narrow frequency range. Then, when the chorus breaks, Adele’s voice jumps an octave higher and belts out the notes with increasing volume. At the same time, the harmony shifts and the lyrics become more dramatic. Essentially, there is a scientific reason for our love for Adele.

MEN HAVE FEELINGS TOO? M did a random sample survey of the men in America, under the title of “The Forgotten Sex: Men” (crap! I knew I forgot one!). The survey is another in a line of surveys that women don’t seem to want to believe: that men aren’t cold, heartless assholes. Actually, as far as a lot of the marriage, babies and family stuff—men and women were pretty statistically tied. For instance, the survey notes that men and women, between the ages of 21–34 were equally likely to want to get married (33% across the board for each gender). For that same age group, men were actually more likely to want kids than women (51% men, 46% women)! Add to that, “in a committed relationship, men are less likely to say they need personal space (58% vs 77% of women); less likely to want nights out with friends (23% vs 35% of women); less eager to own their own bank account (47% vs 66% of women); and less likely to want to take a vacation on their own (8% vs. 12%).” Sorry ladies, it seems you’re not the best judge of character after all.




The Hollywood version of what might have been — what actors and actresses almost played some of our favorite roles. Imagine what the movies would have turned out like otherwise! Molly Ringwald turned down Julia Robert’s role in Pretty Woman! Anne Hathaway dropped out of the role in Knocked Up that Katherine Heigl used to break into the Hollywood scene! Robert Redford was supposed to play Al Pacino’s part in The Godfather, but Francis Ford Coppola ultimately thought he didn’t look Italian enough. Jack Nicholson was considered for the role of Hannibal Lector in The Silence of the Lambs before Anthony Hopkins was. Jessica Biel auditioned for Rachel McAdam’s role in The Notebook but didn’t get it! Gwyneth Paltrow turned down the role of Rose in Titanic, which led to Kate Winslet being offered the role, which she has since made iconic.

• • • • • •


Have Social Skills


here’s somewhat of a protocol to interaction in group environments—how people talk or act. We assume we pick that up as we grow older and engage in these groups, but apparently babies have their own sets of social skills and Academics at Charles Sturt University have done studies that show highly developed interactions of babies in daycare. So the study strapped tiny cameras on the heads of some children, ranging from 6-18 months and studied the interactions at a daycare from a “baby’s eye view.” Result: scientists realized that babies have a fairly complex non-verbal way of communicating with each other, and were particularly keen on making each other laugh. The babies used eye contact and hand gestures and “little social games that you wouldn’t necessarily see unless you were looking very closely. For example, one child would pretend to give another child a toy but would yank his hand away before the other kid could grab it. Another instance includes babies switching their bottles around as an infantile prank. The sweetest is one little boy trying to comfort a scared baby by placing a piece of see-through fabric over her so she could see out but feel protected. April 2012•Insight 13

Say “Ah!”

Conversation Starters

Spa Review

* Martin Luther King Jr. went to first grade at the age of five.

Terme Di Aroma

* Each day, 4.5 lbs of sunlight strikes the earth. * The first 100 years of ballet was performed exclusively by male courtiers as amateur entertainment.


erme Di Aroma, located at 32 North Third St., is a holistic spa that originates from the beliefs and practices of the great centers of healing and meditation of the ancient Mediterranean world. Owners, Jim and Gail Leemon came up with the idea while traveling and discovering that ancient temples were used for therapeutic purposes. Jim, a Psychologist and Gail, a nurse, both, essentially healers- used their medical expertise along with personal life experience to create a place where people can get away from the stresses that eat away at their well being. Terme Di Aroma is the epitome of relaxation. A center to literally escape from reality and repair your inner health, a place that believes massages and facials are not just luxuries but a way of keeping good health. Insight Experience: Upon entering the spa, the peaceful aura, along with calming scents of lavender and mint immediately bring a calm over you. I had the pleasure of experiencing the Thai-yoga and Reiki massage, both performed by Angela Walker whose knowledge of the body and well being, along with experience helped better understand my body, pressure points, and putting them at ease. Both the Thai-yoga and Reiki massages were unlike any I had ever experienced. Both take place on a low floor mattress, allowing the masseuse to get close and apply the right pressures. Thai-Yoga massage produces tranquility by “replacing old, restricted energy patterns within the body/spirit.” While Reiki massage, which I had right after the Thai-yoga is a healing through the use of energy, allowing life flow and opening of blockages through healing energy, while simultaneously being in touch with your chakras. If you are looking to relax on a level which will repair your inner well being for days after your treatments, Terme Di Aroma is the place for you.

* Bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant on earth. It grows as fast as 47.6 in in 24-hour period.

Insight Poll: Should the government legalize drugs as means of preventing drug users from sneaking around? Yes 47% No 31% Maybe 22% Got any other suggestions? Let us know on our website (, email (, Facebook (My Insight Magazine) or Twitter (My Insight Magazine). And, vote for next month’s poll!

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NORTHEAST 8348 Bustleton Ave Philadelphia, PA 19152


CENTER CITY 126 N. 9th Street Philadelphia, PA 19107


Delivery 14 Insight•(Free April 2012is available for most products.)


Eat Good Food: Reviewed by: Luba Patlakh


n Philadelphia, everyone argues over the BEST cheesesteak. Some say there is more than one. We say… Steve Prince of Steaks TAKES THE CAKE! Founded in 1980 by Steven Iliescu, Steve’s Prince of Steaks not only offers the best quality meats and produce, their super fluffy, ultra delicious roll adds to the flavor; unlike some cheese steak spots that rip up your mouth with their foul rolls! Our top pick a traditional “American with” = a steak, topped with American cheese and onions. Steve’s knows exactly how to melt their cheese to turn it into the perfect gooey, delicious cheese sauce concoction and when mixed with the onions is the perfect combination to have your taste buds singing Y-U-M. Steve’s Steaks also offers some quality fries. These guys aren’t too salty or too flat, they are just right, perfect fries cooked to a golden crisp. Argue all you want, the truth is out!

The REAL Taste of

Steve’s Bustleton, 7200 Bustleton Ave., Philadelphia, PA



19149 • 215.338.0985 | Steve’s Comly, 2711 Comly Rd., Philadelphia, PA 19154 • 215.677.8020 | Steve’s Langhorne, 1617 East Lincoln Highway, Langhorne, PA 19047 • 215.943.4640


ttention world travelers and vacationers! For six weeks, starting April 18th, the 1,228 McDonald’s restaurants throughout France will feature a McBaguette — an American burger with a touch of French class. The burger that will be served on baguette, topped with French-made Emmental cheese and mustard. Sounds classy! The campaign is art of an effort to add more locally inspired flare to the menu and attract more upscale diners to the chain. On a wider scale, the promotion is part of the U.S. McDonald’s Company’s global goal of updating the restaurant to appeal to broader and more diverse clientele. So far, McDonalds’ quest to appeal to national culinary tastes is taking some right steps; everyone knows the French love them some baguette!


ittle Known fact: The Coca-Cola you are tasting today is not the same Coca-Cola drinkers were tasting in the first half of the twentieth century. Yeah, not only does Coca Cola have a formula that no one knows, that no one can reverse engineer exactly the same; it has more than one! What you’re drinking every time you twist open a Coke bottle is a new formula. Want to drink the real classic Coca-Cola? Go buy Kosher CocaCola! Okay, that sounds weird. So, here is what happened: Everyone loves Coke, but when the company altered its formula in the mid-century, it included ingredients that Orthodox Jews couldn’t consume. So, a Rabbi, Tobias Geffen, contacted the Coca-Cola company and the new, unacceptable ingredients were taken out. The Rabbi blessed the Coke as Kosher. The Kosher Coke formula has not changed since it was certified in the 1930s and remains a “true Coke.” Drinkers that try it note that the flavor is more sweet, as that formula is made with cane sugar—which is unmatched by the HFCS-laden Coke of today. Curious as to what it tastes like? Around Passover time look for the “Kosher-for-Passover Coca-Cola” yellowcapped bottles. If they’re not in your regular super markets, check out Jewel Osco Grocery stores! Let us know which Coke you prefer! April 2012•Insight 15

Dress to Impress


s the sun warms the city, the hibernating dwellers are ready to strut their stuff among the streets! Flashing these ultra comfortable, super trendy, and convenience friendly bags can only make the spring feeling that much better‌ happy shopping!




2 3

1. Sassy: Tillary tote in canvas stripe. $228. J.Crew, 1625 Chestnut Street.

2. Sexy Shoulder: Satin Pouch by Monserat de Lucca. $162. Joan Shepp, 1616 Walnut Street. 3. Simple Sophisticant: Big Buddha Sailor Bag. $82. Arcadia Boutique, 265 S. 20th Street.


1. Overnight: Fred Perry Overnight Bag. $85. Urban Outfitters, 1627 Walnut Street, 2. On the go: Herschel Little America Backpack. $89. Urban Outfitters, 1627 Walnut Street. 3. Studious Intellect: Abingdon Laptop Bag: $98. J.Crew, 1625 Chestnut Street.

2 1


16 Insight•April 2012

Sports & Athletics Philadelphia Phillies


Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Schedule

he Philadelphia Phillies are back in action! Kicking off their season in Pittsburgh on Thursday, April 5th and ending their season in Washington on October 3rd. Their home opener will take place on Monday, April 9th at 1:05 p.m. against the Miami Marlins at Citizens Bank Park. 2012 is the 130th season in the history of franchise for the Philadelphia Phillies. Since coming to the team in 2010 Roy Oswalt has been a deal breaker and an overall success to the team. The Phillies have won and lost the World Series, they have experienced both pain and glory, and hopefully this new season will bring the guys some luck. We hope our favorite team takes us to the World Series again this season. Which Phillies player will you be rooting for this season?

4/5, vs. Pittsburgh, 1:35 pm 4/7, vs. Pittsburgh, 7:05 pm 4/8, vs. Pittsburgh, 1:35 pm 4/9, vs. Miami, 1:05 pm 4/11, vs. Miami 7:05 pm 4/12, vs. Miami, 7:05 pm 4/13, vs. NY Mets, 7:05 pm 4/14, vs. NY Mets, 1:05 pm 4/15, vs. NY Mets, 1:35 pm 4/16, vs. San Francisco, 10:15 pm 4/17, vs. San Francisco, 10:15 pm 4/18, vs. San Francisco 10:15 pm 4/19, vs. San Diego, 10:05 pm 4/20, vs. San Diego, 10:05 pm 4/21, vs. San Diego, 8:35 pm 4/22, vs. San Diego, 4:05 pm 4/23, vs. Arizona, 9:40 pm 4/24, vs. Arizona, 9:40 pm 4/25, vs. Arizona, 3:40 pm 4/27, vs. Cubs, 7:05 pm 4/28, vs. Cubs, 7:05 pm 4/29, vs. Cubs, 1:35 pm 4/30, vs. Cubs, 7:05 pm


Ownership common practice in soccer


hird-party ownership is a term that seems to be popping up more frequently in the game of soccer, but what exactly does third-party ownership mean and how will it change the game? In a third-party ownership you pay a certain amount for a slice of revenue that may or may not come. Third-party ownership has been around for decades. It is a very common practice in Portugal, South America, Brazil, and Argentina. Those who invest choose to put down $500,000 for a 20% share on a player, then that player is sold to Barcelona for $5 million, your share would be $1 million and double the investment you previously made. Although, on the down side, say the player gets injured and the career goes nowhere, then you just threw that $500,000 out the window. Chance is the name of the game here, similar to other investments. Third-party ownership is spreading fast, though some leagues are completely against it and have outlawed the practice. Their reason for this is the soccer game would then become competitive and not in a good way. People will start betting on the players and focus will be taken away from the actual game.

Philadelphia Union Soccer Schedule 4/14, vs. Columbus, 3:30 pm 4/21, vs. Chivas USA,10:30 pm 4/28, vs. San Jose, 7:00 pm

Philadelphia Sixers Basketball Schedule 4/3, vs. Heat, 7:30 pm 4/4, vs. Raptors, 7:00 pm 4/7, vs. Magic, 8:00 pm 4/8, vs. Celtics, 6:00 pm 4/10, vs. Nets, 7:30 pm 4/11, vs. Raptors, 7:00 pm 4/13, vs. Nets, 7:00 pm

4/160, vs. Magic, 7:00 pm 4/17, vs. Pacers, 7:00 pm 4/18, vs. Cavaliers, 7:00 pm 4/21, vs. Pacers, 7:00 pm 4/23, vs. Nets, 7:30 pm 4/25, vs. Bucks, 7:00 pm 4/26 , vs. Pistons, 8:00 pm

Think you know who will win these games?

Email or Facebook message us with your information and guesses. Right answers get a point towards our annual prize (see Editors desk for more detail).

April 2012•Insight 17

Career and Finance Is Paying Taxes with Your Credit Card

A Smart Choice?


f you are concerned with how you are going to pay your taxes, reaching for the plastic may seem like a good plan. But you may not want to do so. Clearly, charging your taxes is convenient, and with the right card, you can even rack up some extra frequent-flier miles, etc. So what’s the big issue? “The ‘convenience fee,’ that’s what! It amounts to a hefty 1.89%, 2.29%, or 2.35% of the amount you charge, depending on the payment option. Until now, you’ve probably been blissfully ignorant of merchant fees, but you’ll become painfully aware of their bite when they come directly out of your own pocket. The money is collected by one of the four vendors that facilitate these transactions (,,, and and split with the card issuers.” (Smartmoney) Unless you have a credit card with a low APR — 5% or less, perhaps plastic should be a forgotten plan? Especially since the IRS itself may now be able to offer you an installment-payment plan with the government, should you qualify. If so, this may be the cheapest way to go. You’ll be charged a $52 setup fee (assuming you arrange for automatic payments out of your checking account) and then a monthly interest rate on the outstanding balance. Currently, that interest rate is 0.5% per month (which equates to 6% annually). However, the interest rate is subject to change every quarter. File IRS Form 9465 to get that ball rolling.

Financial Fact! Studies show women take fewer calculated risks than men in investments. Those same studies also show that their returns outperform those of men”

Eating well on a Student BudgeT


oing off to school can mean gaining the dreaded freshman 15 pounds, especially when it seems like all you can afford is junk food; though low in cost, comes extremely high in fat and preservatives. Lucky for you, we have some tips that can help you stay healthy & satisfied on a student budget!


Come up with a monthly budget for all your expenses. Make sacrifices on some of your personal expenses such as going to clubs and eating out. This will help with the food budget. Remember eating well should be a top priority along with fixed expenditures. Go to the bank once you have a number for the food budget and withdraw the cash. You are less likely to overspend when paying with cash. This will help you stick to your budget. Making a grocery list can help you avoid the grease and fat! Dietitians say people who plan ahead and cook at home often find they eat more nutritious meals with more fruits and vegetables. Check out the local supermarkets circular for coupons and discount offers. This will enable you to have the right ingredients (for less) to cook healthier meals filled with eggs, fish, turkey, even whole grains. No need to head to the diner for an omelet or a fancy restaurant for a delicious fish dish (cha-ching, cha-ching), you can save by cooking these at home! Pack a snack! Having healthy snacks to munch on while walking to your next class, will not only save you cash, but help maintain a healthy diet as well! If you have pre- purchased granola bars, pudding or Jell-O, even a bag of fresh fruits of veggies, you are less likely to venture off to the student center to buy another expensive snack or load up on a snack full of trans-fats, which are ever so popular on college campuses.

2 3 4 5

18 Insight•April 2012

Technology Today Newton’s Sins


ost of us have heard of the famous scientist, Isaac Newton, but few have heard of his list of sins. Newton wrote them up in the year 1662, when he was only 19-years-old, as a way to keep track of his repentances to God. His list goes to show that even the most famous scientists are human! Of course, Newton’s list of sins was fairly long, but the more interesting of his sins include: using the word God openly, wishing death and hoping it to some, robbing his mother’s box of plums and sugar, and missing chapel. Most of Newton’s sins reference religion. This demonstrates the tension that existed between science and religion in the seventeenth century.

Sins on the list

1. Eating an apple at Thy house 2. Making a feather while on Thy day 3. Denying that I made it 4. Making a mousetrap on Thy day 5. Contriving of the chimes on Thy day 6. Squirting water on Thy day 7. Making pies on Sunday night 8. Swimming in a kimnel on Thy day 9. Putting a pin in Iohn Keys hat on Thy day to pick him 10. Not craving a blessing from God on our honest endeavors

TECH Facts! * The first email ever sent was by Ray Tomlinson in the early 1970s. * Thomas Edison patented 1,300 inventions in his life.

* The first alarm clock could only ring at * *

4 a.m. A small airplane can fly backwards. Smart phone, stupid battery: consumers who use smartphones have noticed and complained about the sad truth that 4G phones, despite all their benefits, die faster then their other phone counterparts.



s the physical world that we see, touch, and feel in fact real or just an illusion in our minds translated in to 3D energy? The topic of whether we live in a hologram universe has been a big debating topic. Many experiments have been conducted such as the one at University of Paris back in 1982. A group of researchers led by a physicist named Alan Aspect performed an experiment. In that experiment, Aspect and the team discovered that regardless of the distance separating two subatomic particles there can still be instantaneous communication between the two. A physicist at the University of London, David Bohm, developed the theory that a human brain works similar to a hologram. A hologram is a photograph made with the aid of a laser. Living in a holographic universe does not necessarily impact you; it just shows another way people work. The reality though may not be as people see it and the interactions between two things might be different, though this idea raises many questions and opinions. Far more tests, experiments, and conclusions are yet to be drawn until an answer is reach as to whether or not we do live in a holographic universe. Is what we actually see, feel, and touch the real thing or does our brain just interpret it the way it wants to and we live in an illusion of a physical world.

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ou Y h s Wi ereHere W XOXO April 2012•Insight 19

A Dose of Insight My wife and I have a six-year-old son that is still sleeping in our bed. I’m of the opinion that, at 6, it’s about time that he switches to sleeping in his own room. But, my wife keeps telling me that I’m not being understanding, that our son is the priority and that if it makes him happy to sleep with us, then we should let him. Agreed that our son is our priority, but this doesn’t seem normal. I have a feeling I’ll move to a separate bed before he does. Am I a horrible father for thinking this? What do I do to fix it? ✽You aren’t a horrible father; you’re a man who wants your space (and intimacy) back in the bedroom. However, studies suggest that kids who sleep with their parents are more emotionally stable, independent and overall more successful. Obviously, there’s a point where your son will have or want to be in his own space but his current comfort zone is

obviously in your bed. Instead of pulling a “my way or the highway” on your wife, simply suggest that your son sleep in his own bed a few nights out of the week, to start. That way, it can be an easy transition and you both (you and your wife) get what you want and your son gets what he needs…independence. Good luck.

About six months ago, my best friend (of 13 years) and I decided to move in together so that we could get a better apartment for a 50/50 rent split. Should have been smooth sailing, but it’s been horrible! I never realized how much of a slob he is. I’m a dude and not the cleanest one at that, but even I’m grossed out. Any time I tell him to pick his stuff up or clean he tells me that, if I don’t like it, I should do it. I’ve gone from roommate to housekeeper and I’m fed up. What should I do? ✽Please pardon my laughter as I write this but I went through the exact same thing in school. The situation was so dire that, not only did I end up cleaning up after my roommate’s guests and her dog, I came home from an extended trip to find a roach problem which was directly related to my roommates refusal to clean after herself. My advice is to discuss 20 Insight•April 2012 2012

with him the responsibility of keeping the common areas clean and perhaps suggest a cleaning chart where you alternate days or weeks of cleaning. If that doesn’t go over well and all else fails, my suggestion would be to suck it up for the remainder of your lease and find a new roommate. After all, clean house equals a clean mind! Good luck!

By Angele D. Russell

Okay, I hate my boss. He is rude to everyone, he doesn’t actually do work, he is just an overall bad boss. So, I reported him to the higher-ups, telling them he cuts corners and doesn’t do paperwork properly. One thing led to another and now we’re in the midst of an audit. I see my boss so stressed and panicked all day that I’m actually feeling kind of bad for him, and for the fact that I know I had something to do with it. How do I help the situation? ✽It’s simple: offer to help. Obviously, you felt convicted enough to report your lazy boss to upper management and had to know that reporting ineffectiveness would lead to an “effectiveness review.” While I would not feel bad about how stressed he is (I mean, he did bring it on himself), I would just let him know you are available to assist in

any way possible. Offering assistance eases any anxiety you have about reporting him and allows you to be productive. After all, now that you have essentially identified yourself as an “efficiency expert” to upper management, you best believe they are also checking up on you so get to work! Good luck!

My girlfriend and I just moved in together. I know its hard in general, the whole “two lives merging into one” thing, and that the “merging” doesn’t happen as much with decorating (fact: the girl usually decorates). And, listen, I’m no interior decorator; but, my girlfriend has a gigantic framed portrait of her mother hanging in the living room. I get framed photos of people you love and all, but this huge portrait is actually creepy, and it feels like her mother is constantly watching me—something no grown man wants to feel like. But, they’re really close and I don’t want to offend her when we’ve only just moved in together. How do I bring this up delicately? ✽Here’s a thought: Be honest! While the fact that her mother’s assumingly beautiful image hanging up in your living room does pose questions of taste, the real issue is your ability to communicate effectively with your girlfriend and also how you both compromise as a couple. My suggestion is to lightheartedly

bring it up to her by showing her possible replacements you both may like; you can also suggest a different location for the picture. After all, the lady did give birth to her. But overall, how you handle this issue will likely set the stage for how you handle conflict in the future so make sure to handle it with care. Good luck!

PLAY FOR POINTS! Each of our games is worth a certain amount of points!

Sudoku. Win 3 points!

Relax and Play 7 4 9 6 8 5 3 2 4 5 3 4 1 9 7 9 4 7 6 4 3 6 8 3 7 4

Complete the game, take a picture of it and send in your results via email (, Facebook (My Insight Magazine), or web ( Start winning our amazing prizes today!

Words: anemone



k r h a i l h a d x w g j f d c j n z t s a y n o e p v a l a a l n w u u b r k u w q i s m f l i n a r c i s s u s l n e o h l l i r r o v c i y o o l r s y i y v e l r j p s n w l s h t l c h a w d c a w g d i y s e e i s e n o m e n a r a t m c a l l a l i l v f m o p h o k t z o a w a o f p s p i i s x d z w i c d o s y y s l a s o b h i u y d s n g a k u j o l h y a c i n t h s u m t c l h l r q l o u j w w w d d j b p l m u i l l i r t p h


















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March Sudoku Solution

Wordsearch: Spring Flowers. Win 2 points!

2 3 5 9 4 8 6 1 7

4 1 8 6 3 7 2 5 9

7 6 9 2 5 1 8 4 3

6 9 2 3 7 4 1 8 5

8 7 4 1 6 5 9 3 2

3 5 1 8 2 9 4 7 6

9 4 3 5 1 6 7 2 8

1 2 6 7 8 3 5 9 4

5 8 7 4 9 2 3 6 1

April 2012•Insight 21

Photohunt! Spot all 5 differences and win 3 points!



HoroScopes Aries (March 21-April 20). This month your life will take off in an action packed course because your action planet will take a turn on April 13! Work with someone you trust to further your goals. Best Days April 13–15.

Libra (Sept. 23rd–Oct. 23rd). This month stay focused on solving a difficult task at work. Work on improving your health or handling a complicated situation in your life. It is always better to double check the facts at hand before taking your next step in any situation. Best Days April 3–7.

Taurus (April 21st–May 21st). May 20- Try to have a more flexible attitude this month and it will make your money flow faster. April is the month the Sun joins your sign, opening up the doors to your sweet and sensual side. Best Days April 19–21.

Scorpio (Oct. 24th–Nov. 22nd). The most important people in your life may be frustrating you, though; they may be helpful for your financial and emotional security. You will find greater peace to help you balance your pressures. Best Days April 20–23.

Gemini (May 22nd–June 21st). This month you will receive the financial reward that you have been seeking. A fresh boost of energy that will increase your momentum, though it may take time to notice the effect. Best Days April 20–23.

Sagittarius (Nov. 23rd–Dec. 21st). This month you will be headed in a new direction with fewer obstacles, but of course in order to stay there you will need to build momentum. Hold on to your dreams and integrate them into your daily life of joy. Best Days April 3–7.

Cancer (June 22nd–July 22nd). In order to move forward one must let go of the past. Stay focused in the now and let go of what has happened in the past. Try your best to let go of things you cannot improve. Best Days April 6–9.

Capricorn (Dec. 22nd–Jan. 20th). You are headed in the right direction this month, remember just because you push yourself harder does not guarantee you will get there any faster. Manage your needs and your time wisely. Do not over work yourself. Best Days April 15–16.

Leo (July 23rd–August 23rd). Re-evaluate your beliefs, review your finances, and strengthen your close relationships. Only then will you be ready to move ahead with confidence. Best Days April 21–25.

Aquarius (Jan. 21st–Feb. 18th). You will face several obstacles this month, but the pace in your life is going to pick up rapidly. Your mind and body is ready for an adventure, so pack your things and go! Best Days April 21–25.

Virgo (August 24th–Sept. 22nd). This month you will be granted a fresh start. You may want to think about adding fresh interests and skills to your professional life, that is if you have the flexibility to do so. Best Days April 19–22.

Pisces (Feb. 19th–March 20th). To live a more fulfilling life consider engaging in an insightful conversation with those you love. You will receive a wave of energy when Mars walks into your house of relationships on April 13th. Best Days April 5–7.

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